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Agricultural Implements & Machinery

1)                 Adriance, Platt & Co., The Superior Rollers, etc.. Poughkeepsie, NY: 1904. 16 pp., 8vo. Four 4-page circulars for farm equipment: rollers, harrows, and hay rakes. Uncolored and illustrated. These flyers were circulated by a distributor in Kortright, New York. $25.00

2)                 Barker-Moore & Mein Medicine Co., Barker's Komic Picture Souvenir. Philadelphia, PA: c. 1900. 150 pp., oblong 8vo. 3 parts (of 4) of this series of humorous promotional brochures for veterinary patent medicines. The covers of each have bright, colorful and very busy chromolithographs front and back. Lacks part 3. Back wrapper of part 4 chipped. Inside are cartoons with extensive text promoting this horse, cattle & poultry powder. $175.00

3)                 Bowker Fertilizer Co., Bowker's Fertilizer - Calendar and Memorandum Book for 1893 and 1894. Boston, MA: 1893. 64 pp., tall 12mo. Folding binding with brochure/memo book pasted in. Includes descriptions of different fertilizers and manures formulated for many different crops. $35.00

4)                 Caterpillar Tractor Co., Farm Survey - Demonstration Plan. Peoria, IL: 1932. 36 pp., 4to. A how-to book with a methodology for organizing expenses and tasks on a farm to achieve a greater administrative and agricultural efficiency. Implicit throughout are the gains to be made by buying Caterpillar tractors. $35.00

5)                 Cyphers Incubator Co., Poultry Raising Made Easy and Profitable - Complete Catalogue 1906. Buffalo, NY: 1906. 116 pp., 4to. Original wrappers with embossed chromolithograph illustration. Photographically illustrated, with one double-page gilt-heightened chromolithograph spread. Offers a complete line of equipment and supplies for hatching and raising poultry. Many testimonials. $75.00

6)                 Des Moines Incubator Co., Promotional Materials. Des Moines, IA: 1898. 10 pp., 12mo. Printed envelope with 5 one-page promotional flyers and envelopes enclosed. No catalogue, but an attractive letterhead and other printed material for this line of incubator and brooder. $30.00

7)                 DuPont, E. I., de Nemours Powder Co., DuPont Farmers' Handbook. Instructions in the Use of Dynamite for Clearing Land, Planting and Cultivating Trees .... Wilmington, DE: 1914. 176 pp., 8vo. Original stiff wrappers, mail-in card from bottom of back wrapper has been removed. Though not formally a catalogue, this piece promotes DuPont's Red Cross Dynamite and describes blasting caps, fuses, etc. from DuPont. Extensively illustrated, demonstrating proper techniques for using dynamite to increase agricultural yield. $50.00

8)                 Hill, J., Price List of J. Hill, Agricultural Implement Maker. London, UK: c. 1820. 1 pp., 4to. Small unillustrated broadside with a list of prices for 60 types of tools and hardware, large and small, for farms. Date is approximate and based on the notation of Hill's plow having won a prize at the Smithfield Club in March, 1815. The printer, George Smeeton, was active at 17 St. Martin's Lane (the address on the imprint here) from 1809 to 1822. Verso blank. $125.00

9)                 Hinman Milking Machine Co., Hinman Milker Mean Progress. Oneida, NY: 1917. 12 pp., 16mo. Folding brochure with 6 panels on each side for this milking machine. Printed in red an black. Illustrated. $25.00

10)            International Harvester Co. of America, Directions for Assembling and Operating the Kemp 20th Century Manure Spreader. Chicago, IL: 1907. 16 pp., 8vo. Self-wrappers, back cover soiled. Every page but one contains a large illustration of the machine with excellent detail of its construction. Text describes assembly and maintenance. $35.00

11)            Parke, Davis & Co., A Bath Tub for Pigs. Detroit, MI: 1910. 6 pp., 12mo. Small folding brochure, split along one fold, issued by Parke, Davis's Dept. of Animal Industry. Includes instructions for building a pig wallow which would provide a more sanitary place for pigs to bathe. $50.00

12)            Parsons Band Cutter and Self Feeder Co., The Only Practical Band Cutter and Self Feeder. Newton, IA: 1900. 32 pp., oblong 8vo. Illustrated catalogue of hay feeders and cutters, produced by a small mid-western manufacturer. With photos of threshing rigs in use in the fields. $50.00

13)            Peerless Reaper Co., Souvenir. Canton, OH: c. 1890. 15 pp., 16mo. Catalogue combined with a view book; there are four small plates illustrating mowers and four view plates, of Horseshoe Curve on the Pennsylvania Railroad, the Brooklyn Bridge, Veta Pass Colorado, and Vernal Falls in Yosemite. Attractive stiff colored wrappers, lightly worn, bumped at corners. An unusual  fusion of a view book, popular at the time, and catalogue. $150.00

14)            Ralston Purina Co., The New Purina Book - 1916. St. Louis, MO: 1916. 64 pp., tall 12mo. Almanac and instruction book for raising poultry using Purina feed. Covers colored. The covers utilize the trademark Purina checkerboard theme. $25.00

15)            Shoemaker Incubator Co., Catalogue and Price List of Incubators, Brooders, Exhibition Coops and a Complete Line of Poultry Supplies. Freeport, IL: c. 1897. 52 pp., 8vo. Illustrated wrappers. Illustrated catalogue of poultry supplies, with several pages showing the development of the chick. Among the more interesting products is the Philadelphia Caponizing Set, with accompanying text describing the financial benefits from its use. $50.00

16)            Western Fertilizer Co., Inc., Wizard the Wonderful Fertilizer for Garden, Flowers, Fields, Trees, Shrubs, Vines, Lawns, Etc.. San Francisco, CA: c. 1914. 16 pp., 8vo. Mostly text about fertilizer. Distributed by Hills Seed House in Phoenix, Arizona. The front cover is highlighted by an illustration of a bat. $35.00

17)            Whitman Agricultural Co., Whitman's Baling Presses for Baling All Kinds of Fibrous Materials. St. Louis, MO: c. 1896. 48 pp., oblong 4to. Self-wrappers, light soiling, minor chipping. Uncolored illustrations throughout. These machines are all horse-drawn and driven by a belt connected to a power source. The source can be a stationary steam or electric engine, water wheel or horses. $125.00

Alcohol & Tobacco

18)            Anheuser-Busch, Inc., Making Friends Is Our Business - 100 Years of Anheuser-Busch. St. Louis, MO: 1953. 451 pp., 4to. Near mint condition, cloth binding, with original slipcase, lacking end panel. Mostly a textual history of the company and its products, though with many illustrations, particularly of old ads. This is the giant brewery's testimonial to itself. $75.00

19)            Becker Products Co., A Little Journey through the Home of Becco - Nourishing as Beer. Ogden, UT: c. 1925. 12 pp., tall 12mo. Brochure for this erstwhile brewer, in Utah (!) which has introduced a new non-alcoholic hops and malt beverage in a response to Prohibition. The text emphasizes the sterility of the bottling process and the purity of the ingredients. We have seen very few brewery promotions from Utah. Back cover has a color illustration of a bottle of Becco. $75.00

20)            Blue Seal Supply Co., Catalog N - Bottlers' Supplies. Boston, MA: c. 1910. 16 pp., 8vo. Testing and sealing supplies for liquor bottlers. Stiff wrappers. Text printed in red and blue. Includes copper cans, hydrometers, wood and brass faucets, funnels and standard testing sets. $125.00

21)            Weiss, Philipp, & Sohne, Pipes. Vienna, AU: c. 1925. 21 pp., oblong 4to. 21 uncolored plates, bound by a string at the spine, with hundreds of different pipes, pipe stems, tobacco pouches and cigarette holders. Unpriced. At the back is one page with chess pieces and dominos. $125.00

Architectural Building Materials

22)            Atwater, H. G., Inc., Monograph of the Recent Work of H. C. Atwater, Inc., Builders of Homes. White Plains, NY: c. 1925. 112 pp., 4to. Extensive brochure of high-end homes and estates designed and built by this suburban New York City firm. Ads at the back for Westchester County suppliers of construction materials and services. Includes interior and exterior photos of homes in White Plains, Scarsdale, Greenwich, CT and other nearby towns. $150.00

23)             Bailey, Joseph W., Joseph W. Bailey, Architect. Greenwich, CT: c. 1925. 20 pp., 4to. Photographic brochure of the work of a local architect. Includes interior and exterior views of residential, commercial, and governmental buildings in Greenwich Connecticut. $125.00

24)             Ballantine, A., & Sons, Spiral Stairs in Grey Cast Iron. Bo'Ness, UK: c. 1930. 6 pp., 8vo. Stiff folding brochure of ornamental iron circular staircases, internal and external. One illustration in color. $15.00

25)             Berger Brothers Co., BB and Quaker City Products - Catalog No. 12, Second Edition. Philadelphia, PA: c. 1937. 56 pp., 4to. Broad line of hardware and metal for construction. includes air conditioning units, shingles, gutters, skylights, ventilation systems. Also some machine shop tools. $35.00

26)             Bird, F. W., & Son, Neponset Paroid Roofing. E. Walpole, MA: 1911. 4 pp., oblong 12mo. This is an actual sample of roofing material bound into red paper wrap-pers. Distributed by the Woodlawn Supply Co. of Birmingham, Alabama. $25.00

27)             Boston Plate and Window Glass Co., Catalog of Framed Mirrors. Boston, MA: 1911. 20 pp., oblong 8vo. Illustrated catalogue of mirrors with frames. Priced. Fine condition, stiff printed wrappers. $150.00

28)             Burt Mfg. Co., Burt Oil Filters, Exhaust Heads & Ventilators. Akron, OH: 1917. 128 pp., 8vo. Construction elements and fixtures, including water separators, for factory construction. Stiff illustrated color wrappers. $40.00

29)             Copper and Brass Research Association, A Real Home. New York, NY: 1930. 48 pp., 4to. Not a catalogue but an informational guide for people about to build, buy or remodel a home. Represents both the state of the art of domestic technology and the state of contemporary thought on home ownership. $50.00

30)             Decorators Supply Co., Illustrated Catalogue of Plastic Ornaments Cast in Plaster for Interiors and in Composition for Exteriors. Chicago, IL: 1906. 208 pp., 4to. Cloth binding, excellent condition. Uncolored illustrated catalogue of moldings, ceilings and other molded decorative elements in plaster and composition. There are hundreds of designs for cornices, friezes, molded ceilings, panels and other ornamentation. $200.00

31)             Foster-Munger Co., Catalogue and Official Price List for February 5, 1898. Chicago, IL: 1898. 463 pp., 8vo. Very extensive catalogue of building materials, including windows, doors, moldings, stairways, sashes, etc. etc. 32 pp. of window glass in color. Very good condition, with some fraying at foreedge, bottom 1/3 of backstrip gone, light wear throughout. $225.00

32)             Furniture Record, Useful Details in Several Styles - Compiled by Herbert E. Binstead, Editor. London, UK: 1912. 152 pp., tall 8vo. Original green cloth, slightly shaken. Illustrates cornices, trim, and many other decorative elements for buildings and furniture in 19 different styles. These include: Gothic, Moorish, Louis XIV, Regency, Empire, Chippendale, Sheraton, Adam, Heppelwhite, William & Mary and others. $65.00

33)             Gardiner Sons & Co., Ltd., Catalogue No. 44 - Wrot (sic) Iron Casements, Sashes, Roof Lights, Opening Gear, Etc.. Bristol, UK: c. 1920. 40 pp., oblong 4to. Wrappers, chipped at foreedge.Casement windows and hardware. Laid in is a 4-page brochure of ornamental ironwork for balconies, railings and staircases. The last couple of pages shows skylights, domes and ventilators. $100.00

34)             Granite Manufacturers' Association of Quincy, Mass., Bill of Prices - March 1, 1900. Quincy, MA: 1900. 24 pp., 12mo. Original wrappers. 2 small price lists for granite and one agreement for granite cutting are laid in. This is not so much a price list of granite as it is a booklet of union scale for stonecutting work, as agreed with the Granite Cutters' National Union. The last couple of pages list union work rules. $35.00

35)             Hodgson, E. F., Co., Portable Houses as Constructed by Hodgson. Boston, MA: 1923. 32 pp., oblong 8vo. Uncolored catalogue of small, non-permanent houses designed mostly to be cottages, playhouses or out buildings for large estates. Examples range from 8x8 foot tent houses to 7 room cottages. $125.00

36)            Hope, Henry, & Sons, Inc., Hope's Leadwork for the Garden - Catalog No. 200. New York, NY: 1931. 38 pp., 4to. Illustrated catalogue of fountains, cisterns, and small lead statuary for the garden. There are also several pages of flower boxes and sundials. $100.00

37)             Jacobson & Co., General Catalogue - 1924. New York, NY: 1924. 193 pp., 4to. Hard covers, worn and soiled. with hundreds of illustrations of decorative ornaments, embellishments, panels, ceilings, mantels, brackets, gargoyles, etc. All are plaster or cement castings. $100.00

38)             Manifattura di Signa, Catalogo delle Immagini Sacre. Florence, IT: 1912. 27 pp., 4to. Original wrappers, disbound. Fully illustrated catalogue of religious imagery in stone and metal. Includes reliefs for walls, small statues, etc. Unpriced. Roughly 100 items are offered. $75.00

39)             Manifattura di Signa, Catalogo Statuette, Bassorilievi, Vasi, Cofani. Florence, IT: 1912. 26 pp., 4to. Lacks wrappers, disbound. In original unaddressed mailing envelope. Fully illustrated, unpriced. Small decorative items for homes, including statues, busts, vases, small boxes, etc. Most of stone, but some metal. Most items reflect classical Roman styles. $100.00

40)             Manifattura di Signa, Catalogo Vasi e Oggetti D'Ornamento. Florence, IT: 1912. 60 pp., 4to. Original front wrapper, disbound. 60 of 75 (?) plates. Fully illustrated catalogue of heavy vases and urns, primarily for outdoor use. Also includes some other decorative stone items such as benches, planters, etc. Most interesting, in spite of the missing pages. $100.00

41)             Mershon & Morley Co., M & M Portable Houses - Catalogue No. 6. Saginaw, MI: 1907. 44 pp., oblong 8vo. Illustrated wrappers, fair condition, front wrapper torn and soiled, minor damage to first three leaves. Portable houses, sheds, and storage buildings designed to be assembled easily without a carpenter or nails. Recognizing the mushrooming popularity of the auto, the first three pages illustrate "Portable Automobile Houses", one of which could store two or more cars. There are also hunter's cabins and children's play houses. $175.00

42)             National Fireproofing Co., The Natco Tex-tile House. Pittsburgh, PA: c. 1924. 72 pp., 8vo. Illustrated stiff paper wrappers. Spine lacking. Ex-library. This issue has illustrations from the national competition held by Natco for architects to design houses under certain specifications. These included cubic footage, plot size and location, etc. The booklet contains many of the submissions to the contest and includes the winning design. $100.00

43)             National Fireproofing Co., The Natco Two Apartment House. Pittsburgh, PA: c. 1924. 72 pp., 8vo. Illustrated stiff paper wrappers. Small apartment house plans by named architects are illustrated and fully described with cubage, costs and other pertinent details given. Considerable text is included with suggestions for architects on what materials should be included in their planning. $100.00

44)             Paine Lumber Co., Paine Miracle Doors - Illustrations, Descriptions, Speci-fications and Representative Installations. Oshkosh, WI: 1924. 55 pp., 4to. Very attractive catalogue of doors for homes. Embossed front cover, excellent condition. One stain on front cover. Fully illustrated, 20 pages in bright, full color. $150.00

45)             Pettyjohn Co., Ornamental Molds for Concrete Work. Terre Haute, IN: c. 1925. 8 pp., 8vo. Self-wrappers, light soiling. Illustrated catalogue of ornamental concrete elements, including columns, balusters, lawn vases, newel posts, etc. $30.00

46)             Philadelphia Engineering Works, Ltd., Steel Plate Chimneys for Blast Furnaces, Rolling Mills, and For All Kinds of Factories. Philadelphia, PA: c. 1900. 8 pp., 8vo. Buff wrappers, excellent condition. Describes and illustrates tall (50 to 300 feet) chimneys for industrial buildings. First page shows a 150 ft. chimney at the East River Gas Co. in Long Island City, NY. Tables provide heights and widths for a variety of full- and half-lined chimneys. $50.00

47)             Roberts Sash & Door Co., Roberts Price Pilot - 1919 Universal List of Specialties, Designs and Prices. Chicago, IL: 1919. 240 pp., tall 8vo. Original wrappers, back wrapper torn and very defective. Spine torn. Text is good, with some rounding at corners. Illustrated price list and catalogue of doors, windows, built-in cabinetry, paneling, newel posts and specialty woodwork for homes. $125.00

48)             Sadler Company, Cabinets Ready to Come to You. Kansas City, MO: c. 1915. 32 pp., oblong 8vo. Illustrated self-wrappers, fine condition. This catalogue contains preassembled wall units for post offices, including post office boxes, barred windows, mail slots, etc. The text is aimed right at postmasters, citing civil service rules and regulations to back up the sales pitch. $200.00

49)            Sears, Roebuck & Co., Modern Homes. Chicago, IL: c. 1915. 128 pp., oblong 8vo. Catalogue for build-it-yourself houses. Each page includes a floor plan and view of a finished house. Prices, all under $2,000, include materials for building the house, delivered to the building site. Good condition, but lacking one leaf of a folding center plate. A scarce catalogue from one of Sears' early, very popular, product lines. $225.00

50)             Syracuse Ornamental Co., Period Carvings - Catalogue K. Syracuse, NY: 1923. 395 pp., oblong 4to. Very thick, extensive catalogue of fibre wood moulding designs for rooms or furniture. Original embossed stiff wrappers, chipped and worn. Front endpaper chipped and loose, contents otherwise very good. Contains thousands of simple and ornate decorative elements. $325.00

51)             Union Metal Manufacturing Co., Ancient Beauty of Modern Buildings - Catalog No. 50. Canton, OH: 1923. 40 pp., 4to. Fully illustrated catalogue of pilasters and columns showing samples and buildings using these items. Extols the benefits of metal versus wooden construction elements. $60.00

52)             United States Gypsum Co., The Business of Farming. E. Stroudsberg, PA: 1944. 18 pp., 4to. Promotional magazine-style brochure distributed by U. S. Gypsum to local building suppliers. Many references to fighting men. $20.00

53)             Vermont Construction Co., Photos of Bridges. St. Albans, VT: c. 1900. 6 pp., 8vo. 6 photo-engravings of bridges built by Vermont Construction Co. The bridges are not identified by location, but 5different types are shown: Solid plate girder bridge, High truss bridge - pin-connected, low truss bridge (2 models), high truss bridge. In original mailing envelope, addressed with stamp removed. $85.00

54)             Wheeling Corrugating Co., Net Prices No. 2. Wheeling, WV: 1908. 22 pp., 8vo. Unillustrated price list to accompany catalogue no. 265. Pink printed wrappers, lightly creased. $15.00

55)             Wheeling Corrugating Co., Net Prices No. 30. Wheeling, WV: 1911. 40 pp., tall 8vo. Small list of corrugated metal products, illustrated. 8 pages colored. $25.00

56)             White, John P., and Sons, Ltd., Bird Baths and Lead Figures - Series F, No.. Bedford, UK: 1919. 32 pp., 8vo. Bird baths, in Portland Cement, and small figures cast from lead, illustrated with one  photo per page. Two of the pages have color photos. Price list laid in. The figures depicted are all cherubs or small children. $225.00

57)             White, John P., and Sons, Ltd., Sundials - Series F, No. 3. Bedford, UK: 1919. 16 pp., 8vo. Pedestal-type sundials, with one uncolored drawing per page. Price list laid in. The front cover has a paste-down color photo of a large pedestal in a garden. A scarce catalogue of this very specialized landscape adornment. $200.00

Artists' Materials & Supplies

58)             American Art Stencil Co., Spring Supplement. Galion, OH: c. 1925. 16 pp., 8vo. Small catalogue, lightly chipped and worn, of stencils for decorating furniture, screens and textiles. $20.00

59)             Art Interchange Co., Art Studies for Home Decoration - December, 1892. New York, NY: 1892. 30 pp., 8vo. An early equivalent of later music subscription  clubs. It offers various selections of non-descript art for low prices and premiums for lining up new subscribers to the magazine. Wrapper worn and slightly loose. $25.00

60)             Atkinson, Mentzer & Grover, The Rhine Prints - An Illustrated Catalogue in Color. New York, NY: 1910. 20 pp., oblong 8vo. The Rhine Prints are colored editions of prints originally printed in sepia. Each page shows 4 of these chromolithographed prints by noted German artists. $25.00

61)             DeVoe, F.W. & Co., Paints Oils and Varnishes. New York, NY: 1883. 136 pp., 8vo. Gilt-stamped illustrated hard covers, moderately worn and stained. A brilliant catalogue with many color lithographic labels showing various paint products. With the woodcut of their 1856 factory as mentioned in Romaine, p. 39, for an expanded catalogue from 1878. $600.00

62)             Dietzgen, Eugene, Co., Catalogue of Drawing Material and Surveying Instruments - 8th Edition. Chicago, IL: 1907. 473 pp., 8vo. Thick catalogue of drafting supplies with a large section of surveying equipment including transits, planimeters, levels and compasses, many designed for specific uses (mining, railroad, architect, etc.). Fully illustrated, with some scattered color. $125.00

63)             Drake, Louis Stoughton, Inc., Everything for Basket Making. Boston, MA: 1922. 64 pp., 8vo. Materials, patterns and text on making decorative baskets, furniture and other woven reed objects. Original wrappers, split along spine and nearly detached. Light water staining and chipping. $40.00


64)             Mason, Perry, & Co., New Bracket and Ornamental Designs. Boston, MA: 1877. 2 pp., folio. Broadsheet, printed on both sides, of designs for intricate wood-carved ornaments and brackets. Dozens of patterns are offered, drown to a scale of .125:1. One side lists prices of the designs and wood. $30.00

65)             Mason, Perry, & Co., Queen Anne Pattern Sheet. Boston, MA: c. 1890. 1 pp., folio. Large single sheet with patterns for 3 different scrollwork items: a wall pocket, slipper holder, and clock. The patterns are quite ornate. $65.00

66)             Rowney, George, & Co., Ltd., Complete Catalogue No. 13. London, UK: 1928. 270 pp., 8vo. Some water damage, with no loss, but light warping and adhesion. Comprehensive catalogue of supplies and equipment for artists and draftsmen. Uncolored illustrations, except for two color chips. $75.00

67)             Thayer & Chandler, Pyrography - Catalog No.  60. Chicago, IL: c. 1908. 92 pp., 4to. Printed wrappers, chipped and worn. internally good, with 10 pages of color plates. The color plates have some soiling and bleed-through of color. Fully illustrated catalogue of supplies for pyrography and decoupage, including small furniture for decoration. $75.00

68)             Turner, Horace K., Co., Art Exhibit Catalogue 1907-1908, Reproductions Suitable for School, College, Library and Home Decoration. Boston, MA: 1907. 142 pp., 8vo. Lacks front wrapper. Extensive catalogue of reproductions of classic paintings, prints and photographs. $15.00

69)             Washburn, Lettice R., & Son, Pyro Blanks - Catalogue No. 14. New Bedford, MA: c. 1910. 96 pp., 4to. Designs and materials ready for decoration by means of pyrography. There was a sustained fad for this type of craft around the beginning of the 20th century. $50.00

70)             Winsor & Newton, Ltd., List of Colours and Materials for Oil Painting. London, UK: 1870. 32 pp., 8vo. Disbound, lacking binding. This catalogue was printed as an appendix to Henry Murray, The Art of Portrait Painting in Oil Colours, 16th edition. London: n.d. 72 pp. It is illustrated and uncolored. Contains paints, brushes, palettes, easels, etc. $75.00

71)             Young's New Art Galleries, Catalog of Paintings by Americans. Chicago, IL: 1916. 73 pp., 4to. Stiff wrappers, lightly soiled. Uncolored illustrated catalogue of paintings by Winslow Homer, George Inness, R. M. Shurtleff, R. A. Blakelock, A. H. Wyant, William M. Chase and others. Most page illustrate one painting. $50.00


72)            Aveling & Porter, Engineers, Tractors and Locomotives. Rochester, UK: 1875. 16 pp., 4to. Disbound, lacking covers. An early catalogue of self-propelled vehicles for industrial use, all powered by steam. Includes many engines designed for agriculture, with plows and cultivators, but also a tramway locomotive, some road equipment, and one “Travelling Sleeping Van.” $200.00

73)            Avery Company, The Avery Commercial Truck. Peoria, IL: 1911. 32 pp., oblong 8vo. Fully illustrated catalogue of early trucks. Many different models are offered, all priced. Specialized bodies for hauling ice, coal and passengers are each shown. Lacks wrappers. $150.00

74)            Dayton Rubber Mfg. Co., For the Man Who Wants to Get Rid of His Tire Troubles. Boston, MA: 1909. 24 pp., 12mo. Early text, with prices on the last page, about automobile tires.  It indicates that, in general, advances in tire technology have not progressed as quickly as in automobiles, but goes on to describe how Dayton tires are clearly superior. $35.00

75)            Dow Tire Co., Consumers' Price List - Dow Non-Deflation Tubes. New York, NY: 1908. 6 pp., 12mo. An early price list for automobile tires giving both American and metric sizes. One illustration with a cross-section of the tire. $15.00

76)            Electric Service Supplies, Inc., Bus Equipment - Catalog No. 9. Philadelphia, PA: 1928. 215 pp., 8vo. Hard covers, light bumping at corners but generally very good condition. Pagination includes supplement 9A which has been tipped inside the back cover. Offers a wide range of equipment for commercial buses featuring lighting, signs, signaling systems and items for conductors like caps with badges, change carriers, ticket punchers, etc. A very unusual catalogue depicting a rarely-seen side of everyday life. $375.00

77)            Gray Motor Co., Gray - "Quality in a Small Car". Detroit, MI: c. 1920. 6 pp., 12mo. Small brochure featuring 3 models and a chassis. One panel lists all specifications. $40.00

78)            Indian Motorcycle Co., Indian Motorcycles - Standard of the World. Springfield, MA: 1924. 11 pp., 4to. A fine brochure for Indian Motorcycles, offering a wide range of models. The primary style offered is the Scout, illustrated with a detailed list of specifications. There are other models as well, with and without sidecars. Many were designed for specific roles, such as fire patrol, police work, or as delivery vehicles. A wonderful early motorcycle promotion. $250.00

79)            Majestic Mfg. Co., Majestic Side Cars - Vans and Accessories. Worcester, MA: 1913. 31 pp., 12mo. Light soiling, otherwise very good. Catalogue for motorcycle side cars and other attachments, such as delivery boxes and luggage carriers. The existence of this catalogue is a testament to the speed with which the motorcycle industry grew, showing the presence of a niche for a manufacturer of accessories alone, not of the cycles themselves. The back wrapper urges the reader to look for the Majestic good luck sign, a swastika. $350.00

80)            Oakland Motor Car Co., The Oakland 1923 Series. Pontiac, MI: 1923. 32 pp., 8vo. Excellent condition, printed wrappers. Describes the construction of all cars in the line as well as each individual model. Illustrations of models, components and individual parts. A fine catalogue from this extinct division of General Motors. $100.00

81)            Reading Standard Co., Motor Bicycle. Reading, PA: 1909. 24 pp., 4to. Stiff embossed wrappers, light staining, one small chip. Very good. A catalogue from one of the earliest manufacturers of motorcycles. Many different parts are shown separately, all having been patented within the preceding two or three years. Seven models of individual cycles are offered, along with a small line of delivery vehicles. $375.00

82)            Republic Rubber Co., Republic Tires for Automobiles - List No. 10. Youngstown, OH: 1908. 8 pp., 12mo. Early price list for automobile tires and accessories. 3 tires are shown in cross-section. $20.00

83)            Rutenber Motor Co., The Rutenber Motor. Marion, IN: 1912. 32 pp., 8vo. Stiff wrappers, fine condition. Illustrated catalogue for automobile engines, powered by gasoline and started by cranking. The text indicates that these engines were used by multiple early auto makers. several different models are shown, and fully described with technical specifications. $325.00

84)            Sager, J. H., Co., Sager Equalizing Springs. Rochester, NY: c.1920. 12 pp., tall 12mo. Light waterstains and manuscript marks on front. Brochure for early auto springs as shock absorbers. Also, bumper guards and chain grips for wheels. $20.00

85)            Studebaker Co., Studebaker Six-Cylinder Automobiles. South Bend, IN: 1920. 18 pp., 12mo. Folding brochure resembling a fold-out selection of postcards. Each panel shows a different model, with information about the company and the cars on the versos. Beautiful fully colored self-mailer folder with tab, light soiling. A great Studebaker item. $150.00

86)            Studebaker Co., The Studebaker Light-Six. South Bend, IN: 1923. 28 pp., 4to. Illustrated sales brochure for this line of Studebaker, vehicles, with models including a touring car, three passenger roadster, coupe roadster and five passenger sedan. Photos show details of the accessories of both open and closed models. There is a cut-away view of the chassis and engine. $225.00

Aviation Equipment

87)             Aero Supply Manufacturing Co., Parts Catalog. Corry, PA: 1940. 200 pp., 4to. Early aviation parts supplier. Hundreds of individual parts each described with a precise mechanical drawing giving exact specifications and measurements. Most of the illustrations are full page. A pre-World War II company. The parts here are not just for civil aviation, unless of course your private plane happened to be equipped with a bomb rack. $175.00

88)            Beazley, Nicholas, Airplane Co., Inc., Catalog J - Parts for Wright, Velie, Lambert, Warner, Curtis .... Marshall, MO: c. 1930. 88 pp., 4to. Comprehensive aviation catalogue for private aviators. The line of products certainly reflects the early years of airplanes, with heavy flight suits, goggles, fire extinguishers and a huge array of products for "do-it-yourself" aviators. This was still during the days of open cockpits, biplanes, and fabric wing coverings. $250.00

89)            Beazley, Nicholas, Airplane Co., Inc., Catalog K - Airplanes, Motors, Parts, Supplies. Marshall, MO: c. 1935. 88 pp., 4to. Another catalogue from this supplier of materials for private airplanes. One page, of printed chips for airplane paint, printed in full color. Several other pages incorporate one or two colors. There is a photo of the Beazley branch at Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn, NY. $250.00

90)            Curtiss Aeroplane & Motor Company, Curtiss and Associated Companies. New York, NY: 1929. 60 pp., 4to. Illustrated paper wrappers. The Curtiss Company was a group of aviation companies. They made planes and engines which are illustrated with photographs and displayed in this catalogue. Among the companies represented is the Cessna Aircraft Company which had been founded only three years earlier. Also represented is the Sikorsky Aviation Corp. $425.00

91)            Curtiss-Wright Corp., Unfold Your Wings. New York, NY: c. 1935. 8 pp., 4to. Folding promotional brochure for the Curtiss-Wright D. H. Gipsy Moth. When folded out, one side becomes a poster for the Gipsy Moth "The World's Best Light Plane for Sport and Training", with specifications and performance data. Very attractive $175.00

92)            Ort, Karl, Materials for Aircraft Construction. York, PA: c. 1930. 2 pp., 4to. Large folding broadsheet, printed in lavender and black, of surplus airplane motors and propellers, along with other aircraft parts and supplies. Unused OX-5 and Hisso motors are also offered. $35.00

Barbers' Supplies

93)             Humania Hair Goods & Specialty Co., Alluring Hair Styles. New York, NY: 1954. 54 pp., 8vo. Illustrated catalogue of wigs, hair-styling equipment, and treatments for African-American women. While the racial make-up of the prospective clientele is never spelled out in the text, it is clear from the wigs and items offered as well as the appearance of the illustrations. $225.00

94)            Koken Companies, Koken Beauty Shop Chairs. St. Louis, MO: c. 1925. 12 pp., 8vo. Exclusively beauty parlor chairs. 8 models are shown, one per page, on the center pages. Each of these is shown in black and white against a colored background. Other models include specific chairs for hair dressing, shampoos, and children. $175.00

95)            Paris Fashion Co., Hair and Beauty. Chicago, IL: c. 1910. 64 pp., 8vo. Colored wraps, some soiling, else fine. Fully illustrated catalogue of wigs, primarily for women but with some toupees for men as well. There are two pages dedicated to "Hair goods for colored people", which is most unusual for this period. $275.00

96)            Weck, Edward, Common Sense Razor Talk. New York, NY: c. 1920. 12 pp., 12mo. Partially illustrated catalogue of straight razors. The last leaf shows 6 different styles of razor, some in leather cases. $40.00

Bee Keepers' Equipment

97)             Ham & Nott Co., Ltd., Bee-Keepers' Supplies - Annual Catalog 1908. Branford, ON: 1908. 32 pp., 12mo. Hives, extractors and other equipment aimed at the Canadian apiary market. One brightly colored honey label laid in. $35.00

98)            Kelley, Walter T., Co., Why Pay Cash?. Paducah, KY: 1935. 20 pp., 8vo. A standard catalogue of bee supplies with some interesting twists. The proprietor offers to trade his products to beekeepers for beeswax or honey in lieu of money. Also, on the first page he advertises pit bulls which might come available from his personal mating pair. Price list, order form and envelope laid in. $30.00

99)            Lewis, G. B., & Co., Beekeepers' Supplies - Annual Catalog, 1907. Watertown, WI: 1907. 18 pp., folio. Small newspaper-format catalogue distributed by H. M. Arnd of the York Honey & Bee Supply Co. of Chicago. Fully illustrated with a wide array of hives, bees and supplies. $40.00

100)        Marshfield Mfg. Co., Annual Catalog 1930. Marshfield, WI: 1930. 44 pp., 8vo. Combination manufacturer/distributor of apiary supplies. Order form laid in. Many pages of extractors and presses. $25.00

101)        Root, A. I., Gleanings in Bee Culture - Vol. VI, No. 11. Medina, OH: 1878. 56 pp., 8vo. Self-wrappers, light wear, generally very good. Articles and short items from and about beekeeping, with ads for beekeeping products at the back. $40.00

102)        Woodman, A.G., Co., Bee-Keepers Supplies - 16th Annual Catalog, 1914. Grand Rapids, MI: 1914. 40 pp., 8vo. Fine condition, illustrated. $25.00

103)        Woodman, A.G., Co., Bee-Keepers Supplies - 17th Annual Catalog, 1915. Grand Rapids, MI: 1915. 40 pp., 8vo. Comprehensive illustrated catalogue of supplies and equipment from this small regional manufacturer and distributor. $25.00

104)        York, George W., & Co., Bee Keepers' Supplies. Chicago, IL: 1902. 34 pp., 8vo. Wrappers. Pencil marks on front cover, otherwise clean. Beekeeping equipment made for this retailer by A. I. Root of Medina, Ohio. $50.00

Bells & Bell Founders

105)         Baltimore Plow Co., Roland Farm Bells. Look at These Prices!. Baltimore, MD: c. 1885. 1 pp., folio. Broadside advertisement/catalogue for farm bells. Printed in red, blue, black and gold. A striking visual piece, with decorative fonts and a large illustration of a bell at the center. Measures 26x19.5 inches.  Very good condition, with creases from earlier folds, small separations or weakness at some fold junctions. Very bright and attractive. $500.00

106)        Chapman Mfg. Co., Toboggan Chimes and Plumes. Meriden, CT: c. 1890. 1 pp., folio. Broadside flyer with illustrations of 17 different bells for sleighs and toboggans. Some have horsehair plumes. A most unusual product. $125.00

Bicycles & Accessories

107)        Jones, Joseph W., The Jones Speedometer Line. New York, NY: c. 1910. 24 pp., 12mo. Accordion-style brochure for speedometers for bicycles, automobiles and motorcycles. No wrappers. One model illustrated per page. $45.00

108)        Mead Cycle Co., Sentinel Bicycles. Chicago, IL: c. 1900. 6 pp., oblong 12mo. A small catalogue from this early bicycle company, accompanied by 12 other single-sheet advertisements, order forms, promotional letters, and other material from the firm. Includes original. postally used, illustrated mailing envelope, heavily soiled. A very interesting archive. $150.00

109)        Pope Mfg. Co., Columbia Bicycles - Only Edition for 1891. Hartford, CT: 1890. 52 pp., 8vo. Printed stiff wrappers, excellent condition except for the bottom corners of the wrappers being chipped.  Fully illustrated. A fascinating transition catalogue, strongly emphasizing high-wheel bicycles but with the new “safety” bicycles starting to emerge. Within 5 years, the high wheel models would be virtually extinct. Also offered is a tandem tricycle. $525.00

110)        Sterling Cycle Works, Sterling Cycles. Chicago, IL: 1894. 36 pp., 8vo. Mock alligator leather binding, mildly warped. Very good condition internally, with a very light stain at lower corner of last several leaves. This is among the earliest bicycle catalogues to offer only "safety" cycles, not the high-wheel models which had been popular into the early '90's. 5 models shown, all priced at $100 or more. $175.00

Boats & Marine Supplies

111)         Fairbanks, Morse & Co., Fairbanks Morse Marine Engines Make the Boat. New York, NY: 1912. 32 pp., tall 8vo. Illustrated catalogue of boats utilizing Fairbanks engines. Among those shown are 3 paddle wheelers, numerous small launches, and many others large and small. Numerous testimonials are given. $85.00

112)         Laughlin, Thomas, Co., Manufacturers of Marine Hardware in Iron and Brass. Wire Rope Fittings - Catalogue No. 80. Portland, ME: 1920. 490 pp., 8vo. Comprehensive catalogue of marine hardware includes tackle blocks, windlasses, telegraphs, steering mechanisms, portholes, and all other iron or brass fittings for a boat or ship. Some rippling of pages and staining from early water exposure. $125.00

113)         Old Town Canoe Co., Old Town Canoes and Boats - 1931. Old Town, ME: 1931. 36 pp., oblong 8vo. Illustrated front wrapper, detached. Back wrapper lacking. Illustrates and describes a large number of small boats, including canoes, rowboats, 9 and 11 ft. sailing dinghies, small motor boats and their accessories. $75.00

114)         Syracuse Gas Engine Works, Syracuse Gas Engines - Catalogue No. 18. Syracuse, NY: c. 1915. 32 pp., 8vo. Inboard engines, with spare parts, for motor boats. Marbled wrappers. Fine condition. $30.00

Books, Booksellers, & Publishers

115)         Boni & Liveright, Good Books for Spring 1928. New York, NY: 1928. 31 pp., 8vo. Publisher's catalogue, unillustrated, with several paragraphs on each of their publications. Also includes several gift books, inscribed by the author or in luxury bindings. Order form and return envelope laid in. $30.00

116)         Carey, Mathew, Modern Publications and New Editions of Valuable Standard Works. Philadelphia, PA: 1816. 24 pp., 8vo. Unbound catalogue of Carey's publications, probably removed from a book to which this was added as an appendix. The first 5 pages are travel, geography and atlases. One of the works advertised, Moore & Jones' Travellers Directory, had been published in 1804. Also listed are Carey's General Atlases and American Pocket Atlas. Dated May, 1816. $125.00

117)         Clarke, Robert, Co., The Robert Clarke Company's Descriptive Catalogue of Presentation Books for the Holiday Season. Cincinnati, OH: 1897. 176 pp., 8vo. Original wrappers, front nearly detached. Book catalogue featuring literature, poetry and sets in fine bindings. A very good reference for many of the popular sets available at the time. $50.00

118)         Concord Public Library, Catalogue of the Public Library of Concord, N. H.. Concord, NH: 1885. 206 pp., 8vo. Original full leather binding, scuffed. Includes 2 supplements, covering additions through June 15, 1885. $25.00

119)         Concord Public Library, Catalogue of the Public Library of Concord, N. H. for 1886. Concord, NH: 1885. 233 pp., 8vo. Original full leather binding, scuffed. Includes 2 supplements, covering additions through June 15, 1886. $25.00

120)         Derrydale Press, Tenth Anniversary Catalogue - Sporting Books and Prints. New York, NY: 1937. 71 pp., 8vo. Original wrappers. A comprehensive catalogue, priced, from this well-known publisher of small run sporting books. Light fading and wear, generally fine condition. $200.00

121)         Hall, G. K., & Co., Something New Pertaining to Editions of Old Authors. Boston, MA: c. 1910. 16 pp., 8vo. Offers bound sets of classics in cloth or 3/4 leather. Includes Shakespeare, Moliere, Thackeray, Dickens, Balzac, Poe, et. al. Printed on rag paper, foreedge uncut. $30.00

122)         Hurst & Co., New, Popular and Fast-Selling Books. New York, NY: 1895 c. 64 pp., 8vo. Wrappers, chipped. Filled with books of all sorts, quite a few with lurid illustrated covers. Includes classics, sets, how-to books, dictionaries, et. al. $25.00

123)         Manufacturers Red Book Publishing Co., The United States Reference Books. New York, NY: 1908. 2 pp., 8vo. Printed flyer and accompanying letter for this 2,500 page book containing the names of thousands of manufacturers and products. $20.00

124)         Moore, W. H., Moore's Wholesale Price List of Newspapers and Magazines, Winter 1888, No. 20. Brockport, NY: 1888. 32 pp., 8vo. Lacks back wrapper, front wrapper torn, chipped and discolored at bottom. A fascinating alphabetical listing of all of the newspapers and periodicals in the country at the time, with wholesale and retail prices and a one word indication of its subject matter or religious/political affiliation. There are separate listings of foreign language publications. $50.00

125)         O'Hearn, J., Select Catalogue of the Saalfield Series of Sheet Music. Carbondale, PA: c. 1895. 64 pp., 12mo. Illustrated wrappers. Light staining throughout. Largely unillustrated price list of sheet music listing hundreds of titles. Includes vocals and instrumentals. $20.00

126)         Ogilvie, J. S., Publishing Co., Catalogue of Useful, Popular and Humorous Books. New York, NY: c. 1895. 48 pp., 8vo. Printed on very poor paper, self-wrappers detached but present. Includes all manner of popular books, fiction and non-fiction, including Sherlock Holmes, dime novels, joke books, how-to books and more. $30.00

127)         Putnam's Sons, G. P., A Directory of Mailing Lists Obtainable in Book and Pamphlet Form Telling Where to Get Them and Their Cost. New York, NY: 1917. 324 pp., 8vo. Hard covers, light waterstain at edges. A huge compilation of mailing lists available, with lists of credit ratings, doctors, farmers, insurance companies, notable people, for example. $50.00

128)         Small, Maynard & Co., Complete Catalogue of Publications. Boston, MA: c. 1925. 64 pp., 8vo. Titles, with several paragraphs of description, of this publisher's catalogue. Includes many biographies. Stiff brown wrappers, fine condition. $40.00

129)         Smith, J. L., Catalogue of Maps, Atlases, Etc. Philadelphia, PA: c. 1910. 24 pp., 12mo. Uncolored folding brochure for pocket maps, wall maps, and local atlases. Most of the items offered are relatively local for Philadelphia, extending from upstate New York to Chesapeake Bay. Catalogues or brochures devoted exclusively to maps are quite unusual. $150.00

130)         United States Infantry Association, Catalogue of Military Books 1916. Washington, DC: 1916. 32 pp., 12mo. Unillustrated listing of military works from around the world. The subjects are technical and historical and they represent the state of military thought in the early years of World War I. $20.00

131)         World Bible House, Annual Catalogue. Philadelphia, PA: c. 1895. 36 pp., 8vo. Illustrated catalogue of books, including many bibles. Virtually all books are ornately bound in heavily gilt and tooled leather bindings. The bibles include Catholic, school, large-type, and many family bibles. Wrappers are chipped at edges. $25.00

Carriages, Wagons, Accessories

132)         American Carriage Co., Price List No. 14. Cincinnati, OH: 1899. 20 pp., 8vo. Original wrappers printed in red and blue. Minimally illustrated. Manuscript notations indicate discounted prices for almost every item. Contents slightly loose. Promotional flyer, order form and return envelope laid in. $65.00

133)         Baily, S. E., Co., Carriages & Wagons. Lancaster, PA: 1915. 154 pp., oblong 8vo. Carriages and wagons, illustrated one per page, with descriptions. Uncolored. What makes this catalogue special is the large number of specialty wagons, including milk, general delivery, express, grocers', laundry, butchers', and other wagons. $275.00

134)        Brockett & Tuttle Co., Sample Book. New Haven, CT: c. 1890. 11 pp., oblong 12mo. 11 plates of carriages bound by a type of paper clip. No binding or title page. Each plate has manuscript notes indicating the weight and price of each model. These appear to be luxury models, with high-quality upholstery and appointments. $50.00

135)         Columbus Buggy Co., Fine Carriages, Buggies and Phaetons. Columbus, OH: 1882. 16 pp., oblong 12mo. Catalogue in somewhat worn wrappers consisting primarily of testimonials for the company's buggies. 2 models are shown on the back wrapper, otherwise unillustrated. $40.00

136)         Columbus Carriage & Harness Co., Supplement to Catalogue No. 26. Columbus, OH: 1902. 24 pp., 8vo. Folding brochure with many illustrations of their line of surreys & phaetons, as well as harnesses. Mailing envelope slipped in. $50.00

137)         Consumers Carriage and Mfg. Co., Buyer's Guide. Chicago, IL: 1899. 112 pp., 4to. Printed red wrappers, some wear and minor tears at spine. Internally excellent. Features a large line of carriages, buggies, wagons, etc. along with harnesses and other leather goods. Also offers several pages of saddles, bicycles, sewing machines. $200.00

138)         Davey, Edward, Fine Carriages. Medina, NY: 1893. 32 pp., oblong 8vo. Dark wrappers, stained at bottom outside corner. Internally good with the corner stain running throughout. One model of carriage or buggy is shown per page, with some text description as well. Contains some full-page ads for other carriage-related companies, such as paint makers, leather suppliers, and a wheel maker. $135.00

139)         Gifford, John A., Woodwork 1907. New York, NY: 1907. 32 pp., 8vo. Original wrappers, waterstained inside and out. Wide range of wooden parts for carriages and wagons including seats, axles, shafts, yokes, rims, spokes and hubs. Several items are adapted for automobiles as well. $35.00

140)         Malsby, Shipp & Co., High Grade Vehicles and Harness - Catalogue No. 105. Atlanta, GA: 1908. 170 pp., 4to. Extensive fully illustrated catalogue of buggies, carriages and carts. Excellent condition, with minor soiling and chipping to wrappers. Uncolored, except for 7 pages which have red highlights. A scarce Atlanta catalogue, printed in Atlanta, with many testimonials from Deep South customers. Not in Romaine. $500.00

141)         Moffett Vehicle Bearing Co., Moffett Anti-Friction Roller Bearings. Saginaw, MI: c. 1900. 62 pp., oblong 12mo. The first catalogue from this manufacturer of bearings for carriages, with photos of different types of wagons using its parts. Most interesting about this is the eclectic assortment of vehicle types shown. Among those shown are a hearse, 2 beer wagons, distiller’s cart, a mover's cart, a junk wagon, and early wagon for the National Biscuit Company and an early automobile. $125.00

142)         Ohio Carriage Mfg. Co., Split Hickory Vehicles, Ohio Oak Tanned Harness - Catalogue No. 35. Columbus, OH: 1909. 126 pp., 4to. Illustrated catalogue of a late generation of buggies, carriages and surries. Some of the illustrations have the wheels and/or upholstery highlighted in bright color. Most pages show one model with extensive text and specifications. $175.00

143)         Standard Wagon Co., Designs for 1892. Atlanta, GA: 1892. 40 pp., 4to. Scarce illustrated catalogue of carriages from Atlanta. Original yellow printed wrappers, front detached, back barely connected. The company's factory was in Cincinnati, where this was printed, but all of the plates identify Atlanta as the company's location. Includes, carts, carriages, buggies, delivery wagons, etc. Unpriced. $425.00

Celebration, Decoration, & Theatrical Goods

144)         Annin & Co., Fine Flags - No. 250. New York, NY: 1931. 454 pp., 8vo. Illustrated stiff wrappers. Excellent  condition. An extraordinary catalogue from this leading flag maker, with many illustrations in color. Features an extensive line of flags, including ones for colleges and fraternal organizations. $150.00

145)         Baptiste Tent and Awning Co., Illustrated Catalogue - No. 130. St. Louis, MO: 1930. 32 pp., 8vo. Illustrated, uncolored, catalogue of tents and awnings. The wrappers and some of the illustrations make this catalogue appear to be from around or before  the turn of the century, but other pictures show autos from the Twenties. he back wrapper shows a tent city for Barnum & Bailey's Circus. $100.00

146)         Eagle Fireworks, Eagle Fire Works. New York, NY: c. 1875. 4 pp., 8vo. Unillustrated price list for fireworks. Philip Licht is listed as the "pyrotechnist", Alexander Waugh as the agent. At this time, Licht was operating Eagle Fire Works out of WIlliamsburgh, Brooklyn, though that address does not appear here. Includes the original used mailing envelope with printed return address/ad for Waugh. $325.00

147)         Foster, G. F., Son & Co., Military Tailoring, Equipments and Furnishings. Chicago, IL: 1882. 107 pp., 8vo. A stunning catalogue of uniforms, flags and accessories for military and fraternal organizations. Some soiling to back wrapper and edges, but generally very good. 11 pages printed in color by Brigham, the remainder is fully illustrated but uncolored. Includes items for the military, bands, firemen, Knights Templar, G. A. R., I. O. O. F., Knights of Pythias, Ancient Order of Hibernians, and many more. Flags are shown for many local Chicago groups. $1,350.00

148)         Ihling Bros. and Everard, Knights of Pythias Blank Books, Stationery, Blanks, etc. - Catalogue No. 57. Kalamazoo, MI: c. 1905. 32 pp., 12mo. Unusual little catalogue of ledgers, books, letterhead, etc. for use by Knights of Pythias lodges.  (This could also be in the Stationery section, but its specific focus puts it here.) $50.00

149)         Irons & Russell, Illustrated Catalogue of Solid Gold Society Emblems, Pins, Buttons and Charms. Providence, RI: 1899. 242 pp., 8vo. Red cloth. About 20 leaves, including the title page, have discoloration from leeching of red dye from covers. Thumb-indexed. Fully illustrated catalogue of pins and emblems of a wide range of fraternal organizations. $85.00

150)         Kerslake, S. Fred, Fred's Pigs. Turner's Falls, MA: 1923. 4 pp., 4to. One folded sheet for Fred's Pigs, an animal act which played with circuses (including Ringling Bros. and Hagenbeck) and at state and county fairs. Some wear, minor damage to back. $30.00

151)         Mardi Gras, Rex - Carnival Edition. New Orleans, LA: 1900. 40 pp., oblong 8vo. Beautiful advertising program for the 1900 Mardi Gras. 20 beautiful chromolithographed plates illustrating floats in the Mardi Gras parade. Contains many uncolored ads for New Orleans businesses. We have seen broadsides and advertising posters illustrated in a similar style, but not other bound pieces. A stunning New Orleans promotional piece. $725.00

152)         Smith Mfg. Co., Illustrated Catalogue and Price List ... Muslin, Bunting and Silk Flags, of All Nations - Sunday School, Society and G. A. R.. New York, NY: c. 1890. 16 pp., 12mo. Illustrated catalogue, printed in red and blue throughout and fully priced, primarily for American flags and bunting, with the same generic cut of an obsolete (35 star) flag used throughout. The longest American flag listed is 40 feet long. Excellent condition. $200.00

153)         Ward-Stilson Co., I.O.O.F. Costumes and Supplies - Catalog No. 42. New London, OH: 1910. 254 pp., tall 8vo. Hard covers, excellent condition. Uncolored. Fully illustrated catalogue of costumes, uniforms and accessories for members of the Odd Fellows fraternal organization. This order had a large number of rituals and ceremonies, all of which called for a different set of costumes. $250.00

China & Pottery

154)         Denver Fire Clay Co., Keramic Kilns for Pottery and China Firing and Development Work - Bulletin No. 361. Denver, CO: 1938. 57 pp., 8vo. Illustrated catalogue of kilns for both commercial and home uses. Kilns are offered for artistic, industrial and scientific applications. At the front is a 19 page essay on pottery and uses of kilns. Printed wrappers, spine split. $150.00

155)        Doulton & Co., A Sketch of the Doulton Potteries. Lambeth, UK: c. 1892. 40 pp., 12mo. Contains a brief history of the works, description of the process used to make the pottery, and a description of the items sent for exhibit at the Columbian Exposition in Chicago. Issued before the company assumed its current identity as Royal Doulton. $60.00

156)        Hennecke, C., & Co., Florentine Statuary, Wire Goods, Plain and Rustic Flower Pots and Vases - Supplement to Catalogue No. 15. Milwaukee, WI: 1883. 28 pp., 4to. Illustrated, uncolored, catalogue of decorative and elaborate flower pots, outdoor planters, and statuary. Some wear and small tears at edges, delicate but still completely intact. There is a large section of products constructed of wire, such bird and small animal cages, delicate wire plant stands, fences, bank cages and wire netting. Finally, there is a 4-page section of sea shells and coral, with illustrations, $425.00

157)        Orlik, Alfred, Gifts - 1935-36. New York, NY: 1935. 15 pp., 8vo. Gifts of cut glass, crystal, porcelain figurines, smokers' accessories, and ceramics. Disbound, spine cut, back wrapper gone. $30.00

Clocks & Watches

158)         Ansonia Clock Co., 1906-1907 Catalogue. New York, NY: 1906. 213 pp., folio. Spectacular catalogue of clocks primarily for tables, mantelpieces, etc. There are a few pages of standing hall clocks. Fully illustrated, with four pages in bright, vibrant color. Also includes a large selections of statuettes, figurines and similar items. All items are ornately decorated and intricately crafted. Good condition, with some light staining and wear. $525.00

159)        Ashcroft Mfg. Co., Moscroft's Continuous Recorder for Steam Engines and Water Motors. New York, NY: 1897. 8 pp., 8vo. Monitoring and recording devices for regulating steam engines. Allows operator to determine efficiency of engine and detect any irregularities in its motion. Waterstained. Not in Romaine. $50.00

160)        Nanz, A., & Co., Hahn's Latest Improved Watchman's Time Detector. New York, NY: c. 1900. 2 pp., 4to. One-sheet flyer, printed on both sides and folded, for a time clock for factory watchmen. Includes security keys for checking in at the clock location. $30.00

161)        Rolex Co., Rolex Submariner. Geneva, SW: c. 1975. 8 pp., oblong 12mo. Small color catalogue for an underwater Rolex watch, showing four different models and describing how the watch is able to depressurize under water. $30.00

162)        Rolex Co., Your Rolex Oyster. Geneva, SW: c. 1975. 30 pp., oblong 12mo. Instruction booklet issued with the Rolex Oyster watch. Describes how to use the watch's functions. Also has a short history of the company. $30.00


163)         Anderson Shoe Co., The Anderson Shoe, Made in 110 Styles - No. 40. Baltimore, MD: 1918. 64 pp., 12mo. Fully illustrated, some colored, catalogue of shoes and short boots for men and women. Colorful wrappers, the back cover being an ad for government thrift cards, a sort of very low denomination war bond. $35.00

164)        Anderson Shoe Co., Anderson Thrift Brand Shoe - No. 48. Baltimore, MD: 1922. 32 pp., tall 12mo. Shoes and socks for men and women. Fully illustrated, with some models shown in color. The back cover illustrates straw hats for women. $25.00

165)        Bean, L. L., 1928 Fall Catalog. Freeport, ME: 1928. 28 pp., 8vo. Vertical crease at center, minor soiling. Very attractive illustration of a moose by Lobenberg on the front. An early catalogue for this noted retailer of outdoor clothing and gear. At this time, there is still a note on the last page stating “I have had 27 years experience hunting and camping in Maine and will personally answer any questions about where to go and necessary equipment.” Throughout the catalogue are first-person testimonials, presumably by Bean himself, for various products. $175.00

166)        Berlin Tanning & Mfg. Co., Indian Tan Buckskin and Bark Shearlings, Manufacturers of Gloves and Mittens - Catalogue “C”. Berlin, WI: c. 1920. 20 pp., 12mo. Leather and shearling clothing direct from the tanner, with directions for individuals sending hides for tanning. Finished products includes gloves, mittens, coats and vests. This firm appears to have gotten a large number of its hides by soliciting them directly from hunters. $65.00

167)        Blucher, G. C., Boot Co., Fine Cowboy Boots - Catalog No. 34. Olathe, KS: c. 1920. 48 pp., 12mo. Illustrated catalogue of 36 different styles of cowboy boots of calf or kangaroo, 6 shown in color. All models are ornately decorated and sold from $35 to $50 a pair, a huge price for a pair of boots at the time.  Designed for rodeo riders, not urban wannabes. $350.00

168)        Brainard, Daly & Co., Annual Price List 1875. Boston, MA: 1875. 20 pp., 8vo. Gilt highlighted wrappers printed in red and black. Unillustrated catalogue and price list of men's furnishings such as shirts, collars, ties and umbrellas. There is a fine illustration of umbrellas on the back. This company is not listed in Romaine. $85.00

169)        Bronner & Co., Fashions for Spring & Summer 1882. New York, NY: 1882. 16 pp., 12mo. Colored stiff pictorial wrappers. Fully illustrated, uncolored catalogue of clothing for men and boys. An early retailer of mail-order clothing at a time when most fine clothing was either custom tailored. $100.00

170)        Cornwell, Willett, Cornwell's Improved Self-Fitting Chart for Cutting .. Dresses. Philadelphia, PA: 1877. 32 pp., 12mo. Illustrated colored wrappers.  A brochure for Willett's chart for cutting apparel. Many testimonials. Several examples of patterns superimposed over text. Excellent condition. $100.00

171)        Cornwell, Willet, Cornwell's Improved Self-Fitting Chart for Cutting .. Dresses. Chicago, IL: 1878. 32 pp., 12mo. Illustrated colored wrappers.  A brochure for Willett's chart for cutting apparel. Many testimonials. Several examples of patterns superimposed over text. Excellent condition. Differs from the Philadelphia edition of this catalogue offered here in the wrappers and title page. The rest of the text appears to be identical $100.00

172)        Drew-Selby Co., Ladies Fine Shoes, Fall 1904 - Medium and High Grade McKays Turns and Welts. Portsmouth, OH: 1904. 28 pp., 8vo. Front wrapper nearly detached. Catalogue of shoes with 8 pages illustrated with 32 styles of shoe and 36 styles of tips. Most of the styles are ankle height, with medium height heels. Mixed between lace and button fastening. $35.00

173)        Eugenie Mfg. Co., The Magic Garter!, et. al.. New York, NY: 1872. 24 pp., 12mo. A variety of 5 different promotional brochures and advertising flyers for ladies' garters and other undergarments. One of the other items featured is the Patent Elastic and Spring Inflatable Bosom. An eclectic assortment. $175.00

174)        Fairweathers, Ltd., Fur Silhouette - 1930. Toronto, ON: 1930. 12 pp., 8vo. Illustrated, uncolored, catalogue for high-fashion furs, utilizing drawings of impossibly tall and thin female models. Most major fur types are represented. $35.00

175)        Frazer, Miss L., Stylish Comfort. Newburgh, NY: 1893. 12 pp., oblong 16mo. Beautiful little catalogue with colored wrappers and some color illustrations for the Equipoise Waist, a "corset substitute". The brochure emphasizes the ease and range of motion available in this product, including tennis, riding, sailing and dancing. Each page has one illustration. $100.00

176)        Horstmann, William H., Co., Price List No. 40 - U. S. Army Officer's New Regulation Equipments. Philadelphia, PA: 1903. 16 pp., 8vo. Illustrated catalogue of accessories for U. S. Army officers, including hats, epaulettes, dress belts, gloves, sabres, leggings and horse equipment and insigniae. Full uniforms are not shown. This was apparently issued in response to a change in regulations at the end of 1902 (General Order No. 132.) $125.00

177)        Howard, Briggs & Pray Co., The Revelation Shoe for Women, Misses & Children. Auburn, ME: c. 1910. 16 pp., 8vo. Illustrated catalogue of low and ankle-high shoes for women, with laces and buttons. $35.00

178)        Kauffmann, Fred, Some Uniforms. Chicago, IL: c. 1910. 24 pp., 16mo. Unusual very small catalogue of uniforms, one uncolored illustration per page. Stiff wrappers. While including uniforms for police, fire, and other officers, this also includes attire for railroad conductors, drum majors, and some fraternal organizations. Finally, the last page offers a “Dunkard Clerical Frock”, for “Dunkards, Menonites, Amish, Quakers, etc.” We have never seen these garments offered. $250.00

179)        Lombard Bambina Co., High Grade Wigs and Toupees. Lynn, MA: 1915. 32 pp., 12mo. Fine condition. A fascinating early catalogue for pre-made toupees touted, of course, to be undetectable. Several "before and after" photos. Laid in are two printed templates for determining the shape of the toupee. $125.00

180)        Mason, D., & Co., Lace Novelties. New York, NY: c. 1895. 4 pp., 8vo. Text only flyer offering a variety of lace and trimmings for women. Printed in red. $25.00

181)        Mishawaka Woolen Mfg. Co., Largest Wool Boot Factory in the World. Mishawaka, IN: c. 1895. 14 pp., oblong 8vo. A very attractive catalogue with 6 beautiful color lithograph illustrations of socks and horse collars. Some discoloration from bleed-through of plates. Very attractive color wrappers, with a somewhat bizarre illustration on the back of sheep going into one end of a machine and woolen products coming out the other end. $200.00

182)        Ruben, Marcus, Uniforms for Service in Hotels, Clubs and Restaurants, Dining Cars and Steamships - "The Make They Ask For". Chicago, IL: c. 1925. 70 pp., 4to. A great catalogue of uniforms for employees in service, such as waiters, busboys, pages, maitre d's, etc. Also uniforms for surgeons, nurses, druggists, and others. Uncolored. One style per page. Provides a great look at the “look” of the Roaring 20's, the heyday of personal service in public accommodations. $350.00

183)        Sawyer, G. A., & Co., Smith's Patent Perforated Buckskin Under Garments for Ladies and Gentlemen. Boston, MA: c. 1895. 12 pp., 12mo. Accordian-style brochure with text on the recto and tinted illustrations on the verso for buckskin undergarments. Good condition, with wear and perforations along some folds. Presented as "the lightest and most comfortable garment ever presented to the public" these clothes, while apparently quite warm, nonetheless appear to be very stiff and uncomfortable. $150.00

184)        Strouss, Eisendrath & Drom, 20th Semi-Annual Catalogue and Price List - Spring and Summer Season 1894. Chicago, IL: 1894. 66 pp., 12mo. Uncolored illustrated catalogue of clothing, primarily for women and children, but also including some men’s' shirts. The women’s' clothing is primarily comprised of blouses; much of the children’s' clothing is knee pants for young boys. Printed on poor paper, but nonetheless in excellent condition. $125.00

185)        Wadleigh, R. H., Headgear - Antique and Modern. Boston, MA: 1879. 41 pp., 8vo. Original stamped cloth, text block loose inside. Not a catalogue, but a brief historical view of women's headwear, from the ancient Egyptians to contemporary hats. Endpapers contain ads for the company. Some uncolored illustrations. $50.00

186)        Wallach Bros., Club & Campus - Spring 1929. New York, NY: 1929. 22 pp., 8vo. Original front wrapper, lacks rear wrapper, disbound, spine sliced. Fully illustrated catalogue of men’s' clothing, with bright color photos showing the company's line. $40.00

Dental Instruments

187)         Speakman, William M., Illustrated Catalogue of Dental Forceps, Elevators, Screws, Wedge Cutters, Rubber Dam Forceps .... Philadelphia, PA: c. 1895. 48 pp., 8vo. Original wrappers with pastedown slip for Albion L. Kilburn, a dealer in dental goods in Baltimore. Fully illustrated, with hundreds of different dental instruments shown. See Romaine, p. 120 and Lohse p. 258 for listings of Speakman catalogues, though this item is not listed. $250.00

Department, Dry Goods & Misc. Stores

188)         New York Millinery & Supply Co., 10,000 Milliners Have Found It a Snap. Have You?. New York, NY: c. 1890. 32 pp., 4to. Hats and materials for constructing them, including lace, felt, ostrich feathers, ornaments, and ribbons. Excellent condition, though printed on very poor paper. $50.00

189)        Sears, Roebuck  & Co., Largest Watch House in the World. Chicago, IL: c. 1895. 64 pp., 8vo. A very early Sears catalogue, with promotion for their "big catalogue", the first of that type. This catalogue gives the firm's locations as Chicago and Minneapolis and has the legend "successors to A. C. Roebuck Corporation". This catalogue was published shortly after Richard Sears teamed up with Roebuck and is among the earliest publications to contain his unique brand of bombast. $425.00

190)        Sweetser, Pembrook & Co., Treatise on Wash Fabrics. New York, NY: 1898. 64 pp., folio. A catalogue of fabrics with magnificent color plates, unfortunately suffering from scattered water damage, resulting in staining and adhesion. Covers chipped. Some pages still stuck together. In spite of this, there are about 8 unstuck fashion plates here, with others that may still be salvageable. $125.00

191)        Walker, W. & H., Winter Bargains - 1916/1917. Pittsburgh, PA: 1916. 100 pp., 8vo. Excellent condition. Wrappers and 4 pages fully colored. Fully illustrated, offering clothes, shoes and dry goods. The goods are primarily for women and children. $25.00

Drugs & Pharmaceuticals

192)         Burroughs Wellcome & Co., Price List of Fine Products 1926. New York, NY: 1926. 160 pp., 8vo. Hard covers, some staining. Internally fine. Price list of pharmaceuticals and chemicals with 7 attractive pages of color plates offering various chests and pocket cases for doctors and first aid stations. $75.00

193)        Johnson & Johnson, Price List - Johnson & Johnson, Manufacturers of Medicinal and Surgical Plasters, Absorbent and Medicated Cottons .... New Brunswick, NJ: 1896. 34 pp., 12mo. Index-tabbed partially illustrated price list of medical and first aid materials from J&J, which had been founded 10 years earlier. Frontispiece illustration of the J&J factory and labs in New Brunswick and Highland Park, New Jersey. 4 page unillustrated price list laid in for Brunswick Pharmacal Co. of New Brunswick, listing Johnson& Johnson as the selling agents. $100.00

Electrical Equipment

194)        Bastet Magnetic Engine Co., The Bastet Magnetic Engine and Battery - Magnetism Utilized as a Motive Power. Philadelphia, PA: 1876. 24 pp., 12mo. A wonderful folding promotion for this company's exhibit at the Centennial Exposition. The inside panels consist of a map of the Centennial Grounds, with an ad for the company showing their engine. The external panels have a description of the battery-powered motor, testimonials, and a price list of available models. Given the Centennial's fame as a sort of “coming-out party” for electrical power, it would be hard to find an earlier catalogue for an electric motor to drive sewing machines, etc. $650.00

195)        Edison General Electric Co., Supplement "A" - Electrical Construction Material and Supplies. Toronto, ON: 1891. 16 pp., 8vo. Printed wrappers, spine split. Catalogue of materials for line construction, including insulators, cross arms, wire stretchers, etc. There are also 6 pages of globes and glass shades for street lights, including two fluted and one etched glass styles. A scarce early Canadian electrical catalogue. $375.00

196)        Electric Storage Battery Co., Manual of Storage Batteries for Locomotive Salesmen. Philadelphia, PA: 1921. 106 pp., 12mo. Hard covers, loose-leaf bound technical reference book for locomotive battery salesmen. Partially illustrated. Includes illustrations and descriptions of the new Exide-Ironclad batteries. $50.00

197)        Globe Electric Specialties Co., Inc., Electric Signs. New York, NY: c. 1915. 16 pp., oblong 12mo. An intriguing little catalogue with two distinct sections: electric signs for theaters and business, and lighting instruments for the stage. Small chips at corners of wrappers. The title page features an electrical windmill sign for Montgomery & Stone, billed as the first electro-mechanical sign in New York. Other mechanical signs are also shown. Another sign is an early "Drink Coca-Cola" lighted sign. Text indicates that the company designed some of the lighting at Luna Park, Coney Island. $425.00

198)        Leeds & Northrup Co., Macbeth Illuminometer. Philadelphia, PA: c. 1915. 16 pp., 4to. A catalogue for the Macbeth Illuminometer, among the earliest practical form of light meter. A large multi-piece instrument which packed into a large suitcase for use outside of the lab. $75.00

199)        M&M Co., Fast Sellers. Cleveland, OH: c. 1923. 48 pp., 8vo. Interesting wholesaler's catalogue of electrical, automotive and sporting goods. Includes early commercial radios and parts, batteries, phonographs, and parts for do-it-yourself electrical tinkerers. Also has a large section of spare parts, tools, and accessories for automobiles. $40.00

200)        Manhattan Electrical Supply Co., Catalogue No. 16 - Illustrations, Description, Price List of Something Electrical for Everybody. New York, NY: c. 1905. 80 pp., tall 12mo. Small catalogue of electrical, telephone, and telegraph equipment. Includes tools for electricians, early electric fans, battery and medical outfits, flashlights, alarm clocks and a wide range of telephones and accessories. Front wrapper chipped. $175.00

201)        Marconi Wireless Telegraph Co., Marconi Wireless Telegraph System - Its World Embracing Import. New York, NY: 1903. 56 pp., oblong 8vo. Illustrated stiff wrappers, string bound, excellent condition. A very early work in the business history of radio, Marconi's company having only been founded 3 years earlier. Illustrated throughout, showing various installations on the east coast of North America and equipment on board ships. Very attractive. A very rare, important piece of radio's earliest history. OCLC 8815605 (3 loc.). $550.00

202)        National India Rubber Co., National Insulated Wires and Cables. Bristol, RI: c. 1925. 224 pp., 8vo. Fully illustrated catalogue of insulated cables and wires. Most of  the illustrations of wire are colored or highlighted in gold, silver, or copper. Inserted in the back cover is a card of 20 actual silks to demonstrate the colors available to coat the wires. Fine condition. An unusual catalogue for both India rubber and wire. $100.00

203)        Omnigraph Mfg. Co., How to Become an Expert Operator - 3rd Edition. New York, NY: c. 1895. 24 pp., 12mo. An interesting training device for prospective telegraphers,  the Omnigraph has a dial for spelling out messages which would then be sent in Morse Code. There is also a different machine with a QWERTY-type keyboard for practice in listening to the sounds that distinguish different characters as an aid for receiving messages. $100.00

204)        Vallee, Bros. & Co., Catalogue and Price List of Electric Bell and Gas-Lighting Supplies. Philadelphia, PA: 1895. 76 pp., 8vo. Lacks back wrapper, front wrapper detached  and chipped. Internally sound. 4 page supplement laid in. Early catalogue of electrical equipment and supplies, including bell pushes (many quite elaborate), alarm and annunciator systems, glass insulators, batteries, incandescent bulbs, and electrical medical stimulators. A fascinating catalogue, in spite of the less-than-optimal condition. $275.00


205)         American Steel & Wire Co., American Fences - Catalogue No. 15. Chicago, IL: 1899. 32 pp., oblong 12mo. Uncolored illustrated wrappers, light stain at bottom left. Illustrated catalogue of hog and farm fences. $20.00

206)        Hoosier Fence Co., Catalog No. 18, 1912. Frankton, IN: 1912. 24 pp., oblong 4to. Disbound but complete. Soiled and creased with scattered adhesion damage. Illustrated catalogue of wrought iron fences for homes and cemeteries. $15.00

207)        Page Woven Wire Fence Co., Standard Farm Fences. Adrian, MI: c. 1910. 12 pp., 16mo. Small illustrated brochure of fences for poultry, pigs, and boundary marking. No barbed wire is shown. $20.00

208)        Stewart Iron Works Co., Stewarts. Cincinnati, OH: 1910. 8 pp., 4to. Brightly illustrated wrappers, detached. Some tears and chipping. Generally only fair condition. A promotional brochure illustrating many styles and uses of iron fences for homes, cemeteries, factories, et. al. $25.00

209)        Stewart Iron Works Co., Fences and Gates for Every Purpose. Cincinnati, OH: 1923. 42 pp., 4to. Illustrated catalogue of wrought iron and wire fences and gates. Many designs for decorative metal picket fences are shown. Includes large composite metal and masonry gates. Also there are a couple of security fences with strings of barbed wire across the top. $50.00

210)        Titchener Iron Works, Elwood Fence Made by the American Steel & Wire Co.. Binghamton, NY: 1920. 60 pp., 8vo. Illustrated catalogue of woven wire fences, for residential and farm use, but not including any barbed wire. Includes directions for building fences and placing fence posts. $25.00

211)        Union Fence Co., M. M. S. Poultry Fence. DeKalb, IL: 1897. 1 pp., 8vo. One page uncolored flyer for this wire fence. There is an illustration at the top of an Uncle Sam-esque character looking at a piece of the fence mesh. Text below describes other products. $20.00


212)         Colt's Patent Fire Arms Mfg. Co., Colt Revolvers and Automatic Pistols - January, 1932. Hartford, CT: 1932. 40 pp., 8vo. Revolvers and pistols, primarily  for law enforcement. There are also a small number of models with engraved or fancy ivory or pearl stocks. All models are illustrated. Retail price list laid in. $100.00

213)        Gadsden & DeGress, Firearms. New York, NY: c. 1880. 8 pp., oblong 8vo. Illustrated catalogue in wrappers, front detached. What this seems to be is a closeout notification by Gadsden & DeGress, whose pastedown is on the front wrapper, of the inventory of the New York Gun House, Successors to Parker & Co. Each of the five rifles offered is overprinted in red with a price reduction. The pistols offered do not have similar overprinting. Extensive text on each product. $275.00

214)        Galef, J. L., Advance Fall Catalogue. New York, NY: c. 1920. 32 pp., 12mo. Self-wrappers. Printed on newsprint. Illustrated catalogue of pistols, binoculars, and shotguns, with a few other items, including golf balls thrown in. The pistols include some very small short barrel models with mother of pearl stocks alongside more traditional long barrel revolvers. $100.00

215)        George, W. J., New Illustrated Price List of Sporting Guns, Rifles, Revolvers, Walking Stick and Air Guns .... Dover, Kent, UK: c. 1897. 24 pp., 4to. Fine catalogue of firearms, featuring shotguns. Stiff gilt-printed wrappers, some wear at spine, otherwise excellent. There are many specialized models, including “Wild Fowl and Punt Guns”, pigeon guns, rook and rabbit riles, and "saloon and garden rifles". Also interesting are the several models of walking stick guns, shotguns disguised in innocuous canes. $225.00

216)        Hopkins & Allen, Catalogue No. 3, '06. Norwich, CT: 1906. 24 pp., oblong 12mo. Original printed wrappers, two chips out of front covers. Light soiling and crease internally. Very good. Primarily shotguns and revolvers, as well as a couple of rifles. Shotguns include single and double barrel models. Most pages illustrate one model with multiple models described in the text. $150.00

217)        Ithaca Gun Company, Ithaca Guns. Ithaca, NY: 1919. 20 pp., oblong folio. Excellent condition, with original string tie at spine. With fine color lithographs of guns throughout and a beautiful color illustration on the front wrapper by Lynn Bogue Hunt of a pheasant in flight being chased by a fox. A provisional price list, reflecting the war tax, is pasted down inside the front cover. $425.00

218)         Johnston, J. H., Illustrated Catalogue of Rifles, Shot Guns, Revolvers, Ammunition ... - No. 50. Pittsburgh, PA: 1900. 88 pp., 8vo. Illustrated wrappers, Wrappers torn, defective. Very crudely rebacked. Internally sound. Extensive catalogue of firearms, including not only the items listed in the title, but also obsolete items such as powder horns, flint locks, muskets, etc. Also includes some fishing equipment. $65.00

219)        Remington Arms - Union Metallic Cartridge Co., New Chapter in an Old Story Being an Account of Strange Steps by Which a Great Modern Business Has Outgrown Ancient Condition. New York, NY: 1912. 40 pp., 4to. A history of the company and of weaponry in general, with particular emphasis on Remington's history. Illustrated. Stiff boards, shelfworn. Discusses Remington's various factories and how they run. There are also displays of many models of rifles, shotguns and pistols. Presentation copy from the author, Harry Chase Briarly to Dr. Charles M. Pratt. $175.00

220)        Smith & Wesson, Inc., Superior Revolvers. Springfield, MA: 1929. 40 pp., 8vo. Revolvers and pistols for the military, police and sportsmen. Single shot and automatic pistols are offered. Illustrated. Vertical crease at center. $75.00

221)        Stevens, J., Arms and Tool Co., Catalog No. 52 Revised. Chicopee Falls, MA: c. 1905. 128 pp., 8vo. Stiff wrappers, lightly worn, torn at top corner of front wrapper. Comprehensive catalogue of Stevens shotguns and pistols, showing each model as well as all component parts broken out. 15 pages of accessories and 15 pages of cartridges. Models of shotgun include both single and double barrel. $175.00

222)        Weaver, W. R., Weaver Telescope Sights for Target and Hunting Rifles. El Paso, TX: c. 1935. 20 pp., 12mo. Folding brochure for sights for sporting firearms. Several different mounts and sights are illustrated. $25.00

Fire Engines

223)        Pease, Julius, Fire Department Supply Co., Fire Equipment and Fire Department Supplies Exclusively. Denver, CO: 1914. 164 pp., 8vo. Very scarce catalogue of firefighting equipment from Denver. Stiff wrappers, somewhat soiled and lightly creased. A comprehensive catalogue, including fire trucks, hose carts, uniforms and turnout clothing, hoses, ladders, badges and any other merchandise needed to equip a fire department. $350.00

Food & Drink

224)        Andrews & Co., Georges Codfish Blocks, Patented April 17th, 1883. Gloucester, MA: 1885. 2 pp., 8vo. Price list for blocks of cod and mackerel, sold in a wide variety of sizes and qualities. Prices range from 4 to 7-5/8 cents per pound. It is actually quite unusual to see printed listings of fish prices as it is a product most often sold fresh at daily market prices. $25.00

225)        Armour Co., Sales Manual. Chicago, IL: c. 1910. 236 pp., oblong 8vo. A fair copy, with considerable staining and soiling, of this full color salesman's display book for all of Armour's products. Tab-indexed with 19 different sections. $65.00

226)        Baker, Walter, & Co., Ltd., Cocoa and Chocolate - A Short History of their Production and Use, Revised Edition. Dorchester, MA: 1910. 80 pp., 8vo. An extensive history and overview both of the production of chocolate and of this company, one of the leading American chocolate producers. Many illustrations trace its history and current production methods. At the rear is a 5-page listing of the company's products. $125.00

227)        Brown, William A., & Co., Maquinaria "Santa Cruz" para Haciendas de Cafe y Almacenes para Limpieza de Cafe. Lynn, MA: c. 1890. 16 pp., 4to. Fully illustrated, with self-wrappers, catalogue of industrial coffee mills, shellers and grinders. Very unusual as it is printed fully in Spanish, designed for distribution to factories in the South or Central American coffee producing countries. One machine is shown per page, complete with description and specifications. $225.00

228)        Cordley & Hayes, Price List 1931. New York, NY: 1931. 20 pp., 8vo. Dispenser for liquids of all sorts, particularly water coolers for commercial or industrial establishments. Includes multiple drink dispensers for lunch counters and syrup dispensers for soda fountains. $100.00

229)        Crawford, William, & Sons, Ltd., Crawford's Biscuits for 1937. London, UK: 1937. 28 pp., tall 8vo. Very unusual. This piece is a desk set, with a small blotter onto which have been affixed Crawford catalogue and a date/memoranda book for 1937. The catalogue is attached to the left side, the date book to the right. Both swing out of the way to reveal the blotter. Full green leather, with some wear. The catalogue has bright, very colorful lithographic illustrations of Crawford's products. $175.00

230)        Jacobs Brothers, Jacobs' Patent Clarifier and Evaporator, Juice Strainers, Castings, Skimmers, etc.. Columbus, OH: c. 1900. 10 pp., 8vo. Folding brochure with one full-page illustration of the evaporator, a large apparatus. The text consists primarily of a description of this item with the benefits and advantages of making syrup. Many testimonials. $35.00

231)        Perugina, Cioccolato e Confetture. Perguia, IT: 1926. 96 pp., 4to. Catalogue of chocolates, wrapped and unwrapped, boxed and unboxed, in spectacular color. There are 45 pages of these colored illustrations, mostly of the boxes and wrappers of each of the lines of Perugina chocolate products. These are colored artwork, not photographs, and convey the impression of luxury for these confections. $450.00

232)        Smyth, John M., Co., Wholesale Price List - Groceries, Table Delicacies for September and October, 1907. Chicago, IL: 1907. 32 pp., 4to. Partially illustrated catalogue of food and household products, with retail and wholesale prices. Printed on newsprint. Includes one page of cigars and another of snuff and assorted tobacco products. Order form and informational letter laid in. $40.00

233)        Tufts, James W., Arctic Soda-Water Apparatus. Book of Directions. Boston, MA: c. 1880. 276 pp., 8vo. Hard covers. Fine condition. 178 pages of directions for use and care of Tufts' various soda fountain machines as well as many pages of recipes both for finished drinks as well as for components such as bitters and extracts. The back section of the book is a catalogue for equipment and supplies, but not for the elaborate dispensing machines which were offered in separate catalogues. $475.00

234)        Williams, R. C., Premium Catalogue of the Famous Royal Scarlet Brand. New York, NY: 1915. 16 pp., 8vo. Premium catalogue from the distributor of staple foods. The items include the usual household items found as premiums. $35.00


235)        Allen & Paisley Co., Wholesale Furniture. Boston, MA: c. 1910. 47 pp., oblong 8vo. Fully illustrated catalogue, generally of fairly plain wooden furniture. Good condition, with staining at foreedge of front wrapper. Includes many chests of drawers, china cabinets, and hall trees. $50.00

236)        American Desk and Seating Co., Business Desks, Church, Opera and Tabernacle Chairs, Bank, Office and Store Furnishings. Chicago, IL: c. 1885. 96 pp., 8vo. Very unusual catalogue of commercial furniture with a very wide variety of ornate desks, chairs, bookcases. Most interesting, though, are items offered at the back such as lunch counters and stools, settees for railroad stations, churches and lecture halls, display stands for retailers, and more. Fully illustrated. Excellent condition, very light crease to back wrapper. Not in Romaine. $500.00

237)        Bagby Furniture Co., Circular No. 6, November 20, 1902. Baltimore, MD: 1902. 1 pp., folio. Large ( 25x38 inches) folding promotion, printed on one side only, illustrating 30 ornately carved wooden chairs and stools, 5 chests and hall racks, and 2 elaborately upholstered tufted couches. Uncolored, splitting along some folds. An interesting, large distribution piece from the manufacturer to wholesalers. $35.00

238)        Bagby Furniture Co., Wholesale Price List No. 38, Spring Season, 1906. Baltimore, MD: 1906. 20 pp., 12mo. Unillustrated wholesale price list of bedroom furniture, mattresses and chairs. Designed to be laid into a larger catalogue. $20.00

239)        Butler Brothers, Furniture Sale - Circular No. B11193. New York, NY: 1920. 20 pp., 4to. Bedroom furniture, chairs and kitchen cabinets are offered in this promotional flyer for a discount seller. Some wear. Printed in black and red. $25.00

240)        Cardoso, Joao Thomaz, & Filho, Catalogo Illustrado. Villa Nova de Gaya, PT: c. 1910. 72 pp., 8vo. Illustrated catalogue of heavy iron goods, including many safes, beds, stoves along with some lighter household goods of zinc or tin. Printed wrappers. 5 pages of beds highlighted in color. A scarce Portuguese catalogue. $250.00

241)        Central Furniture Co., Catalogue - Fall of 1899-Spring of 1900. Rockford, IL: 1899. 32 pp., oblong 8vo. Illustrated catalogue of standing open bookcases and china closets. Some of the bookcases are with a dresser, most with mirrors. $125.00

242)        Columbus Fixture Co., Complete Outfitters for Restaurants, Tea-rooms, Lunchrooms, Cafeterias, etc.. Columbus, OH: c. 1915. 63 pp., 4to. Illustrated catalogue of all items necessary to equip and furnish a small, informal eating establishment such as cafeterias or, later, diners. Includes steam tables, kitchen cutlery and utensils, coffee urns, bun steamers, soda fountain glassware, dishwashers, crockery, iceboxes, display cases, and of course, lunch counters. Includes original mailing envelope. $150.00

243)        Dunn, John A., Special Offer for the Holiday Season. Boston, MA: c. 1905. 1 pp., folio. One page folding broadside circular with separations along several folds. 12 large illustrations of gaudily overdecorated chairs, 9 of which are rockers, surround text in the middle. The sheet measures 24x22 inches. $65.00

244)        Englander Spring Bed Co., Adjustable Beds and Cots for Hospitals and Institutions. New York, NY: c. 1920. 16 pp., oblong 8vo. Catalogue of institutional beds including bunk and adjustable. Center staples rusted, one signature loose. $35.00

245)        Globe-Wernicke Co., Sectional Bookcases - Catalog No. 112. Cincinnati, OH: c. 1912. 76 pp., 4to. Comprehensive catalogue of sectional bookcases in excellent condition. The first 16 pages are printed in bright, attractive color showing room layouts with different styles of bookcase featured. $300.00

246)        Hersey Furniture Co., Silver Anniversary Catalogue. Springfield, MA: 1911. 20 pp., oblong 12mo. Illustrated promotional brochure for ranges and wooden furniture from this manufacturer. Invitation for 25th anniversary reception is laid in. $35.00

247)        Lamson Brothers, Go-Carts and Carriages - Catalog 47. Toledo, OH: c. 1920. 48 pp., 8vo. Comprehensive catalogue of baby carriages and strollers. Most are wicker or rattan. Illustrated one per page, with descriptions and specifications. The late page shows two sleighs. Minor creasing to front cover and last leaf. $85.00

248)        Lyon Furniture Mercantile Agency, Lyon-Red Book; The Standard Reference of the Furniture, Carpet, Upholstery, Bedding ... Trades. New York, NY: 1933. 250 pp., 8vo. Original cloth, front cover has a heavy vertical crease. A fascinating census of manufacturers, by town, of all manner of home furnishings in New England, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania during the depths of the Depression. Not just listing the firms, this directory also details a company's products and provides credit information. Lyon also operated a collection agency. $65.00

249)        Mebane Bedding Co., Price List, Effective November 15th, 1913. Mebane, NC: 1913. 8 pp., 8vo. Illustrated listing of bed springs, 11 different models shown in white-on-black drawings. There are also prices for mattresses and pillows. $35.00

250)        Murphy Door Bed Co., Murphy In-a-Dor Beds. New York, NY: 1927. 48 pp., 4to. Catalogue of Murphy beds, from the original manufacturer of these hiding beds. There are floor plans of houses utilizing these beds, as well as pages showing a number of hotels, including the Biltmore in Atlanta and the Mayflower in Washington, which use them. Several different styles are offered, all with various mounting options. $85.00

251)        National School Furniture Co., The Study Desk. New York, NY: c. 1880. 2 pp., 8vo. Small 2-sided brochure with 7 illustrations of the featured desk and 3 of benches for schools. This unit has a seat with a desk/easel attached at the back for the student behind. No doubt, some are still in use somewhere in the country. $30.00

252)        Nelson-Matter Furniture Co., Bedroom Furniture. Grand Rapids, MI: 1904. 150 pp., oblong 8vo. Wooden chests, beds, table, dressers, wardrobes, etc. from a major Grand Rapids manufacturer. Back wrapper damaged, otherwise excellent. Fully illustrated. There are also a few pages of sideboards, buffets and tables for dining rooms. All items are fully crafted from wood. $425.00

253)        Northern Furniture Co., Manufacturers of Household Furniture - Price List Applying to Catalogue Number 36. Sheboygan, WI: 1925. 16 pp., oblong 4to. Unillustrated price list which would have been laid into Northern's larger furniture catalogue. Provides item number, telegraph code and price for each item. $15.00

254)        Northern Hemlock and Hardwood Manufacturers' Assn., Beautiful Birch for Beautiful Woodwork. Oshkosh, WI: 1929. 24 pp., 8vo. Illustrated promotional brochure for birch furniture and paneling. 4 photo illustrations in color, others black and white. $50.00

255)        Palm Fechteler & Co., Sample Book of Transfer Ornaments. Chicago, IL: 1888. 76 pp., folio. Original paper wrappers, illustrated. Front wrapper lacks the bottom right corner and has damage to the top border. The body of the catalogue is fully intact. These transfer ornaments seem to have been used by carriage makers and furniture makers. The illustrations are outstanding. See Romaine p.41 for a similar but smaller version of this remarkable catalogue. $450.00

256)        Puffer, J. F., & Son, What Shakespeare Says about Beds. Lowell, MA: c. 1882. 16 pp., 12mo. A small manufacturer of Shorey Patent Spring Beds tries to promote itself by hooking onto Shakespeare's coattails (quotetails??). Unillustrated. Many testimonials. $35.00

257)        Pullman Couch Co., Pullman Revolving Seat Bed Davenport. Chicago, IL: c. 1915. 48 pp., folio. Large format catalogue of heavy leather-upholstered couches and chairs. Primarily designed for living rooms, though also usable in parlors or business offices. Three models are illustrated per page. Colored title page, otherwise uncolored. Price list bound in at front. $250.00

258)        Shaw-Walker Co., Card Systems. Muskegon, MI: 1900. 38 pp., 8vo. Filing card and cabinet systems for businesses and libraries. Printed wrappers, light staining. Includes index cards, tab separators, and card cabinets, both desktop and free standing. Illustrated. $85.00

259)        Stickley Bros. & Co., Special Announcement! Great Closing Out Sale of Furniture, Mattresses, Spring Beds, &c.. Binghamton, NY: c. 1910. 1 pp., 8vo. 6x9 inch handbill advertising a going-out-of-business sale for Stickley Brothers. It is unclear which particular branch of the Stickley family this pertains to. $50.00

260)        Stomps, G., & Co., Illustrated Catalogue of G. Stomps & Co., Manufacturers of Chairs .... Dayton, OH: 1887. 164 pp., 8vo. Hard covers in brown stamped cloth, worn. 18 of the pages have been used as a scrapbook with newspaper clippings pasted down, though they appear to be easily removable as a couple of pages have had the clippings removed. The resulting pages are soiled and somewhat stained, but totally intact and legible. Several pages have had recipes written in. This is a wonderful catalogue of wooden chairs: rockers, caned and upholstered. $250.00

261)        Vernay, Arthur, Gifts for Christmas 1936. New York, NY: 1936. 12 pp., 8vo. Disbound, spine cut. Offers small furniture, such as plant stands, end tables, book racks, etc. Also figurines, wall fixtures, and other exceedingly tasteful items. $25.00

262)        Vernay, Arthur S., An Important Collection from London - Autumn 1934. New York, NY: 1934. 42 pp., 8vo. 18th century English antique furniture. Uncolored photographs. Many styles of the period are represented in chairs, cabinetry, desks. Also porcelain, Georgian Silver and Sheffield plate. $40.00


263)        DeWitt, Clinton T., DeWitt's Mammoth Novelty Catalogue. New York, NY: c. 1880. 40 pp., 8vo. Lacks covers. Catalogue of diverse inexpensive goods, including books, music, magic lanterns, toy pianos, pipes, jewelry, magic tricks, etc. $75.00

264)        Home Supply Co., Illustrated Catalogue. New York, NY: c. 1900. 32 pp., 4to. Fully illustrated catalogue of a very wide range of inexpensive merchandise, from $40 buggies and $6.75 tufted couches to jewelry, patent medicines, pocket knives, magic tricks, toys, etc. $60.00

265)        Johnson, T. M., & Co., Illustrated Catalogue ... of Notions, Novelties, Tricks, .... Chicago, IL: c. 1885. 60 pp., 8vo. Extensive catalogue of inexpensive goods, heavily illustrated. Front and back wrappers defective, otherwise good. Includes jewelry, pocket knives, toys, etc. etc. $40.00

266)        Leh & Leh, New Illustrated Catalogue, 1905. Egypt, PA: 1905. 28 pp., 4to. A wide range of novelties, books, jewelry and specialty items such as hair pins, kitchen gadgets, card tricks, pocket knives, and more. Spine slightly torn. $75.00

267)        Lynn, J., & Co., Catalogue. New York, NY: 1890. 48 pp., 8vo. Self wrappers, later black tape backstrip. Fully illustrated wholesale catalogue printed on very poor paper of inexpensive jewelry, pocket knives, harmonicas, thimbles, magic tricks and other novelties. Most of the items here were designed to sell for well under a dollar, mostly around a quarter. $50.00

268)        Lynn, J., & Co., Catalogue. New York, NY: 1891. 48 pp., 8vo. Self wrappers, back wrapper detached, otherwise god. Contains many of the same items as the 1890 catalogue but with some new items. $50.00

269)        Lynn, J., & Co., Latest Catalogue and New Guide to Rapid Wealth. New York, NY: 1894. 80 pp., 8vo. A relatively early catalogue from Lynn. Printed on very poor paper, as were all of this company's catalogues, few have survived in good condition as this one has. Very, very few of the hundreds of items here sold for over 25 cents each. $75.00

270)        Lynn, J., & Co., Illustrated Catalogue. New York, NY: 1900. 72 pp., 8vo. Fine condition catalogue from one of the kings of cheap merchandise. Wholesale jewelry and pocket knives were the specialties, but there was also a dizzying array of other material for 5&10's. $65.00

271)        Lynn, J., & Co., Illustrated Catalogue. New York, NY: 1906. 72 pp., 8vo. Later catalogue from Lynn, wrappers torn, front detached. Fully illustrated with the usual array of inexpensive dime-store merchandise. $50.00

272)        Nason, E., & Co., Notions, Novelties, Watches, Jewelry, and Books - Winter, 1883. New York, NY: 1883. 48 pp., 8vo. Illustrated catalogue, printed on flimsy paper, for a wide variety of cheap jewelry, books, toys, magic tricks, etc. Wrappers torn at spine. Each item is illustrated. This and other similar catalogues give wonderful insight into marketing for the masses at this time. $50.00


273)        American Luxfer Prism Co., Luxfer Prism Daylighting System. Chicago, IL: 1912. 24 pp., 8vo. Fascinating catalogue of glass prisms for redirecting sunlight into buildings. Used in place of ordinary glass in windows, transoms, sidewalks and ceilings to maximize sunlight by bending it to focus into otherwise dark areas. This catalogue could easily be categorized under  as well. $225.00

274)        Chance Bros. & Co., Patterns of Enamelled, Double-Etched, and Stained Enamelled Glass. Birmingham, UK: 1863. 41 pp., 8vo. Stiff printed wrappers, overall worn and moderately soiled throughout. Some leaves loose or with short tears. Most of the blank versos of the leaves, all of which have tinted illustrations of etched glass patterns, have newspaper clippings pasted down. Only one of the rectos is so afflicted. Each of the patterns is different. Most are shown in light green, a couple with yellow highlighting. $275.00

275)        Crystal Glass Co., Price List 1907. Bridgeport, OH: 1907. 53 pp., tall 12mo. Unillustrated wholesale price list for household glass merchandise such as dinner and wine glasses, bottles, pitchers, trays, etc. $45.00

Hardware - Builders' & General Hardware

276)        American Hardware Corp. (P. & F. Corbin Div.), Catalog K396 Revised, Sixth Edition. New Britain, CT: c. 1950. 30 pp., 4to. Illustrated catalogue of locks and building hardware, apparently used by a hardware store to track available styles. $30.00

277)         Bliven, Mead & Co., Illustrated Catalogue and Price List of American, German, English and French Hardware. New York, NY: 1864. 499 pp., 8vo. Hard covers, with original cloth on front and spine, modern back cover and repairs to joints. Internally very good, with minor damage to title page and some soiling and staining to last several leaves. A very extensive catalogue of metal items, mostly hardware and tools, but also including some sporting goods (including a pair of early roller skates), scales, knives, kitchen utensils, bells, animal collars, etc. Many illustrations, but not every page is illustrated. $500.00

278)         Chicago Housewrecking Co., Machinery, Supplies and Merchandise - No. 141. Chicago, IL: 1905. 436 pp., 8vo. Original wrappers, lightly chipped and torn. Though containing much hardware, tools and electrical and plumbing supplies, this catalogue has a huge eclectic assortment of merchandise. This company bought and offers here the residue from the 1904 St. Louis Exposition, including light bulbs, turnstiles, showcases, safes, furniture, building supplies and much more. A wonderful wholesale catalogue. $100.00

279)         Grammes, L. F., & Sons, Inc., Grammes Metal Goods - Catalog Z. Allentown, PA: 1925. 96 pp., 4to. Original wrappers, torn and detached. Internally very good. Fully illustrated catalogue of items fabricated from metal, from hinges and other building materials to tools to rebuilt machinery for printing, woodworking, paperworking and making paper boxes. Also includes such diverse items as name tags, trophies, advertising items, radio parts, paper clips, etc. etc. etc. $40.00

280)         Lumen Bearing Co., Brass Founders. Buffalo, NY: c. 1910. 40 pp., oblong 8vo. Not a catalogue but a promotional brochure for this foundry, with photos showing virtually all aspects of the production process for casting brass. $35.00

281)        Mallory, Wheeler & Co., Door Locks, Knobs, Padlocks, Etc.. New Haven, CT: 1871. 292 pp., folio. Original full leather, rebacked in modern leather. Lacks 4 leaves. This is certainly among the most impressive, spectacular catalogues ever published. It contains page after page after page of large illustrations of locks and keys, executed in silver, gilt and copper. Generally clean, with minor scattered offsetting. Every page is attractive enough to frame and display and because of this, very few complete, or nearly complete, copies of this catalogue remain intact. Despite the lack of four of the leaves, this is a stunning example of the printer’s art with the exquisite plates with metallic ink. Not in Romaine. $4,500.00

282)        National Mfg. Co., Builders' Hardware. Sterling, IL: 1918. 104 pp., 8vo. Hardware for homes and barns, featuring door hinges, push plates, window pulls and locks, barn and cellar door safety clasps. Illustrated. $65.00

283)         Nicholas Hardware Co., Catalog No. 10. Oak Park, IL: c. 1915. 120 pp., 4to. General hardware catalogue, though featuring Corbin products. Includes lines such as fireplace furnishings, hand tools, and kitchen appliances (ranges, iceboxes and washing machines). $100.00

284)         Period Furniture Hardware Co., Authentic Reproductions - Cabinet Hardware and Period Accessories, Catalogue No. 53. Boston, MA: c. 1953. 28 pp., 8vo. Inexpensively produced catalogue of reproductions of knobs, handles, pulls, etc. for 18th and 19th century furniture. $25.00

285)         Sears, Roebuck & Co., Catalogue of Mechanical Tools, Builders' Hardware, General Hardware. Chicago, IL: 1906. 124 pp., 4to. Original wrappers, detached and chipped with significant loss. Contents are generally good, with light staining and some wear, particularly to the last several leaves. This catalogue contains the segments of the large Sears book which contain tools, hardware for the home and farm, blacksmith supplies, carriage and buggy parts and some building materials. $75.00

286)         Union Hardware & Electric Supply Co., Catalogue of Hardware for 1899. Providence, RI: 1899. 516 pp., 4to. 1/4 leather, spine chipped, front joint gone. Internally very good. Though put out by Union Hardware, this is actually the hardware catalogue of Russell & Erwin Mfg. Co. of New Britain, CT, with hundreds of locks, keys, doorknobs, latches, hinges, handles, etc. A huge hardware catalogue. $500.00

287)         Wood, James, & Co., Circular for Iron Products. Pittsburgh, PA: 1869. 16 pp., 12mo. Lightly stained catalogue of rolled iron products including nuts, bolts, washers, nails, iron rolled flat and in bars. Advertising circular laid in . The only illustrations are on the last page of railroad bolts and spikes. $100.00

Hardware - Tools & Machine Tools

288)         American Wood Working Machinery Co., 1902 Catalogue. New York, NY: 1902. 284 pp., 12mo. Original leather binding, corners chipped. Internally fine. Comprehensive illustrated catalogue of woodworking machines for furniture makers, saw mills, and other industrial uses. Includes many band and circular table saws, borers, sanders, lathes, mortising machines, etc. $75.00

289)         Atkins, E. C., & Co., Saw Sense - Atkins Silver Steel Saws. Indianapolis, IN: c. 1941. 46 pp., 12mo. A combination catalogue and treatise on saws in general. Deals primarily with hand saws, though there are also blades for circular saws. Much information on saw sharpening. $30.00

290)         Barnes, W. F. & John, Co., Price List and Descriptive Catalogue of Barnes' Patent Foot, Hand and Steam Power Machinery. Rockford, IL: 1889. 64 pp., 8vo. Original printed wrappers, spine chipped and torn. Some wear at edges. Illustrated catalogue with many early foot-powered machine tools, including lathes, mortising machines, rip saws, etc. There are two different pedal styles: a treadle-style and a bicycle-style, complete with molded metal seat. $450.00

291)         Barnum Bros., Manufacturers of Leather Belting, Dealers in Rubber Belting, Hose & Packing. Troy, NY: c. 1880. 24 pp., 8vo. A eclectic catalogue of leather belting and tools for working with factory machinery. The illustrated section includes punches, wrenches, oilers, wooden baskets and iron pails. There are unillustrated lists of leather belting and rubber hoses as well. $50.00

292)         Besly, Charles H., & Co., Besly Grinders and Accessories. Chicago, IL: 1919. 64 pp., 4to. Disc grinders for industrial machine shops. Fully illustrated, uncolored, one model per page. $50.00

293)         Bliss, E. W., Co., Catalogue and Price List of Presses, Dies and Special Machinery for Working Sheet Metal - Eighth Edition. Brooklyn, NY: 1889. 263 pp., 12mo. Hard covers, excellent condition with only light rubbing at edges. Comprehensive illustrated offerings of machine tools, dies, shears, presses for metal-working factories. At the front are two external views of the factory, one showing the Brooklyn Bridge in the background, the other clearly identifying the location of the Foundry at the intersection of Jay and Front Streets in Brooklyn. $225.00

294)         Brown & Sharpe Mfg. Co., Catalogue and Price Lists ... January, 1890. Providence, RI: 1890. 205 pp., 12mo. Disbound, lacking spine and boards. Text block is fine. Machine tools, parts and precision instruments for industry $50.00

295)         Brown & Sharpe Mfg. Co., Machinery & Tools - 1903. Providence, RI: 1903. 458 pp., 12mo. Blue cloth binding, excellent condition, light wear. Extensive illustrated catalogue of machine tools and parts, precision instruments and draftsmen’s' supplies. $40.00

296)         Brown & Sharpe Mfg. Co., Machinery & Tools - 1909. Providence, RI: 1909. 551 pp., 12mo. Blue cloth binding, excellent condition, light wear. Extensive illustrated catalogue of machine tools and parts, precision instruments and draftsmen’s' supplies. Many instruments for yarn factories. $40.00

297)         Brown & Sharpe Mfg. Co., Machinery & Tools - No. 136. Providence, RI: 1916. 645 pp., 12mo. Cloth binding, excellent condition, light wear. Extensive illustra-ted catalogue of machine tools, precision instruments and draftsmen’s supplies. $40.00

298)         Brown & Sharpe Mfg. Co., Small Tools - Catalog No. 32. Providence, RI: 1935. 448 pp., 12mo. Original wrappers, weak, front nearly detached. Fully illustrated catalogue of precision tools, mostly designed for machine shops and heavy manufacturing equipment. $40.00

299)         Buck Brothers (Riverlin Works), Illustrated List of Tools and Razors Stamped - Price List No. 10, Fifth Edition. Millbury, MA: 1899. 12 pp., 8vo. Original yellow wrappers, slightly loose. Illustrated catalogue of tools such as chisels, plane irons, draw knives and screwdrivers. Sold by the dozen or in sets. Features 2 pages of straight razors. $100.00

300)         Cogsdill Mfg. Co., Tools of Distinction - Catalog No. 4. Detroit, MI: c. 1931. 55 pp., 8vo. Illustrated catalogue of drills, countersinks, reamers and mills for machine tools. Printed in black and red. Embossed boards. $50.00

301)         Disston, Henry, & Sons, Hand-Book for Lumbermen with a Treatise on the Construction of Saws and How to Keep Them in Order. Philadelphia, PA: 1888. 110 pp., 8vo. 2 parts in 1, with part I being a catalogue of saws and part II being a 30 page treatise on the construction of saws. Original blue wrappers, lightly soiled with several short tears. Includes 1 and 2-man saws as well as circular saws for lumber mills. There are also small sections of files and band saws. $150.00

302)         Emerson, Smith & Co., $100.00 Gold Premium Saws - Sawyer's Own Book. Illustrated Hand-Book and Price List of Saws. Beaver Falls, PA: 1877. 96 pp., 12mo. Illustrated wrappers. Very comprehensive catalogue and text on saws for lumbermen, primarily featuring band saws and circular saws. Many detailed illustrations of the architecture of the teeth of the saws. See Romaine p. 180 for 1893 edition of this great saw catalogue. $200.00

303)         Emerson, Smith & Co., $100.00 Gold Premium Saws. Beaver Falls, PA: 1886. 120 pp., 12mo. Printed wrappers, lightly soiled and worn. Internally fine. Saws and blades of all types, including circular, band, gang and crosscut saws for sawyers and lumbermen. Also includes swages and materials for sharpening saws. $85.00

304)         Fay, J. S., & Co., Illustrated Descriptive Catalogue of Labor-Saving Patent Wood-Working Machinery. Cincinnati, OH: 1893. 337 pp., 4to. Gilt-stamped illustrated boards, well-worn, lightly shaken. Internally good, six folding plates (two defective). A very extensive catalogue of wood-working machine tools, with planes, borers, routers, saws, planers and a wide range of other large equipment. Many full-page illustrations of state-of-the-art machine tools. See Romaine p. 196. $275.00

305)         Goodell-Pratt Co., Pocket Catalog 10. Greenfield, MA: 1911. 304 pp., 12mo. Original wrappers, well chipped, front wrapper detached. A thick manufacturer's catalogue of both hand tools and machine tools, with saws, screwdrivers, drills, punches, etc. All items are illustrated and priced for dealers. $50.00

306)         Graham, J. S., Catalogue of J. S. Graham's Patent Improved Planing Mill Machinery. Rochester, NY: c. 1872. 14 pp., 8vo. Unillustrated catalogue describing and offering machines for cutting, planing and matching lumber. Also offers a circular table saw. 6 different machines are described. Original front wrappers. Lacks back wrapper. $75.00

307)         Gurley, W. & L. E., Manual of the Principal Instruments Used in American Engineering and Surveying. Troy, NY: 1855. 96 pp., 12mo. How-to book for surveyors with a 12 pp. catalogue of drawing and drafting instruments at the back. Stiff boards with paper label on the front. There is also a 4 pp. price list for Gurley tipped in. The catalogue is heavily illustrated. The text has only scattered illustrations. This is 13 years earlier than the earliest Gurley catalogue listed in Romaine p. 189. $225.00

308)         Heller & Brightly, Remarks on Engineers' Surveying Instruments. Philadelphia, PA: 1883. 90 pp., 8vo. Original cloth, fine condition. Many errata and advertising slips tipped in. 3 folding maps and tables, including one folding chart of topographical conventions compiled by Lewis Haupt of the University of Penn-sylvania. Many instruments, books, and supplies for surveyors are offered. $375.00

309)         Hemphill, A. J., Co., Factory, Railroad and Mill Supplies - Catalogue No. 312. New York, NY: c. 1920. 448 pp., 8vo. Hard covers, fine condition. Wholesale catalogue of tools, supplies and fittings for factories, railroads and other industrial applications. $45.00

310)         Hill, Clarke & Co., Catalogue of "Machine Tools" - Iron Working Machine Tools and Machine-Shop Supplies. Boston, MA: 1888. 419 pp., 8vo. Hard covers. Excellent condition, one plate torn. Offers a wide variety of machine tools, one per page with a full-page illustration of the machine facing. Priced. Includes planers, bolt cutters, shapers, grinders, drill and punching presses, etc. A very fine machine tool catalogue. $350.00

311)         Jones, MacNeal & Camp, Reserve Energy - Power King Portable Electric Drills. Warsaw, IN: c. 1925. 4 pp., 8vo. Small flyer for an early portable drill. Designed for use in garages or tool shops, not home workshops. Priced. $25.00

312)         Lamson & Goodnow, Household Cutlery, Butchers, Painters, Paperhangers Tools. Shelburne Falls, MA: 1933. 72 pp., 4to. Illustrated and priced catalogue of knives for home and commercial use. Also includes related items such as putty scrapers. Several pages are colored. This piece actually consists of 3 catalogues, with price lists, bound together. Scattered waterstaining. $45.00

313)         Lippert, E. T., Saw Co., Price List No. 43. Millvale, PA: 1909. 72 pp., 16mo. Red wrappers, lightly chipped. Illustrated catalogue of saws and blades. Includes circular, band and hand saws. There are also other saw mill tools made by this company, such as swages and grinders with countershafts. $30.00

314)         Lufkin Rule Co., Lufkin Precision Tools - Catalog No. 7. Saginaw, MI: c. 1940. 128 pp., 8vo. Extensive catalogue of calipers, micrometers, rules, tape measures, gauges and other precision measuring tools. Original wrappers, worn and rubbed. Internally quite good. $50.00

315)         Newkirk, Ritchie & Bills, Catalogue of Bonney's Patent Vises, Ritchie's Champion Vises, Hardware Specialties .... Philadelphia, PA: 1888. 64 pp., 8vo. Original printed wrappers. Fine catalogue of vises, tools, household implements and all manner of small items forged from metal. Includes many ice picks, gimlets, garden trowels, cake turners, punches, etc. Romaine p. 200. $175.00

316)         Oldham, Joshua, Manufacturers of Saws, Machine Knives, &c. of Every Description. New York, NY: 1887. 88 pp., 8vo. Original gilt-stamped cloth, discount list laid in. Illustrated catalogue of blades for circular and band saws as well as a wide range of hand saws, gang saws and cross-cut saws. Also, kitchen mincing knives, pruners, ice chisels, vegetable cutters. Also includes a treatise by Oldham on the History and Manufacture of Saws. Not in Romaine. $275.00

317)         Oldham, Joshua, & Sons, The Saw Book - January, 1903. Brooklyn, NY: 1903. 16 pp., 8vo. Evidently a periodical produced by this saw maker. 3 plates, including a view of the factory on the Brooklyn Waterfront with the Statue of Liberty in the background. Much of the text is a serialization of the history of saws. $30.00

318)         Reading Saddle & Mfg. Co., The Reading Line - No. 10. Reading, PA: 1918. 164 pp., 8vo. Manufacturer's catalogue of hand tools and cutlery for the home, workshop, and job site. 16 pages, mostly of axes and hatchets, in color. The line also includes small household fixtures such as toothbrush and soap holders. $90.00

319)         Robinson Mfg. Co., Up-to-date Mill Builders. Muncy, PA: c. 1900. 34 pp., oblong 12mo. Catalogue of attrition mills and grinders for industrial grain mills. Some damage from adhesion, particularly to last 2 leaves. Fully illustrated and priced. $45.00

320)         Stanley Rule & Level Co., Improved Labor-Saving Carpenters' Tools, Including Bailey's Patent Adjustable Bench Planes. New Britain, CT: c. 1890. 16 pp., 16mo. Uncolored folding brochure for Stanley planes. Good condition, with some wear along folds. Many illustrations of planes. $175.00

321)         Starrett, L. S., Co., Starrett Precision Tools, Steel Tapes, Dial Indicators, Hack Saws - Catalog No. 26. Athol, MA: 1938. 282 pp., 12mo. A relatively late catalogue in excellent condition. Fully illustrated. Includes precision measuring tools for factory use alongside general purpose tools such as screwdrivers, punches and scrapers. $25.00

322)         Starrett, L. S., Co., The Tools and Rules for Precision Measuring. Athol, MA: 1947. 48 pp., oblong 12mo. Informational brochure for distribution at vocational schools and similar educational programs on different precision measuring devices. Includes micrometers, gauges, calipers, and general principles of accuracy and tolerance. $25.00

323)         Starrett, L. S., Co., Starrett Precision Tools - Precision Ground Flat Stock - Precision Steel Tapes - Duplicate Parts. Athol, MA: 1949. 74 pp., 8vo. Unillustrated price list of precision instruments with item numbers corresponding to Starrett's Catalogue 26. $15.00

324)         Topping Brothers, Heavy Hardware, Ship Chandlery, Contractors' and Railroad Supplies - No. 8. New York, NY: 1913. 358 pp., 8vo. Original cloth, fine condition. A wide range of tools, hardware, and machinery, aimed heavily at the marine trade. Also tools for linemen, miners, blacksmiths, and more. Many axes, sledge hammers, picks, winches, car jacks and movers. $75.00

325)         United States Electrical Tool Co., United States Electric Tools - Catalog No. 54. Cincinnati, OH: c. 1950. 36 pp., 12mo. Small illustrated catalogue of electric tools, including hand and floor models. Includes drills, sanders, grinders, saws, lathes, etc. Some pages have a light crease. $25.00

326)         Walters, Wm. P., Sons, Man's Extremities Are Divine Opportunities - Catalogue 15A, Foot & Hand Power Wood Working Machinery. Philadelphia, PA: c. 1900. 24 pp., oblong 8vo. Fully illustrated catalogue of scroll saws, lathes, borers, etc. Also includes samples of mouldings which can be used with the moulding machines offered. Light soiling to wrappers. $150.00

327)         Walworth Mfg. Co., Illustrated Catalogue of Wrought and Cast Iron Pipe ... Tools & Supplies. Boston, MA: 1883. 148 pp., 8vo. Original cloth, light water staining, back cover slightly warped. A fine illustrated catalogue, predominantly of pipes, radiators, fittings, though also including washing machines, ovens, gas fixtures, et. al. $125.00

328)         Wayne Machinery Co., Come With Me on a Trip Through the Home of the Wayne Machinery Co. Fort Wayne, IN: c. 1922. 32 pp., 8vo. Not a catalogue, but a great resource for anyone interested in the history of this company or of machine shops around 1920. Shows all of the various manufacturing departments as well as external views of the factory and the company's storefronts in Louisville and Dayton. $40.00

329)         Wilkinson, A. J., & Co., Illustrated Catalogue of Wood-Workers' Tools and Hand & Foot Power Machinery. Boston, MA: c. 1890. 118 pp., 4to. Printed stiff wrappers, excellent condition. Hand and machine tools for woodworking shops and carpenters. Most of the tools were manufactured by other companies, including Stanley, Disston, Chapin, Buck Brothers, and many others, though some of the tools were made by Wilkinson. Fully illustrated. Very extensive listings of augers, levels, bits & braces, saws, gouges, planes, etc. $325.00

Hardware - Misc. Machinery, Engines & Supplies

330)         Anderson, Garret D., New and Improved Patent Kerosene Oil and Fire-proof Liquid Safes. Peekskill, NY: c. 1885. 8 pp., 12mo. Folding brochure in excellent condition. 2 illustrations of these storage containers for oils of all sorts, including lighting, cooking or manufacturing oils. Sizes from 48 to 800 gallons. $50.00

331)         Atlantic Works (Richards, London & Kelley), No. 7, Band Re-Sawing Machine. Philadelphia, PA: c. 1890. 2 pp., 4to. Folded broadside ad with an illustration of this large industrial band saw, weighing 5-1/2 tons and priced at $1,825.00. $20.00

332)         Baldwin Chain & Mfg. Co., Baldwin Power Transmission Chains & Sprockets - Catalogue Edition F. Worcester, MA: c. 1920. 70 pp., 8vo. Plain stiff wrappers, staples rusted, otherwise fine condition. Illustrated. Offers a wide variety of chains, similar in many ways to bicycle chains, for power transmission in heavy machinery and machine tools. $65.00

333)         Blandy, F. J. L., Blandy's Monthly Journal. Zanesville, OH: 1885. 4 pp., folio. Promotional material in the form of a newspaper, with illustrations, articles and testimonials for Blandy's engines, boilers and sawmills scattered throughout. Very good condition, with some wear along folds. Styled as Vol.XX, No. 238, though it is entirely unclear whether there were in fact any other issues of this “newspaper.” $65.00

334)         Butterworth, Jas., & Son, Rag and Waste Pickers, Rag Dusters, Shoddy Lumper or Wool Mixers, Cotton and Wool Willows, &c.. Philadelphia, PA: 1880. 16 pp., oblong 8vo. A scarce catalogue of an obsolete line of machinery used in the “recycling” of rags and cloths. The exact purposes for each of these machines may be lost now, though they were apparently quite well-known and obvious to the people of the day. Not in Romaine. $200.00

335)         Chase Elevator Co., Descriptive Circular of the Chase Plan of Elevators. Chicago, IL: 1875. 36 pp., 12mo. An early commercial brochure for grain elevators, with 8 pages of plans and diagrams showing the construction of such elevators. Self-wrappers, pencil markings on front cover. Four pages of testimonials at back. $425.00

336)         Chicago Automatic Conveyor Co., Chicago Automatic Heavy Duty Trough and Drag Type Conveyors - Model OTW. Chicago, IL: 1927. 8 pp., 4to. Illustrated brochure for a coal conveyor, mostly for loading or unloading coal, gravel, stone or rubble to and from railroad cars. Printed in red and black with many uncolored illustrations. $45.00

337)         Chicago Automatic Conveyor Co., Chicago Automatic Model TU Track Unloader for Coal and Coke. Chicago, IL: 1927. 8 pp., 4to. Illustrated brochure for a machine which projects under coal cars to convey coal which was discharged through chutes at the bottom. Printed in red and black with many uncolored illustrations. $45.00

338)         Chieftain Hay Rake Co., Catalogue of Hardware Specialties. Canton, OH: c. 1890. 16 pp., 16mo. Small illustrated catalogue with 4 specific items: a tricycle, post-hole diggers, tree fences, and saw sets. $75.00

339)         Cowing & Gleason Mfg. Co., Rubber Bucket Chain Pumps, Garden Engines, House Pumps, Hydraulic Rams .... New York, NY: c. 1880. 4 pp., 8vo. Illustrated brochure for pumps. The featured items are the chain pump for wooden wells and hydraulic rams for irrigation and drawing running water. $50.00

340)         Diamond Machine Co., Diamond Grinding & Polishing Machinery - Catalogue D. Providence, RI: c. 1915. 216 pp., 8vo. Heavy machinery for large-scale jewelry makers. Includes dozens of grinders and polishers. Among the non-jewelry machines are machines for reaming and polishing gun barrels. The reamer is capable of producing bores for two rifles or shotguns. Each machine is illustrated. $75.00

341)         Geiser Mfg. Co., Price List of Peerless Traction, Portable and Stationary Engines ... and Portable Circular Saws. Waynesboro, PA: 1890. 32 pp., 8vo. Illustrated wrappers, fine condition. Offers portable steam engines on wheels, threshers, steam boilers, and 6 pages of portable steam-powered saw mill equipment. Priced, largely unillustrated. $125.00

342)         Hepworth, W. W., Co., Hepworth Centrifugals and Accessories - General Catalogue Number 29. New York, NY: 1929. 104 pp., 4to. Illustrated catalogue of industrial size and strength centrifugal machines for sorting or drying materials. The industries noted as using the machines include sugar refineries and fruit processors. Includes electrically-driven, belt-driven and water-driven models. $65.00

343)         Houghton & Fowler, Houghton's Improved Grid Bars for Picking Machines. Worcester, MA: c. 1897. 20 pp., 12mo. Improved parts for cotton picking machines. Illustrations and testimonials. $35.00

344)         Lansing Company, Catalog No. 14. Lansing, MI: 1937. 100 pp., 4to. Wheeled tools, including hand-trucks, wheelbarrows, factory floor trucks, freight wagons, wheels for dollies. Also scrapers, hods and other tools for construction trades. $40.00

345)         Maxon-Miller Jack Co., Improved Lever Jacks - Catalogue No. 4. Huntington, WV: c. 1920. 16 pp., 8vo. Illustrated wrappers, somewhat soiled and lightly chipped. Price list laid in. Most of the models are designed for heavy work such as trains, tracks, shipyard or mine use. The price list illustrates auto jacks. $45.00

346)         Melen, Ltd., Catalogue No. 234 (Hand Trucks). Birmingham, UK: c. 1935. 20 pp., 4to. Uncolored fully catalogue of a wide range of industrial carts, wagons, barrows, etc. Includes both general usage carts as wells as industry-specific wagons for dairies, grocers, barrel carts, street vending wagons, etc. $65.00

347)         Mitchell, H. R., Mitchell's Standard Catalogue of Porcelain and China Goods. Philadelphia, PA: 1882. 36 pp., oblong 12mo. China and porcelain accessories and implements for use in manufacture of cotton, woolen, worsted and silk yarns and piece goods. Dozens of different spools, rods, hooks, rings, guides, etc. Not in Romaine. $50.00

348)         Nordyke & Marmon Co., Book on Mills - A Catalogue of Buhr Stone and Roller Grinding Mills. Indianapolis, IN: 1899. 48 pp., 8vo. Mills and machinery for processing and grinding corn and wheat for flour. Two revised price slips pasted in. Illustrated and priced. Includes mailing envelope, a letter from the company to a prospective buyer, and several smaller brochures for individual machines. $125.00

349)         Paul, Alfred, & Son, Stuart Models - 1933. Melrose, MA: 1933. 80 pp., 8vo. An unusual catalogue, of small working scale models of standing gas and steam engines. These engines could be used to power small appliances or model boats. $40.00

350)        Pneumatic Elevator and Weigher Co., What They Say about the Avalanche Pneumatic Elevators, Weighers, Baggers and Wagon Loaders. Indianapolis, IN: 1902. 16 pp., 12mo. Small booklet of testimonials from farmers and shippers about this range of machines for preparing grain and produce for market. $25.00

351)        Slater, N., Co. Ltd., The SlaterCatalog No. 28 - A Complete Listing of Slate Pole Line Hardware and Pierce Construction Specialties. Hamilton, ON: 1928. 204 pp., 4to. Comprehensive illustrated catalogue of equipment and fixtures for utility poles. Includes many pages of insulators, pulley racks, anchor rods, etc. Lacks one page, which likely was torn out by the original owner to place an order. $175.00

352)         Smith Sons Gin and Machine Co., Cotton Ginning Machinery. Birmingham, AL: c. 1910. 36 pp., 8vo. Industrial quality cotton gins and parts are fully described and illustrated in the first half of this scarce catalogue from an Alabama company. The second half of the catalogue illustrates and offers spare parts for the machines. Very good condition, with light soiling at the edges of the front wrapper. $125.00

353)         Smith Sons Gin and Machine Co., Smith Self-Tramping Screw Press. Birmingham, AL: c. 1910. 4 pp., 4to. Uncolored. Offers 3 large pieces of equipment for cotton mills. The other machines are a Revolving Double Box Cotton Press and a Plain Screw Press. It appears that all of these machines are designed to press raw cotton into tight boxes or bales.  Previously folded twice, weak along folds with short splits along one vertical and one horizontal fold. A very scarce flyer for cotton processing machinery. $65.00

354)         Standard Machinery Co., Excelsior Paper Cutting Machine. Mystic River, CT: c. 1880. 1 pp., 8vo. One-sided promotional flyer, with prices, and a large illustration of this industrial paper-cutting machine at the center. $15.00

355)         Sturtevant Mill Co., Crushing, Grinding and Screening Machinery. Boston, MA: c. 1906. 32 pp., 4to. Stiff illustrated wrappers, light wear. Industrial separating machinery for use with rocks, cotton seeds, and other materials for which sieving is necessary. $35.00

356)         Suc, A., Construction Generale des machines, Appareils & Engins ... Grues - Bascules - Chemins de Fer - Tramways, Etc.. Paris, FR: 1881. 72 pp., 8vo. Original wrappers, lightly worn, particularly along spine. An excellent illustrated catalogue of cranes, scales, hand trucks, carts, wagons and railway cars for industrial use. Includes several models of small locomotive as well as 8-passenger tramway cars. Fully illustrated. A wonderful French catalogue of industrial equipment. Laid in are 19 flyers for a variety of French machinery companies of this period. $200.00

357)         Taylor Horse Power Co., Taylor One, Two and Four Horse Sweep Power. Chicago, IL: 1881. 8 pp., 8vo. Presents a device for channeling the power of a horse for running machinery on a farm. Examples illustrated show it in use for running shellers, grinders and elevators. Testimonials from all over the Midwest refer to other uses as well. $125.00

358)         Thomas Elevator Co., Thomas Electric Contractors' Hoists. Chicago, IL: c. 1920. 32 pp., 4to. Hoists for construction elevators. Stiff wrappers, fine. One model of hoist illustrated per page, along with technical specifications for each model. $125.00

359)         Union Iron Works, 4 Catalogues for Heavy Equipment. San Francisco, CA: 1896. 525 pp., 8vo. Four scarce catalogues bound together in full red leather binding. Backstrip gone, part has been preserved and laid in. Internally excellent. The separate catalogues are for Steam Engines, Boilers & Hydraulic Machinery; Hoisting & Pumping Machinery, Air Compressors and Rock Drills; Metallurgical & Mining Machinery; The Union Improved Ore Concentrator. All but the last have beautiful chromo litho covers bound in, as well as two views of the company's factory. $1,500.00

360)         Williamsport Wire Rope Co., Cutting Material Handling Costs. Williamsport, PA: 1929. 146 pp., 8vo. A treatise on heavy duty material-handling systems, primarily as used in mining operations and factories. While not technically a catalogue, it is published by, and features products of, the Williamsport Wire Rope Co. The appendices cover, in detail, the algebraic and trigonometric formulas describing the stresses and forces on the wire ropes and other elements of these systems. $50.00

Horse Goods

361)        Beery, Prof. Jesse, Prof. Beery's Mail Order House - Special Horse Goods and Household Articles .... Pleasant Hill, OH: c. 1910. 32 pp., 8vo. Printed wrappers, excellent condition. The first portion of this catalogue offers horse goods from Beery, noted primarily for his horse-training regimen. The greater part of the catalogue, however, lists household and kitchen gadgets of all sorts, including pie and cake tins, rolling pins, soap savers, knife sharpeners, etc. etc. etc. $100.00

362)        Denver Dry Goods Co., The Stockman's Store for Stockmen's Supplies - Spring-Summer 1935. Denver, CO: 1935. 64 pp., 8vo. Uncolored, fully illustrated catalogue of goods and clothing for cowboys, including spurs, chaps, and saddles. Other leather goods include holsters and fancy boots. Also offers Stetson hats, shirts, and other articles of apparel. A fine selection of ranch clothing and equipment. $225.00

363)        Holson Electric Harness and Supply Co., Runaway and Unruly Horses Governed ... by Electric Appliances. Chicago, IL: 1892. 24 pp., oblong 12mo. Very unusual brochure for an early specialized use of electricity, stopping runaway horses. The text describes a number of tests and experiments of the system, as well as providing two pages of testimonials. The product apparently was affixed to horses' nostrils for providing an electric shock  to correct behavior. $425.00

364)        Myres Saddle Co., Shooting. El Paso, TX: 1934. 96 pp., 4to. Wrappers illustrated with Western themes. Includes a color plate of a $10,000 saddle as well as hundreds of embossed leather saddles and other associated items. The embossing on the saddles is extremely detailed and beautiful. $375.00

365)        Oberne, George, & Co., Tanners and Curriers - Harnesses, Collars, Harness Leather. Chicago, IL: c. 1900. 48 pp., oblong 4to. Excellent condition, small creases to front wrapper. Price list laid in. Extensive catalogue of harnesses, collars and other leather goods for horses and buggy teams. Fully illustrated. $135.00

366)        Perkins, Campbell & Co., Price List of Saddles, Harness, Collars, and All Kinds of Strap Work. Cincinnati, OH: 1887. 40 pp., 8vo. Original yellow wrappers, light chipping, generally good. Largely unillustratred, except for the back wrapper, price list of leather goods for horses. $125.00

367)        Sell Horse Goods Co., Catalogue 53. Canton, OH: 1908. 104 pp., oblong 8vo. Leather goods for horses, including harnesses, halters, boots, and more, but not including saddles. Very good condition, light wear. Front wrapper illustrated showing a harness race. Fully illustrated. 2 pages in color. $150.00

368)        White & Davis, Mail Order Catalog No. 39, Spring and Summer 1932. Pueblo, CO: 1932. 64 pp., 4to. Fully illustrated catalogue of goods for the western outdoorsman, including hats by Stetson and saddles by Herman Heiser. Provides a wide range of cowboy apparel, with dozens of classic Western hats, along with some great saddles. $175.00

House Furnishings

369)         American Sade Cloth Co., Hartshorn Chouaguen Hand Made Opaque. Chicago, IL: 1933. 26 pp., oblong 8vo. Sample book of window shades, in a wide variety of colors and textures. Printed boards, waterstained on the back. $35.00

370)         California Perfume Co., California Perfume Co.. New York, NY: c. 1920. 64 pp., oblong folio. Original cloth binding, contents loose in the binding. One of the most colorful and popular catalogues of the early 20th century. California was a predecessor to Avon. The various creams, powders, and other products are presented on color plates with rich, deep color, each of which would be suitable for framing. $425.00

371)         Centre Brass Works, Inc., Everything the Hearth Desires - Catalogue No. 41. New York, NY: 1940. 80 pp., 4to. Illustrated catalogue, primarily of andirons, screens, and other brass goods for fireplaces. Also includes other brass novelty items such as candelabra, lamps, candlesticks, door knockers and letter boxes. $30.00

372)         Colgate & Co., The Right Way to Wash Clothes - Bee Soap Premium List. New York, NY: 1906. 32 pp., 8vo. Color wrappers, splitting at spine. Much of this is a promotion of Colgate Bee Brad soaps, the rest is a catalogue of premiums for redeeming soap wrappers. $30.00

373)         Columbia Mills, Columbia Window Shades - Arrow Oil Opaque. New York, NY: c. 1925. 14 pp., oblong 12mo. Sample book with 12 examples of window shade material in various colors and styles. $25.00

374)         Gowans & Sons, Premiums Given for Oak Leaf Soap Wrappers. Buffalo, NY: c. 1900. 28 pp., 8vo. Catalogue of premiums for redeemed soap wrappers, with many toys, games and sporting goods. Also jewelry, leather goods, etc. Wrappers loose and lightly soiled. $30.00

375)         Greenville Implement Co., Furnish Your Home Free. Greenville, MI: 1905. 104 pp., oblong 8vo. This is a premium catalogue for a washing machine manufacturer. The items offered are available only for representatives who sell washers. The goods range from furniture to sporting goods, lace curtains to Daisy Air Rifles, baby carriages to decorative beer steins, and much, much more. $50.00

376)         Grimmons-Bailey-Weston Co., Bancroft's Sun-Fast Hollands. Boston, MA: c. 1905. 21 pp., 16mo. Small sample book of window shades, with each page being a shade sample of a different color. Front cover is printed in green and gold. $20.00

377)         Kupfer Bros. Co., Foilette - 32nd Edition. Chicago, IL: c. 1940. 42 pp., 16mo. Very small catalogue of bright metallic wallpaper samples. Model numbers and other information on versos. $50.00

378)         Marshall Field & Co., Retailer of Artistic Linens. Chicago, IL: c. 1900. 12 pp., 12mo. Self-wrappers, fully colored. Torn along spine. 5 fully colored pages illustrating floral designs for cloth. Prices on back cover. $35.00

379)         Palmetto Fibre Co., Brushes. Frederick, MD: c. 1900. 4 pp., 8vo. Folding brochure on yellow paper illustrating 20 different types of brushes. Some are for household scrubbing, others for horses. $25.00

380)         Reed, Evan L. , Mfg. Co., Crakerjac Line of Household Conveniences, Specialties, Store Fixtures - Catalogue Nineteen Twenty. Sterling, IL: 1920. 48 pp., oblong 12mo. An eclectic catalogue of goods for the home, including stepladders, curtains stretchers, brooms, stilts, bag, paper and twine holders, cedar chests, washboards, mop handles, Christmas tree holders and a mechanical baseball game. Price list laid in. $40.00


381)        Allen, Benjamin, & Co., Annual Illustrated Price List of Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry, Clocks .. Tools, Materials, and Optical Goods. Chicago, IL: 1892. 832 pp., 4to. Original printed cloth, soiled and worn at bottom and foreedge. Lacks front endpaper. Contents good. Fully illustrated catalogue, primarily of jewelry and watches, but also of clocks, hand and machine tools for jewelers and other precision workers, eyeglasses, clocks, silverware, etc. Very extensive and comprehensive. $425.00

382)        Baird-North Co., Gold & Silversmiths - 1911 Catalogue. Providence, RI: 1911. 196 pp., 8vo. Red stiff wrappers. Very heavily illustrated with dozens of pieces of jewelry, college and organizational pins, sterling silver flatware, comb and brush sets, watches, etc. shown on each page. Order form and ring sizing card laid in. $65.00

383)        Hayward, W. A., Wholesale Catalogue of W. A. Hayward, Manufacturing Jeweler. New York, NY: c. 1876. 28 pp., 12mo. Partially illustrated catalogue of pins and other jewelry for organizations. The organizations not only include noted ones such as the Masons and Odd Fellows, but also many other small ones, such as the National Base Ball Association. More extensive than the other catalogue of similar date, but not priced. 8-12 items shown per page. Gray wrappers. $75.00

384)        Hayward, W. A., Catalogue of School Badges and Medals. New York, NY: 1878. 16 pp., 12mo. Illustrated catalogue of pins and medals, virtually all for Catholic schools. Hayward touts himself as the Largest Catholic Badge and Medal Manufacturer in the country. Hayward is not listed in Romaine. $75.00

385)        Kohn, Alois, & Co., Catalogue of Solid Gold Chains. New York, NY: c. 1905. 20 pp., 8vo. Fully illustrated catalogue of gold chains, necklaces, fobs, etc. in 10 and 14 karat gold. Price list at back. 4 different styles are shown on most pages. $40.00

386)        Myers, S. F., & Co., Gems - Catalogue 40D. New York, NY: 1896. 42 pp., 4to. Extensive catalogue of diamond jewelry, printed in color throughout, mostly yellow to highlight the gold setting of the diamonds. Offers many very expensive pieces, including a brooch with 53 diamonds being offered at $2,625. Also includes many interior and exterior photos of the business premises. $125.00

387)        Rosenfeld, Wm. I., Watches and Diamonds. New York, NY: 1896. 56 pp., oblong 4to. Extensive wholesale catalogue of watches and diamond jewelry, uncolored illustrations throughout. Most of the catalogue offers pocket watches, in a wide variety of sizes. The last several pages contain diamond rings and pendants. $125.00

388)        United States Medicine Co., Finest Premiums Ever Offered. New York, NY: c. 1895. 4 pp., 8vo. Small premium flyer for selling patent medicine. Items include  watches, clocks and silver items. Also offers violins, accordions and banjos. $25.00

Lighting by Candle, Oil, ...

389)        Ajello, Antonino, & Bros., Candles de Luxe. New York, NY: 1928. 8 pp., 8vo. Promotional brochure for a noted candle maker, featuring reprintings of many newspaper testimonials and articles. Includes an illustration of a birthday candle made for the producer David Belasco. $35.00

390)         Belknap Hardware & Mfg. Co., Belknap Lighting Fixtures - Fall/Winter 1928. Louisville, KY: 1928. 23 pp., 4to. Uncolored fully illustrated catalogue of electrical lighting fixtures for indoor and outdoor locations. Includes fixtures ranging from crystal chandeliers to utilitarian porch lights. Self-wrappers. $75.00

391)         Detroit Heating & Lighting Co., Light for Evening Hours. Detroit, MI: 1891. 40 pp., 8vo. Printed wrappers, one small chip and very light stain at edge. Promotes gas lighting for homes, with illustrations of many grand houses, businesses and churches lit by gas. Two of the homes shown are in Hawaii. No gas lighting fixtures are shown, but the equipment for generating and circulating gas are shown. $100.00

392)         Display Stage Lighting Co., Inc., Catalogue of Theatrical Lighting Equipment and Effects. New York, NY: 1923. 76 pp., 8vo. Comprehensive catalogue of stage lighting equipment, with other theatrical goods. Printed wrappers. Fully illus-trated, fine condition. With spotlights, lighting for cycloramas, footlights, floodlights, etc. along with the dimmers and lighting boards to control them. Also offers special effect generators for lightning and smoke, stage fountains, and much more. $275.00

393)         Excello Public Service Corp., Lighting Fixtures - Catalog No. 34. Baltimore, MD: c. 1935. 80 pp., 4to. Embossed stiff wrappers, fine condition. Fully illustrated catalogue of lighting fixtures, most for the home. 15 pages in bright full color. $150.00

394)         Gleason, E. P., Mfg. Co., Patent Lever Argands, All Kinds of Brass & Iron Gas Burners, Street and Fancy Lanterns, Etched, ... and Fancy Colored Globes. New York, NY: 1890. 416 pp., 8vo. Eleventh edition. 368, [48] pp., 23 (of 27?) spectacular chromolithographic plates of very colorful lamps and lanterns. Original blue cloth, some wear, front endpaper split, hinges very weak. Despite apparently lacking 4 plates, this is an amazing record of the best in lighting from the early '90's. All but one of the colored plates is detached and laid in, as described in OCLC 6976512 (2 loc.)  This edition not in Romaine (p.227), being far more extensive than those described. $2,500.00

395)         Kemp, Clarence M., Climax Gas Machine and Gas Mixer for Illuminating Residences, Hotels, Churches, Stores, Theatres ... With A Brilliant Gas. Baltimore, MD: 1890. 60 pp., 8vo. Original red wrappers, light wear, generally fine. This is a brochure for a 2-part system for delivering a gasoline/air mixture into homes and commercial establishments for lighting, heating, cooking, etc. Illustrates and describes the workings of the generator and air pump for combining gasoline and air into a suitable mixture. Offers a small selection of lamps and burners for the gas. $150.00

396)        Miller, Edward, & Co., Catalogue No. 97, Dept. C. Meriden, CT: c. 1895. 32 pp., 4to. Original front wrapper, poor. Lacks back wrapper. The last leaf, the index, is damaged at the top. Edges have some chipping. Despite the issues with condition at the front and back, this is a wonderful catalogue of table lamps, chandeliers and bracket lights from the gas-lighting era. Uncolored, but excellent detail on the often elaborate glass and metal lighting fixtures. $225.00

397)        Paquette, J. J., Sunlight, or the New Improved Underground Gas Machine. New Orleans, LA: 1886. 55 pp., 12mo. Original wrappers, very fine condition. Equipment and fixtures for lighting by gas. Features the machinery for storing and delivering gas, but also shows several household fixtures and street lamps. The inside covers are, respectively, views of the Mexican Gulf Hotel in Pass Christian, Mississippi and the Chautauqua Hotel in Lake de Funiake, Florida. $350.00

398)         Phelps & Dingle, Catalogue and Price List of the Improved Domestic Gas Light. Passaic, NJ: 1891. 24 pp., 8vo. Illustrated wrappers, fine condition. The text mostly describes mechanics and practicalities of gas light. No fixtures shown. $85.00

399)         Wilcox-Crittenden, Nautical Lamps and Novelties for the Home. New York, NY: 1935. 16 pp., 12mo. Self-wrappers, disbound, spine sliced. Ex-library, stamped on front and inside front wrapper. An unusual little catalogue of lamps with nautical themes. These include lamps with anchor, lantern or helm wheel motifs, sailing ships on the shades, etc. $50.00

400)        Livestock Bowman, Hiram, Descriptive Circular and Price List of Black Devil Pit Games as Bred and Fought by Hiram Bowman. Waynesboro, VA: c. 1925. 4 pp., 12mo. Text and price list, with wrappers, of cocks for fighting. One illustration on back wrapper. The seller attests to the aggressiveness and competitiveness of his birds. $50.00


401)         Pooler, M. T., Collection of Trotting-Bred Stock. Skowhegan, ME: 1889. 36 pp., oblong 12mo. Printed in brown and blue, illustrations of 2 horses, All-So and Blackwood which are being offered for stud. Contains records, statistics and breeding lines of many stallions and brood mares. Light wear to wrappers, minor damage to last 4 leaves. $150.00

Medical Equipment

402)        Bucklen, H. E., & Co., Dr. King's Guide to Health, Household Instructor and Family Prize Cookbook. Chicago, IL: 1900. 32 pp., 8vo. Almanac/promotional brochure with colored wrappers. Considerable chipping to the brittle paper, particularly to the last several leaves. Testimonials to the benefits of Dr. King's New Discovery are sprinkled amidst various recipes, maxims, anecdotes and other ephemeral information. $30.00

403)         Carnes Artificial Limb Co., The Carnes Arm Puts You on the Pay Roll. Kansas City, MO: c. 1921. 192 pp., 8vo. Illustrated wraps, lightly soiled. Internally clean. Fully illustrated catalogue of complex prosthetics. An early example of artificial limbs which would respond to nerve impulses allowing a much greater range of motion than earlier prosthetics. Folding order form and measurement sheet at back. $225.00

404)         Douglass, D. DeForrest, Reporter of the New Patent Artificial Leg. Springfield, MA: c. 1861. 28 pp., 8vo. Second edition. Printed wrappers. An early description of prostheses, designed to look like an actual leg rather than the stumps or wooden legs which had been prevalent to the time. Given the timing, coinciding with the beginning of the Civil War, it must be assumed that business became very good. Back wrapper loose. $175.00

405)         Frye, George C., Surgical and Dental Instruments, Orthopoedical Apparatus, Trusses, Etc. - Illustrated Catalogue 1883. Portland, ME: 1883. 224 pp., 8vo. Illustrated wrappers, light fraying and wear, vertical crease. One small hole in back wrapper. Overall very good to excellent condition. A wonderful and very extensive catalogue of medical, dental, and surgical equipment. Uncolored. Fully illustrated. Includes many pages of batteries and electric apparatus. Also hypodermic syringes, ear trumpets, stethoscopes, specula and much more. Romaine p. 237. $500.00

406)         Gross & Delbridge, Price List o Pocket, Buggy, and Instrument Cases, Obstetric Bags, Etc.. Chicago, IL: c. 1900. 16 pp., 4to. Lacks wrappers (?). Illustrated catalogue of travel cases for physicians including small soft kits for the pocket and large black medicine cases. $125.00

407)         Johnson & Johnson, Suspensory Bandages. New Brunswick, NJ: c. 1910. 20 pp., oblong 8vo. Original cloth, excellent condition. This catalogue consists of 20 bright, chromolithographic plates of trusses (though Suspensory Bandages is a far more genteel label). Quite an unusual catalogue from the early days of J&J. $225.00

408)         Sharp & Smith Co., Trusses, Elastic Stockings, Abdominal Supporters. Chicago, IL: c. 1920. 88 pp., 8vo. Stiff wrappers, string bound, lightly worn and soiled. Fully illustrated. Some pages printed with color ink, but there are no multi-color illustrations. While featuring trusses and other support garments, this also includes other household medical equipment such as crutches, bedpans, scales, etc. $225.00

409)         Stearns, R. B., & Co., Illustrated Catalogue of Surgical Instruments and Physicians' Supplies. Burlington, VT: 1888. 40 pp., 8vo. Original yellow wrappers, lightly creased vertically at the center. Illustrated catalogue of surgical and general medical supplies. Many of the instruments were manufactured by G. Tiemann of New York. Includes individual pieces of equipment, traveling cases, vaccines, and more. A scarce catalogue from a small regional distributor. Not in Romaine. $275.00

Musical Instruments & Accessories

410)        Ashman, Jno. S., Price List of Musical Merchandise. n.p., NA: c. 1895. 256 pp., 8vo. Hard covers, fully illustrated fine condition. It appears that this catalogue, with Ashman's name on the front cover, is lifted directly from catalogues by John F. Stratton Co. Includes large sections of violins, banjos, accordions, mandolins, harmonicas as well as the usual large selection of band instruments. There are also four pages devoted to very early phonograph-type machines, the Ariston and the Aristina, which played metallic disks. $275.00

411)         Fischer, Carl, Co., Reliable Band Instruments - 18th edition. New York, NY: c. 1915. 86 pp., 4to. Comprehensive illustrated catalogue of band instruments. Original wrappers, torn and loose at spine. Features many trumpets, saxophones, sousaphones, tubas, etc., but also including many other instruments including bagpipes, bassoons, oboes, etc. $125.00

412)         Friedrich, John, & Bros., Wholesale Price List. New York, NY: 1923. 16 pp., 8vo. This unillustrated list was designed to accompany Friedrich's 1923 retail cata-logue. It gives wholesale and projected retail prices for violins, bows and parts. $25.00

413)         Gibson, Inc., Gibson Fretted Instruments. Kalamazoo, MI: c. 1930. 68 pp., 8vo. Lacks covers, otherwise complete. Comprehensive illustrated catalogue of guitars, banjos, mandolins and ukuleles. Scattered throughout are photos of musicians and groups which used Gibson instruments. These performers include Rudy Vallee and Guy Lombardo. $175.00

414)         Hall, H., & Co., Church Organs. New Haven, CT: c. 1905. 12 pp., 12mo. Small brochure for one specific model of church organ, #1B, with a photo, specifications and testimonials. Stiff printed wrappers, very good condition. $40.00

415)         Hardman, Peck & Co., Reproducing Pianos. New York, NY: 1922. 16 pp., 4to. Stiff wrappers, chipped and detached. Internally fine. Four models of reproducing pianos are offered. These pianos could be played in any one of three modes: reproducing, as a player piano, or by manual playing of the keyboard. Two models are grand, two are upright. $125.00

416)         Henderson, Peter, Ltd., Catalogue of Bagpipes, Bugles, Drums, Highland Costumes, Ornaments and Pipe Band Uniforms. Glasgow, UK: c. 1930. 33 pp., 8vo. Unusual catalogue of bagpipes, kilts, and other Highland attire. 5 color plates, others uncolored. Some damage from exposure to dampness. Includes tartan attire for men, women and children. $85.00

417)         Holcomb, J. R., Musical Bulletin - New Goods, Notes and News. Cleveland, OH: 1892. 4 pp., 8vo. Promotional flyer in the form of a small newspaper, printed on green paper. Features sheet music and harmonicas $15.00

418)         Jacot & Son, Musical Boxes. New York, NY: 1888. 50 pp., 4to. Illustrated wrappers, excellent condition. Includes 8 pp. unillustrated supplement of tunes available for the 1888-89 season. Illustrated with engravings of many different models of music boxes, albums and other novelties employing the same musical cylinder technology. Among these is an actual Musical Chair. $450.00

419)         Lilley, M. C., Co., Lilley Uniforms for Band and Drum Corps - Catalogue 56. Columbus, OH: c. 1900. 48 pp., 8vo. Fine condition. Striking catalogue with 11 brilliant chromolithographic plates depicting band uniforms. There are also uncolored illustrations of other uniforms and accessories. This is among the most beautiful band uniform catalogues we have seen. $650.00

420)         Lyon & Healy, New Illustrated Drum Catalogue. Chicago, IL: 1886. 40 pp., 8vo. Original wrappers, lightly soiled, back wrapper has small section missing, with no loss of text. Fully illustrated catalogue of instruments and accessories for military-type fife and drum corps. Focused primarily on drums, but also offers piccolos, bugles, and trumpets. Many different models of snare and bass drums are shown. Includes caps and uniforms. $350.00

421)         Lyon & Healy, A Catalogue of the Lyon & Healy Collection of Rare Old Violins, Violas, Violincellos, Bows of Rare Makes - 35th Edition. Chicago, IL: 1929. 122 pp., 4to. Printed wrappers, fine condition. 24 plates, 21 of which are in color. Listed are many classic stringed instruments, priced as high as $25,000 (1929!) dollars, made by the greatest makers including Stradivarius, Guarnerius, Amati and others. Over 20 cellos are among the listings. A scarce catalogue from this merchant, who dealt primarily in band instruments. $275.00

422)         Mason & Hamlin Organ Co., Mason & Hamlin Cabinet Organs. Boston, MA: c. 1878. 4 pp., folio. Large newspaper-style promotional piece, uncolored, in excellent condition. 15 different cases are shown, mostly across the inside two pages. The exterior contains promotional and descriptive information, highlighted by the awards won by the company at the 1876 Centennial Exposition and others. The company also operated out of Chicago and New York. $225.00

423)         Pelton, J. M., Piano Fortes, Melodeons, Harmoniums, and Organ Harmoniums. New York, NY: c. 1870. 4 pp., 8vo. Small brochure for pianos and organs. Two illustrations. Many models are offered, with a variety of sizes and wood used for the body. $85.00

424)         Poole Piano Co., Illustrated Catalogue of Grand and Upright Pianos. Boston, MA: c. 1910. 23 pp., 8vo. Illustrated catalogue of pianos. In spite of the title, there are no grand pianos offered. There are five models of uprights and one player piano shown. $75.00

425)         Samuels, Edward A., The Musician, June 1893. Boston, MA: 1893. 28 pp., 8vo. An advertising periodical publicizing the latest in military band music, samples of which occupy most of the interior pages. The back cover shows band uniforms from G. W. Simmons & Co. $30.00

426)         Tolhurst Music Studios, Introducing Mr. Tolhurst. Kalamazoo, MI: c. 1933. 12 pp., 12mo. A small brochure for this music school, featuring the Tolhurst Banjo Band. Lightly worn. $15.00

427)         Worcester, Horatio, Worcester's Patent Hinged Plate Piano-fortes. New York, NY: 1863. 24 pp., 8vo. Self-wrappers, excellent condition. Illustration on back cover of the configuration of the piano's sound board. This relatively early American piano promotional brochure is filled with press reviews and user testimonials. $150.00

Optical & Scientific Apparatus

428)        Buff & Berger, Hand-Book and Illustrated Catalogue of the Engineers' and Surveyors' Instruments. Boston, MA: 1885. 148 pp., 8vo. Original stiff printed wrappers. 2 sections: Section one is t on surveying and instruments; section two is an illustrated catalogue of transits, levels, tape measures, telescopes. The illustrations are quite detailed and most are full page. The most expensive item, a portable astronomical transit instrument, is priced at $1,300.00, a small fortune in 1885 dollars. $500.00

429)         Eimer & Amend, Illustrated Price List of Special Apparatus for Bacterioscopical Investigations According to Standards Adopted by Dr. R. Koch. New York, NY: c. 1890. 16 pp., 8vo. Printed wrappers, somewhat worn, corners rounded, light soiling. An early catalogue specifically offering equipment for studying bacteria, using the standards of Dr. Robert Koch, one of the fathers, with Pasteur, of the field of bacteriology. $275.00

430)         Eimer & Amend, A-A Catalog, Chemical and Metallurgical Laboratory Supplies - Revised Price List 1924. New York, NY: 1924. 98 pp., 4to. Unillustrated price list to accompany Catalog AA. 2 correction slips laid in. $25.00

431)        Eimer & Amend, Laboratory Apparatus and Supplies. New York, NY: 1936. 896 pp., 4to. Huge catalogue of scientific equipment for all applications. Hard covers, fine condition. Includes 100 pages of microscopes and accessories. The microscopes are from B&L, Leitz, Spencer and Zeiss. There are also many different sets of testing apparatus for oils, nitrogen, alcohol among many others. $175.00

432)         Goerz, C. P., Tieder-Binoculars. New York, NY: c. 1900. 48 pp., 12mo. Illustrated catalogue for binoculars, with extensive text on their construction and lenses. Also offers one model of portable camera from Goerz, “Can be carried in your coat pocket.” Includes 9 scenes of the inside of the Goerz factory in Berlin. $125.00

433)         Kny-Scheerer Corp. of America, Naturalists' Supplies, Entomological Supplies, Natural History Specimens. New York, NY: 1927. 66 pp., 8vo. Fully illustrated catalogue of supplies for naturalists, ranging from butterfly nets to microscopes, bell jars to scalpels. Includes terrariums, insect specimens, traps and many other materials of use to natural scientists and taxidermists. $125.00

434)        Nafis, Louis F., Inc., Scientific Glass Apparatus for Testing Milk and Its Products. Chicago, IL: 1925. 36 pp., 4to. Testing equipment for dairy farms and factories producing dairy products. Includes lactometers, hydrometers, sample bottles, and color strips for checking the colors of ice cream and butter. $75.00

435)         Queen, James W., Priced and Illustrated Catalogue of Meteorological Instruments - Sixth Edition. Philadelphia, PA: 1886. 129 pp., 8vo. Illustrated wrappers. Light soiling to wrappers, internally fine. Fully illustrated catalogue of barometers, thermometers, anemometers, and other measuring devices for laboratories. Very extensive line of scientific instruments. Romaine p.254 does not list a catalogue of meteorological instruments among its many catalogue from Queen. $750.00

436)         Queen, James W., & Co., Wholesale Trade List of Thermometers, Hydrometers, etc.. Philadelphia, PA: c. 1885. 8 pp., 8vo. Short, partially illustrated price list of thermometers and other measuring devices. Self-wrappers, inside leaf partially detached from staples. Short tears at previous folds. $200.00

437)         True-Fit Optical Co., The True-Fit Line. Chicago, IL: c. 1915. 2 pp., 4to. Salesman's sample kit for eyeglasses, with the catalogue and several copies of a “Satisfaction Guarantee Certificate” laid in. The sample case includes 7 actual eyeglass specimens, all complete with unbroken lenses, frames and sidepieces. A most unusual survival. $850.00

438)         Warren Co., The Warren Eye Protector. n.p., NA: 1892. 4 pp., 8vo. Small illustrated brochure for this early protective goggle, one of the first to be made without glass. Targeted primarily to workmen (railroad engineers, mechanics) though also to individuals for use in bicycling, hunting, etc. 2 folds, with short tears at fold. $40.00

Ornamental Ironwork

439)        Barnum, E. T., Builders' Wire and Iron Work, Roof Cresting, Balcony Railings, Fire Escapes .... Detroit, MI: 1895. 64 pp., 8vo. Extensive, fully illustrated catalogue of iron structures, including the items in the title, tellers' cages, jail cells and many others. 6 pages of weather vanes and a couple others of finials. A spectacular catalogue of ironwork for buildings, including quite a few extremely decorative balconies and columns. $500.00

440)        Farnam, G. B., Description of G. B. Farnam's Patent Hydraulic Apparatus for Raising Water ... Fourth Edition. New York, NY: 1853. 116 pp., 8vo. Original wrappers, excellent condition. While much of this work covers pumps, windmills, and other apparatus for raising water, the most compelling element is the range of fountains offered. There are 24 pages of ornate and decorative fountains for parks and gardens. The catalogue also includes 10 pages of fire engines and pumps, for factories and villages. To top it off, there is a section of lathes as well. The first three editions were published in 1845, 1846 and 1851. $1,000.00

441)        Pauly Jail Building and Mfg. Co., Illustrated Descriptive Catalogue of Steel Jail Cells and Other Steel and Iron Work for County Jails and Other Prisons. St. Louis, MO: 1892. 33 pp., 4to. Original wrappers, back soiled, front moderately worn. Water stain to some leaves. A very scarce catalogue exclusively for prison cells and fully built jails. Several floor plans are shown, including one for a circular layout of cells. Several completed jail houses are illustrated, including two in New Mexico Territory. 3-page list of towns with Pauly jails at back. Not in Romaine. $950.00


442)        Brown Fence & Wire Co., Back to 1914 Prices Thanks to Your Friend Jim Brown. Cleveland, OH: 1922. 24 pp., 8vo. Excellent condition. Fully illustrated in color. Paints and roofing material, primarily for farm buildings. $20.00

443)        Connors, Wm., Paint Mfg. Co., Paints, Enamels, Varnishes. Troy, NY: 1940. 12 pp., oblong 4to. Large format catalogue which consists of fifteen smaller paint brochures from this company mounted on the pages. Each of the brochures contains color chips for the various types of paints, enamels, varmishes, etc. sold by the company. This piece was issued by the company (not put together by an individual or dealer) and has a printed front cover. $175.00

444)        Hampden Paint and Color Co., Sample Card. Springfield, MA: c. 1900. 2 pp., 8vo. One sheet, printed on 2 sides, with 20 color samples. Light wear. $40.00

445)        Sherwin-Williams Co., Sherwin Williams Products. Cleveland, OH: 1923. 48 pp., 4to. An unbelievable thick hard-bound catalogue from Sherwin-Williams, in that it contains 58 different tipped-in brochures from the company, each for a different line of paint, varnish or stain. A large number of these brochures contain color chips. This was a counter book for paint stores offering the Sherwin-Williams line, intended to show the depth and breadth of their line of products. $450.00

446)        Spurr's Veneers, Spurr's Combined Wood and Paper Veneers. Boston, MA: c. 1920. 2 pp., 8vo. Sample sheet with 24 actual samples of wood veneers which could be applied to wood for furniture or in decorating. The verso has a long list of individuals using these veneers in their homes, almost all in or around Boston. $15.00

Pets and Pet Supplies

447)         Aquarium Stock Co., New 1945 Catalogue - Tropical Fish and Aquarium Supplies. New York, NY: 1945. 38 pp., 4to. Bright, colorful wrappers enclose a catalogue which has been photographically reproduced from typed pages. Fully illustrated. Offers aquarium supplies, fish and plants. $35.00

448)        Clarke, R. S., Water Lilies, Aquatic Plants, Gold & Tropical Fish, Rare Cacti & Potted Plants. Independence, OH: c. 1935. 18 pp., tall 8vo. Plants and fish for home aquaria. Self-wrappers. Excellent condition. Some illustrations, but largely a price list with some advice for maintaining an aquarium. $30.00

449)        Page, Charles N., Aquaria. A Treatise on the Food, Breeding & Care of Fancy Gold Fish .... Des Moines, IA: 1898. 64 pp., 12mo. A short text, not a catalogue, on all aspects of keeping a variety of tropical fish. Includes choosing and “landscaping” the aquarium, feeding, and diseases of fish. Fourth edition. $85.00

Photographic Apparatus

450)        Ansco  Co., Ansco - The Amateur Camera of Professional Quality. Binghamton, NY: 1915. 64 pp., 8vo. Cameras for amateurs, though also including materials for film developing. Brightly colored front cover, back cover worn with light insect damage. $65.00

451)         Ansco  Co., Ansco - The Amateur Camera of Professional Quality. Binghamton, NY: 1916. 64 pp., 8vo. Predominantly cameras, though also offering darkroom materials. Front cover, depicting two women looking over a book, is lightly worn. $65.00

452)         Ansco  Co., Anscoing America - The Favorite Pastime of Many Travelers. Binghamton, NY: 1917. 64 pp., 8vo. This camera catalogue was pitched at amateur photographers rather than professionals. Good condition. 1918 price list laid in. $75.00

453)         Bausch & Lomb Optical Co., Photographic Lenses. Rochester, NY: 1920. 64 pp., 8vo. Detailed listing of lenses for a wide variety of specialty photography. Among these are micro-photography, newspaper photos, portraits, lantern slides, etc. Both lenses and finished photos are included. $60.00

454)         Central Camera Co., Catalogue #41 of Cameras and Kodaks. Chicago, IL: 1931. 288 pp., 8vo. Paper wrappers with some wear. The many hundreds of items described have illustrations to go with them. The descriptions of the items are precise and detailed as is usually the case with photographic catalogues. $65.00

455)         Defender Photo Supply Co., Photographic Paper, Roll Film and Film Packs, Chemical and Chemical Preparations, Cameras & Accessories. Rochester, NY: c. 1910. 48 pp., 8vo. Comprehensive illustrated catalogue for the professional and amateur photographer. Also accessories for finishing and mounting photos. $40.00

456)         Goerz, C. P., American Optical Co., Goerz Catalog. New York, NY: 1914. 68 pp., 8vo. Cameras, lenses and binoculars from the American outlet of this noted German manufacturer. Many cameras, including coat pocket-sized models, binoculars and other optical goods. One gunsight is shown. $50.00

457)         Howland & Dewey Co., Illustrated Catalogue of Photographic Outfits and Supplies - Number 5. Los Angeles, CA: c. 1905. 144 pp., 4to. Printed wrappers, front wrapper and title page mildly damaged at top, spine torn. Otherwise complete. Comprehensive illustrated catalogue of Kodak equipment and supplies for professional photographers. In addition to the cameras, lenses and developing materials, there are such unusual items as portrait studio furniture and backdrops. Despite the damage at the front, an interesting early Los Angeles catalogue. $200.00

458)        Keystone Mfg. Co., Keystone for Color Pictures. Single Width and Double Width "8" MM Movie Camera. Boston, MA: 1937. 8 pp., 12mo. An early brochure for home movie cameras and projectors. The K-8 camera is capable of taking color or black & white movies, a couple of years before the first feature-length color movie was released. Also offered are several different projectors, an editing machine and stand for creating and filming titles. $45.00

459)        Photo Shops, The, Price List. Philadelphia, PA: c. 1920. 8 pp., 12mo. Small brochure printed on dark paper with prices for cameras, developing, printing, enlarging and supplies. A small original photo, an example of the shop's work, tipped in. $35.00

460)         Photographers' Association of America, The Official Advertising Campaign for 1917-1918. Chicago, IL: 1917. 30 pp., 4to. Contains a pre-constructed, month-by-month advertising campaign for professional photographers. Each month has a mockup of a folder, letter and newspaper advertisement for the photographer to distribute to press and clients. $35.00

461)         Reflex Engineering Co., The Reflex Hi-Efficiency Projection Lamp for Motion Pictures. Newark, NJ: c. 1920. 12 pp., 8vo. Brochure for an arc lamp for movie projectors, billed as more efficient than existing models. $25.00

462)         Seneca Camera Mfg. Co., Seneca Plate Film & View Cameras. Rochester, NY: 1907. 48 pp., 8vo. Cameras and equipment, primarily for professionals. The first page of text contains an allegorical story about the camera industry, in which, unfortunately, most of the references are no longer clear. Colored wrappers with Native American references on front and back. $75.00

463)         Washburn, D. C., How to Make Photographs and Descriptive Price List - January, 1890. Boston, MA: 1890. 136 pp., 8vo. Original printed wrappers, small chip at bottom of spine, corner of back wrapper creased, excellent condition. Only 11 pages comprise the 'how-to' section of this work, the remainder being a very comprehensive catalogue of cameras and other photographic equipment. One of the most interesting items is "Scovill's Pocket Photographic Outfit for Bicyclists", showing a high-wheel bicycle with a camera mounted on the handlebars. $350.00


464)        Graham, Charles, Chemical Pottery Works, Catalogue 98. Brooklyn, NY: 1898. 16 pp., oblong 8vo. Porcelain sinks for a variety of uses. Printed wrappers, lightly worn. Fully illustrated, uncolored. A wide range of sinks, primarily for industrial use, though with two pages of kitchen sinks as well. The last page has a map of the area showing the firm's location in Brooklyn. $75.00

465)        Haws' Sanitary Drinking Faucet Co., Inc., Catalogue F - Haws' Sanitary Drinking Faucets and Fountains. Berkeley, CA: c. 1920. 32 pp., 8vo. Illustrated catalogue of a wide range of porcelain drinking fountains. There are models offered for both indoor and outdoor use and include single and multiple head fountains. $125.00

466)        Kemp, C. M., Mfg, Co., The Improved Kemp Automatic Gas System. Baltimore, MD: 1923. 18 pp., oblong 8vo. The product is a system for utilizing natural gas in factories. There is a schematic of the pipes and equipment of the system. It regulates the gas and air mixture of the fuel coming into the factory and insures uniformity of pressure and temperature. $50.00

467)        Manufacturing Equipment and Engineering Co., Meeco Products. Framingham, MA: c. 1925. 2 pp., folio. Metal products for institutional use with lockers, toilet stalls, and shelving are shown on one side of this huge folded sheet. The other side has toilets, multiple unit wash basins, and drinking fountains. Fully illustrated. $30.00

468)        Millar, Charles, & Son Co., Fine Sanitary Plumbing Supplies - S. Catalog. Utica, NY: 1911. 141 pp., oblong 8vo. Extensive catalogue of sinks, toilets and other bathroom fixtures for residential and commercial use. Each right-hand page has an illustration of a unit for sale, with descriptive text, sizes, and prices on the left-hand pages. Fine condition. $100.00

469)        Sears, Roebuck & Co., Modern Plumbing and Heating Systems. Chicago, IL: 1927. 56 pp., 4to. Furnaces, boilers, radiators, sinks and toilets a la Sears. Some wear. This catalogue was not pulled whole from the Big Book, as many other one-subject Sears catalogues were. $30.00

470)        Webster, Warren, & Co., The Webster System and Specialties. Camden, NJ: 1907. 250 pp., 8vo. Five small catalogues bound together, being parts 1-3, 5 and 6. Lacks Part IV (Air Washers and Humidifiers). Demonstrates a large line of water heaters and purifiers, separators for steam and oil, and equipment for circulating steam for heating. $45.00

Printers' Specimens & Equipment

471)        Grammes, L. F., & Sons, Tools and Supplies - Catalog No. 5. Allentown, PA: 1915. 140 pp., 4to. Contains a full range of supplies, tools and equipment for print shops, from ordinary tools to type cases, presses, hole cutters and punches, composing rules, brass dies, etc. $85.00

472)         Heston, David, & Sons, Specimens of Druggists' Labels. Philadelphia, PA: c. 1895. 78 pp., 4to. Original wrappers, front chipped, rear with one tear. One page printed in gold and blue, most of the rest is printed in black. 8 loose examples are laid in. Offers a wide variety of labels, some plain, others decorative, designed for pharmacists. A wonderful catalogue of this specialized form of advertising. $450.00

473)         Hoover, Joseph, & Sons Co., Illustrated Advertising Blotters. Philadelphia, PA: 1932. 16 pp., oblong folio. Bright, very colorful catalogue of specimens for blotters on which the purchaser's advertising would be placed. Motifs include pastoral or nautical scenes as well as images directly related to the buyer's business. 147 different color images are provided. $175.00

474)        Mergenthaler Linotype Co., Mergenthaler Linotype - Specimens of Linotype Book Faces Demonstrating Flexibility, Quality and Beauty. New York, NY: 1915. 48 pp., 4to. Shows a wide variety of type faces for fine printing and commercial uses. Each typeface is identified. Includes many examples of private press works, as well as samples from the Kelmscott Press, John Nimmo and many others. $125.00

475)         Tuck, Raphael, & Sons Ltd., Private Greeting Cards. London, UK: 1911. 48 pp., folio. Original stamped cloth, somewhat worn, particularly at the bottom edge. Lower right corner of front board is defective. Special catalogue with 95 samples of Christmas cards intended for the American market. 6 of the sample pieces have been removed, otherwise the book appears complete. Original cloth, worn. $450.00

476)        Wanamaker, John, Fine Art Calendars for 1900. Philadelphia, PA: 1900. 16 pp., 12mo. A very attractive catalogue for calendars with colored embossed wrappers. Uncolored illustrations. 38 different calendar styles are shown, including ones illustrated by Frances Brundage and Mabel Humphrey. 6 different calendars are in the form of fans. $225.00

477)         Zenith City Paper Co., The Catalog - Your Most Valuable Piece of Selling Literature. Duluth, MN: c. 1925. 16 pp., 8vo. Small booklet for a paper merchandiser which describes the process of designing and laying out a trade catalogue. Goes into the picking of paper, typefaces, illustrations, etc. $50.00

Pumps & Water Wheels

478)        Bean Spray Pump Co., The Bean Magic Giant & Challenge Hand Power Sprayers and Accessories. San Jose, CA: 1925. 28 pp., 8vo. Original wrappers. Pumps for spraying paint or chemicals. One of the models is mounted on a cart and specifically designed for spraying whitewash. Other models are very large, with 3+ HP engines and mounted on wagons. $35.00

479)        Brown, E. C., Co., Brown's Pumps - Catalog No. 30. Rochester, NY: c. 1925. 34 pp., 12mo. Pumps and sprayers for home, farm and garden. Includes hand pumps, large canisters, wheeled sprayers. Illustrated. $25.00

480)        Caldwell, W. E., Co., Tanks, Towers and Tubs - Large Water Tanks a Specialty. Louisville, KY: 1902. 36 pp., 8vo. Water towers for farms and industry. 2 pages of fancy covers and finials for tanks. Towers are of wood or steel. Special designs for municipal water works. See Baker p. 142 for Caldwell, this year not listed though it appears very similar to the company's 1900 catalogue. $40.00

481)        Goulds Mfg. Co., Pumps - Supplement to Catalog K. Seneca Falls, NY: 1922. 96 pp., 8vo. Stiff brown wrappers. Trade discount list laid in. One page cut with one illustration lacking. Air and water pumps and sprayers for commercial and industrial use. Includes hand pumps and pump cylinders for windmills. $30.00

482)        Goulds Pumps, Dealer Catalog - Water Systems, Hand Pumps, Power Pumps, Accessories 1937. Seneca Falls, NY: 1937. 112 pp., 4to. Illustrated catalogue of hand and powered pumps, mostly for use on farms. Stiff wrappers, letter and revised pricing schedule laid in. $25.00

483)        Myers, F. E., & Bro. Co., Take Off Your Hat to the Myers. Ashland, OH: c. 1915. 4 pp., 12mo. Stiff brightly colored wrappers with one crease on the front. This promotional folder is a mechanical, with a humorous moving illustration of a pressurized stream of water from a Myers pump taking the hat off of a hapless boy carrying a pail of water. There are three rivets holding the two elements of the mechanical. Very few of this sort of promotion have survived intact. $275.00

484)        Myers, F. E., & Bro. Co., Myers Pumps, Water Systems and Cylinders - Catalog No. HP27. Ashland, OH: 1927. 56 pp., 8vo. Illustrated catalogue of pumps for residential, farm and commercial uses, mostly for pumping water out of wells. Mild water damage, scattered adhesion. $30.00

485)        Myers, F. E., & Bro. Co., Complete Catalogue No. 61 ... Pumps, Hay Unloading Tools, Barn, Warehouse and Garage Door Hangers. Ashland, OH: 1929. 448 pp., 8vo. Heavy gilt-stamped boards, fine condition. Illustrated catalogue of a wide range of pumps, valves and sprayers, including sprayer wagons, hand and electric pumps, etc. Also has a large section of hay-loading equipment, including hangers and hardware for barn doors. $50.00

486)        Ontario Wind Engine & Pump Co., Toronto Well Drills. Toronto, ON: c. 1910. 31 pp., 8vo. Original blue illustrated wrappers, light wear, very good condition, 2 pages each have one small illustration clipped. Illustrated catalogue for a portable device for drilling wells. Mounted on wheels with an engine mounted on a separate truck . The power is transmitted by a series of belts. A large number of drill bits and other accessories is offered. $125.00

487)        Rich Pump Co., Standard Price List. Cincinnati, OH: c. 1910. 4 pp., 8vo. Price list for cistern, house, stock and deep well pumps, along with buckets, chains and other accessories. Illustrations of pumps on front and back. $25.00

488)        Smith, S. Morgan, Co., Descriptive Catalogue of Turbine Water Wheels. York, PA: 1906. 124 pp., 8vo. Stiff boards. Some damage from adhesion throughout. Fully illustrated catalogue of turbines and heavy machinery. $35.00

489)        Smith, S. Morgan, Co., Smith Turbines - Bulletin 104, March 1913. York, PA: 1913. 68 pp., 8vo. Stiff front wrapper, back wrapper lacking. Illustrated catalogue of hydraulic turbines for power for heavy industry. Cut-away views show both the turbines themselves and their installation in connection with a generator. $50.00

Railroad Equipment

490)        Air Reduction Sales Co., An Airco Achievement - Reclaiming Railroad Frogs by the Oxy-Acetylene Process. New York, NY: 1919. 24 pp., 8vo. Promotional brochure for a welding system touting  effectiveness in building up worn rails. $25.00

491)        Carnegie Steel Co., Steel Cross Ties & Duquesne Rail Joint. Pittsburgh, PA: 1908. 61 pp., oblong 8vo. Many illustrations, with text and diagrams describing the advantages of these newly developed steel ties over wood ones, particularly on trestles, street railways, and in factory or foundry areas with high heat which would deteriorate wood ties. $60.00

492)        Carnegie Steel Co., Steel Cross Ties, Duquesne Rail Joints, Braddock Insulated Rail Joints. Pittsburgh, PA: 1914. 72 pp., oblong 8vo. An updated catalogue for these steel ties which were first introduced in 1904. The text alludes to their greater cost than wood ties, but argues for their greater reliability. Many illustrations and diagrams. $50.00

493)        Davis's Elastic Railroad Chair Co., Davis's Improved Method of Confining India Rubber or Other Elastic Bearings, for Rail Road Chairs & Rails. Utica, NY: 1857. 16 pp., 8vo. Printed wrappers, excellent condition. Descriptive brochure for rubber seatings for railroad track, designed to make the track less rigid to smooth the passage of cars on the track. One page illustrates the bearings. Many pages of testimonials, mostly from engineers on the Boston & Providence RR which used these cushions. $175.00

494)        Eaton, Gilbert & Co., Troy Coach, Car & Omnibus Factory. Troy, NY: c. 1855. 24 pp., 4to. Original 1/2 leather with printed cloth. Ex-library, withdrawn, stamped only on endpapers. Worn, with later replacement endpapers. Moderate soiling and wear throughout, though its integrity as a book is not in any way compromised. There is no title page, but there is a preliminary text leaf. It is unclear whether or not there ever was an actual title page. Unpaginated, but with 11 (numbered 1 to 10, but with plates 4a and 4b) uncolored plates on the right-hand pages and descriptive text facing. $3,250.00

495)        Electric Service Supplies Co, Electrical Material for Mine and Industrial Haulage - No. 5. Philadelphia, PA: 1915. 408 pp., 8vo. Green cloth boards, light wear, excellent condition. Offers a huge array of materials for operating an electric railroad, from track connectors to conductors' badges. About the only things not included are rolling stock and track. Many supplies for electrical systems, including insulators, electrical pick-up arms for cars, lighting fixtures, paint, etc. $250.00

496)        Pullman Co., Pullman Progress 1859-1929. Chicago, IL: 1929. 16 pp., oblong 8vo. Accordion-fold brochure showing the history of Pullman cars from 1859 to 1927. 8 historical models are shown, all in bright, very attractive color. The verso panels each have several paragraphs about different elements related to Pullman cars. A scarce, very attractive piece of railroad history. OCLC 81264146 (3 loc.) $275.00

497)        Riley Railway Construction Co., The Riley Elevated Railway System. New York, NY: 1886. 76 pp., oblong 4to. Disbound, lacking wrappers. An expansive illustrated presentation of a new system for rail lines involving a raised central rail and two lighter side rails. Many plates illustrate track, cars, prospective scenes of the system in use in city, country, seaside and mountains. There is no evidence that any rail lines were ever built along these lines. $325.00

498)        St. Louis Frog & Switch Co., General Catalogue No. 2. St. Louis, MO: c. 1919. 280 pp., oblong 8vo. Fully illustrated catalogue of railroad track, including a variety of switches and crossings. Contains illustrations of the track, schematics, and engineering tables. Original green cloth over boards, contents slightly loose. $175.00

499)        Union Electric Co., The Union Electric Company. Philadelphia, PA: 1886. 23 pp., 8vo. Disbound, spine cut, ex-library, creased vertically at center. Illustration of a trolley on front cover, otherwise unillustrated. Descriptions of and testimonials for this company's electric railroad systems and cars, designed for urban trolley systems. One of the testimonials is in German. $65.00

500)        Westinghouse Industries, The Westinghouse Companies in the Railway & Industrial Fields. Pittsburgh, PA: 1905. 68 pp., 4to. Disbound, spine sliced, ex-library. Illustrated descriptions and histories of various Westinghouse divisions, most in the Pittsburgh area, including: Westinghouse Air Brake Co., Union Switch & Signal Co., Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Co.,  and others. $75.00


501)        Alaska Refrigerator Co., Alaska Household Refrigerators and Ice Chests - 1903 Abridged Catalogue. Muskegon, MI: 1903. 32 pp., oblong 12mo. Brightly colored wrappers, lightly soiled. One model is illustrated per page, with prices and variations listed. Of course, these are ice boxes, with no refrigerating machinery inside. An attractive little ice box catalogue. $75.00

502)        Matot, D. A., Refrigerators - Catalogue No. 34. Chicago, IL: c. 1910. 48 pp., oblong 4to. Fascinating catalogue of apparatus for keeping things cold, most notably beer. Items range from ice chests to large (20' by 20') coolers to refrigerated storage buildings. All coolers and buildings utilize ice, not mechanical refrigeration. A large number of these buildings are shown, many with ads painted on the sides. $150.00

Road Building Machinery & Equipment

503)        Austin, F. C., Machinery Co., Austin Cube Mixer. Chicago, IL: c. 1916. 54 pp., 4to. Illustrated catalogue for this versatile cement mixer which could be mounted for use with a portable or stationary engine. Photos show on-site uses, including several in Panama and on large construction projects throughout California. $100.00

504)        Russell Grader Mfg. Co., Road Building & Earth Handling Machinery, Culverts, Bridges, Etc.. Minneapolis, MN: 1916. 95 pp., oblong 8vo. Brightly colored wrappers, fine condition. Many color illustrations of road graders, scarpers and plows. Letter from company and reply card laid in. All of the equipment is designed for towing by horses, not self-propelled. $350.00

Seeds & Nurserymen’s' Products

505)        Berger, H. H., & Co., Autumn 1905 Catalogue. New York, NY: 1905. 32 pp., 8vo. Uncolored buff wrappers, lightly chipped. Features bulbs and flowering shrubs. Includes lilies, crocuses, narcissus and tulip bulbs, azaleas, cherry and some Japanese varieties. One page of Japanese bonsais (identified as Japan Dwarf Plants.) $60.00

506)         Burpee, W. Atlee, & Co., Burpee's Annual Garden Book 1929. Philadelphia, PA: 1929. 172 pp., 8vo. Brightly colored wrappers, light soiling. Fully illustrated with 6 pages in bright full color and many others with tint color. There is an application for a post office money order, payable to Burpee, laid in. $35.00

507)         Davis, Zack, Co., Elm Valley Seed Gardens - Annual Catalogue 1904. Delaware, OH: 1904. 32 pp., 8vo. Uncolored illustrated catalogue of vegetable and flower seeds. Light stain to back wrapper. $35.00

508)         Ferry, D. M., & Co., Seed Annual 1878. Detroit, MI: 1878. 144 pp., 8vo. Illustrated colored wrappers, chipped, with small portion missing at bottom inside corner of front wrapper. Back wrapper detached. Uncolored illustrations of vegetables and flowers from the seeds offered. $75.00

509)         Jung, J. W., Seed Co., Jung Quality Seeds. Randolph, WI: 1925. 52 pp., 8vo. Illustrated catalogue of fruits and vegetables, with a small number of flowers. Colored wrappers, uncolored internally. $35.00

510)         Kunderd, A. E., My 50th Anniversary 1930. Goshen, IN: 1930. 108 pp., 8vo. Brightly colored illustrated wrappers. Light wear, generally fine. Fully illustrated catalogue of flower seeds. 12 pages in bright color. $35.00

511)         Mellen, George H., Co., Innisfallen Greenhouses - 1903 Catalogue. Springfield, OH: 1903. 80 pp., 8vo. Brightly colored wrappers with illustrations of roses and chrysanthemums. Internally illustrated, but not colored. Fine condition. Order form and return envelope laid in. Offers flowers, vegetables and fruits. $60.00

512)         Ribsam, Martin C., Everything for the Farm, Lawn and Garden - 1907 Catalogue. Trenton, NJ: 1907. 88 pp., 8vo. Yellow wrappers, somewhat soiled near the top. Roughly half the catalogue offers flower and vegetable seeds, the other half is equipment for farms and home gardening. Fully illustrated. Uncolored. $45.00

513)         Shumway, R. H., 1923 Seed Catalogue. Rockford, IL: 1923. 56 pp., folio. Bright, colorful wrappers showing landscaped gardens and fields of vegetables. Internally uncolored, but fully illustrated. Light wear at extremities. Dozens of illustrations crowd each page, but present a very wide selection of flowers and vegetables. $50.00

514)         Stumpp & Walter Co., Hardy Perennial Flowers, Biennials and Alpines. New York, NY: 1929. 24 pp., 4to. Flower catalogue with a revolving disc attached to the front cover which turns the cover into a planting schedule for different varieties and changes the flowers illustrated on the front. Uncolored internally. Excellent condition. $100.00

515)         Vick, James, Vick's Garden & Floral Guide - Spring Edition. Rochester, NY: 1931. 96 pp., 4to. Bright, colorful wrappers. Fully illustrated, with 8 plates in full color. Order form and return envelope laid in. Fine condition. $45.00

Sewing Machines & Accessories

516)        Barker, C. B., & Co., Price List of Genuine Sewing Machine Parts, Attachments, &c. &c.. New York, NY: c. 1890. 144 pp., 12mo. Illustrated with small folding plates of spare parts for a wide variety of sewing machines. Soiled, particularly heavy on front cover. Internally very good. Machines supported include: Singer, Howe, Weed, Wheeler & Wilson, Domestic, and Victor, among others. $100.00

517)         Davis Sewing Machine Co., The Davis Vertical Feed Sewing Machine. Dayton, OH: c. 1890. 20 pp., 12mo. Very attractive little sewing machine catalogue with colored wrappers. The front shows an American Eagle, "Old Abe the War Eagle", perched atop 3 American flags. The back wrapper shows the sewing machine on top of the earth, with American flags at the sides. $65.00

518)         Dollfus-Mieg & Co., The Embroiderer's Alphabet - Letters, Figures, Monograms and Ornaments for Embroideries on Counted Threads, 9th Issue. Mulhouse, FR: c. 1910. 120 pp., oblong 12mo. Lacks wrappers, some wear, title page torn. Filled with colored illustrations of lettering, devices, insigniae, ornaments, etc. as patterns for embroidery work. There are also a few crocheting illustrations. $65.00

519)         King Sewing Machine Co., King Sewing Machines. Buffalo, NY: 1908. 66 pp., 8vo. Instruction manual, not a catalogue, for King sewing machines. Illustrates the machine, its attachments, and its capabilities. Covers chipped, light soiling. $50.00

520)         New Home Sewing Machine Co., Directions for Using the Light Running New Home Sewing Machine. Orange, MA: c. 1875. 24 pp., 8vo. Illustrated wrappers, creased vertically at center. Contains directions for using the machine with extensive offerings of replacement needles and other accessories. $40.00

521)         New Home Sewing Machine Co., The King of All!! The Light Running New Home Sewing Machine. Orange, MA: c. 1890. 16 pp., 12mo. Small sales catalogue on yellow paper in excellent condition. Illustrates one model per page, with 8 models shown in total. Other pages have text or offer accessories. $35.00

522)         White Sewing Machine Co., 10 Sets of Instructions in Different European Languages. Cleveland, OH: 1917. 20 pp., 8vo. 10 different sets of instructions, all in original wrappers, for 2 different White machines, the rotary and the vibrator. The languages include Portuguese, Hungarian, Bohemian, German, Polish (2 copies), Italian and Swedish. Each book of instructions shows spare parts and details each capability of the machine. $125.00


523)        Barbour Silver Co., Sterling Silver and Highest Grade Silver Plated Ware in Hollow Ware Only - Catalogue E. Hartford, CT: c. 1905. 110 pp., 4to. Wrappers, excellent condition, with mild wear to spine and top left corner of front wrapper. Very extensive, exquisitely illustrated catalogue with 92 pages of "Quadruple Plate" items and 8 pages of sterling. There is little cutlery, but a huge number of serving trays, ornate napkin rings, dishes, baskets, bowls, pitchers, tea sets, sugars, etc. etc. This company not in Romaine or McKinstry. $1,000.00

524)        Johnston, J. H., & Co., The Christmas Spoon. New York, NY: c. 1890. 112 pp., 8vo. Lacks back wrapper, front wrapper detached and chipped. Some damage and scattered marginal loss from adhesion. In spite of the condition, this is a most interesting illustrated catalogue of silverware, jewelry, silver serving pieces and a number of novelty silver items such as the title object. Also shows cane and umbrella heads, wedding gifts and music boxes. $85.00

525)        Low, Daniel, & Co., Silversmiths - 1925. Salem, MA: 1925. 172 pp., 8vo. Lacks back wrapper. A general retailer's catalogue of silver, silverplate and much jewelry, as well as accessories such as purses, luggage, stationery, desk sets, etc. Fully illustrated. $50.00

Sporting Goods

526)        Alaska Sleeping Bag Co., Alaska Sleeping Bags for Outdoorsmen Mail Order Catalog. Portland, OR: 1948. 16 pp., oblong 8vo. Illustrated catalogue of sleeping bags for camping in cold climates. Also includes a large folding flyer from this company for goose-down jackets, an order form and return envelope. $35.00

527)        Archers Company, The, Fine Bows and Arrows. Pinehurst, NC: 1931. 32 pp., 12mo. Textured paper wrappers illustrated in color. In addition to the prices of bows and arrows available from the makers, there is much information describing the activities of various clubs and tournaments around the country. Many illustrations are included of well known people in the world of archery. $65.00

528)        Brooks, E. J., & Co., Leaden Sinkers - Season of 1888. New York, NY: 1888. 4 pp., 4to. One sheet, folded, and printed on all four sides. Two vertical creases from previous folding. Illustrated with drawings of eight different styles of lead sinkers for fishermen, each shown in a variety of sizes. This is the first separate catalogue of sinkers we have seen. $250.00

529)        Burke Golf Co., Make "The Breaks" with Burke Clubs, Bags, Balls in 1933. Newark, OH: 1933. 20 pp., tall 8vo. Illustrated catalogue and separate professional price list devoted to golf equipment. Fully illustrated catalogue of woods, irons, and bags for men and women. All clubs have True Temper steel shafts, not the wooden shafts which had predominated until about this time. $125.00

530)        Cummins, W. J., Fishing and Fishing Tackle - 26th Edition. Bishop Auckland, UK: c. 1920. 212 pp., 4to. Bright orange wrappers, fine condition. Fully illustrated, with 4 color plates. Contains a complete line of fishing products, from rods to flies, baskets to clothing. Specializes in lures and gear for salmon and trout. Has a flier for Cummins' book,  Notes on Minnow Fishing, laid in. $225.00

531)        Folsom, H. & D., Arms Co., Folsom, Jobbers of Sporting Goods - Catalogue No.35, 1930-31. New York, NY: 1930. 164 pp., 8vo. Original wrappers, front is loose, creased and worn. A fairly extensive catalogue of sporting goods, primarily for hunting, but also including golf, tennis, baseball, ice hockey. There are also sections of binoculars and clocks and watches. $50.00

532)        Manufacture Francaise d'Armes de Saint Etienne, Sports et Jeux Athletiques. St. Etienne, FR: c. 1900. 24 pp., 8vo. Catalogue of sporting goods with very attractive illustrated front wrapper, lacks back wrapper. Equipment is offered for croquet, lawn tennis, fencing, rugby, skating (roller and ice), and skiing. Torn throughout at foreedge, with minor loss of text on some pages. $100.00

533)        New York Sporting Goods Co., Hunting Outfits, Camping Supplies, Fishing Tackle, Athletic Goods - Catalogue No. 53. New York, NY: 1912. 434 pp., 8vo. Illustrated wrappers. Features extensive lines of fishing equipment, shot guns from Ithaca, Baker & Batavia, L. C. Smith and others, ammunition, camping goods, canoes. Also includes bicycles, skates, golf clubs, dice and poker chips and equipment for other sports. $100.00

534)        Peck & Snyder, The Archer's Complete Guide. Or, Instruction for the Use of the Long Bow, by an Expert. New York, NY: 1878. 32 pp., 12mo. Blue cloth with illustration of an archer gilt on the front cover. Moderate wear and rubbing. Most of the text is a treatise on archery in general. The last 6 pages are a catalogue for archery equipment from Peck & Snyder. There is also some equipment for lawn tennis and badminton. $150.00

535)        Quimby, W. Fred, Illustrated Catalogue of Canvas and Leather Sportsmen's Goods. New York, NY: 1888. 26 pp., 8vo. Original wrappers. Illustrated, with order form tipped in. Offers mostly high quality clothing and boots for hunters and anglers. There are also many pages of gun cases, holsters, ammunition cases, dog collars and other leather goods for sportsmen. $175.00

536)        Roy Brothers, Croquet. East Barnet, VT: c. 1925. 28 pp., 8vo. Unusual catalogue devoted exclusively to croquet sets. Fine condition. Front covers and one internal page in color. Other pages show one set per page, with descriptions of the mallets, wickets, balls and stakes. $75.00

537)        Spalding, A. G., & Bros., Official Cricket Guide 1911. New York, NY: 1911. 200 pp., 8vo. Illustrated wrappers. The text contains many photographs and records of cricket matches and tournaments held in the United States. Also includes the Rules of Cricket and much else about the sport in the United States. A scarce record of American cricket. $75.00

538)        Spalding, A. G., & Bros., Spring and Summer 1926. New York, NY: 1926. 112 pp., 8vo. Wrappers, illustrated with a baseball scene. Excellent condition. Fully illustrated. Offers summer sporting goods, with large sections of baseball, tennis and golf equipment, along with many, many other less popular sports. $250.00

Stationery & Paper Goods

539)         Arnold, E. J., & Son, Ltd., The "A. L." List. Books, Apparatus & Miscellaneous Aids - Edition N. Leeds, UK: 1909. 672 pp., 8vo. A virtual encyclopedia of supplies and materials for schools, with page after page of geographic, scientific and mathematic aids, prints of famous sites and events, with other visual aids, etc. Materials available from pre-school to high school. This is as comprehensive school catalogue as we have seen. $150.00

540)         Binney & Smith Co., Business Specialties for Active-Minded Men. New York, NY: 1914. 96 pp., 8vo. Tools, supplies, clips, stencils, accessories and implements for businesses, from hand trucks to date stamps, stenciling ink and equipment to bag handles. Also, at pages 35-36 are what would become Binney & Smith's claim to fame and fortune, crayons. Includes paper cuspidors and liners. $75.00

541)         Demco Library Supplies, Library Supplies - Catalog No. 30. Madison, WI: 1930. 104 pp., 8vo. Fully illustrated catalogue of supplies and furniture for libraries. 4 different sets of samples of binding cloth and leather are tipped in, as are examples of catalogue cards and a book pocket. Stiff wrappers, excellent condition. $150.00

542)         Dennison Mfg. Co., Party Book. Framingham, MA: 1922. 36 pp., 8vo. Decoration and other ideas for various theme parties. Fully illustrated, some in color. Includes thoughts for Valentine, Fourth of July, and other special event parties. $30.00

543)         Dennison Mfg. Co., How to Make Crepe Paper Costumes. Framingham, MA: 1925. 36 pp., 8vo. Costumes, accessories and hats for social and theatrical use. Uncolored, except for the center which has a double-page of the available colors of crepe paper. $30.00

544)         Dixon, Joseph, Crucible Co., Pencil Geography Designed for Boys and Girls of All Ages - Fifth Edition. Jersey City, NJ: 1904. 20 pp., 12mo. A promotional booklet for this manufacturer of pencils, disguised as a school geography. Excellent condition. Illustrated, with 5 maps showing the locations of both Dixon's facilities and their sources of raw materials in New York, New Jersey, Florida and South America. Uses the Q&A format of many geographies, but all questions relate to the pencil-making process. Very interesting. $65.00

545)         Lowman & Hanford Co., Illustrated Catalog of Office Supplies - Office Furniture, Architects' and Engineers' Supplies, Drawing Materials. Seattle, WA: 1921. 400 pp., 4to. Thick, very extensive retailer's catalogue of office supplies, equipment and furniture. Stiff wrappers, excellent condition. Fully illustrated, with a small number of pages in color. Includes wide selections of surveyors' instruments, filing systems, and office necessities such as mail baskets, scissors, rulers, carbon paper, staplers, paper clips, etc. $150.00

546)         Matthews, Jas. H., & Co., Catalog No. 107. Pittsburgh, PA: c. 1925. 32 pp., 8vo. Illustrated catalogue of rubber stamps, time and date stamping machines, stencils, metal tags of various sorts, and bronze memorial tablets. Inside covers colored. $35.00

547)         Mid-States Gummed Paper Co., 110 Profitable Uses for Mid-States Really Flat Gummed Papers. Chicago, IL: 1929. 56 pp., 8vo. Bright splashy illustrated catalogue of labels, stickers, window displays utilizing gummed backs. 8 full-color pages at the center showing poster stamps from around the world. Some waterstaining and bleed-through of colors. $50.00

548)         Molloy, David J., Co., Cover Designs. Chicago, IL: 1927. 192 pp., 4to. Catalogue of designs for leather bindings for books. These bindings are for publishers, not bookbinders, and are designed for deluxe editions of books or specialized publications such as school yearbooks. $175.00

549)        Molloy, David J., Co., Cover Designs, Created Exclusively for Molloy Made Covers.. Chicago, IL: 1927. 192 pp., 4to. Hard-bound embossed cloth. Some wear at corners, otherwise excellent. Cover designs and decorative elements for deluxe bindings of books, presentation copies, etc. Hundreds of examples. $175.00

550)        Packaging Catalog Corp., Packaging Catalog 1942. New York, NY: 1942. 641 pp., 4to. Thick book which is a guide to the products and manufacturers in the packaging industry. Index-tabbed by sub-category (wrappings, adhesives, bags, metal containers, packaging law, etc.) Includes many unusual ads, many with sample papers or other glossy attractions. $100.00

551)        Rose Stamp Works, Catalogue of Rubber Stamps. New Brunswick, NJ: c. 1934. 40 pp., 8vo. General catalogue of stamping devices for office use. Excellent condition. The outside of the catalogue has the address of the company overstamped with its new address, 114 Warren St., Glens Falls, NY. Fully illustrated. $40.00

552)         Spencer, S. M., Mfg. Co., Marking Devices. Boston, MA: 1927. 224 pp., 8vo. Printed wrappers, cloth spine, very good condition. Features office equipment marking or imprinting, such as date and time stamps, check perforators, stencils, town seals, wax seals, small run office printing presses, and other related equipment. $150.00

553)         Tapestry Paint Co., Mexican Pigment Paints - Stencils and Materials. Chicago, IL: 1908. 6 pp., oblong 8vo. Materials for stencils, mostly of flowers, wreaths and related images. 2 pages in color. Excellent condition. $50.00

554)         Tenney, J. F., Catalogue and Price List of Rubber and Metal Stamps. Chicago, IL: 1886. 110 pp., 8vo. Illustrated wrappers. Very good condition with light wear. Fully illustrated. Offers a wide array of items for office printing and stamping. Includes hole punchers, stencils, wax seals, mechanical and non-mechanical stamps. Also shows many cuts available as rubber stamps. $425.00

Stoves & Heating Equipment

555)        American Radiator Co. of  Canada, Ltd., Candian Ideal Fitter. Brantford, ON: 1915. 96 pp., 8vo. Boilers and radiators for homes and offices. Illustrated, showing a wide variety of styles. Also contains some cross-section views, arrangements of multiple units, and technical information. $40.00

556)         Chappee & Fils, Fontes du Commerce & Chauffage. LeMans, FR: 1911. 152 pp., 8vo. Printed wrappers, some soiling and staining throughout. Includes not just stoves, but wrought iron pieces of all types, from cookware to fireplaces to sinks and basins. There is also a page of decorative busts. One page with color. $125.00

557)         Kalamazoo Stove Co., A Kalamazoo Direct to You. Kalamazoo, MI: 1919. 112 pp., 8vo. Illustrated colored wrappers, torn at bottom of spine. Fully illustrated catalogue of stoves, furnaces, and other household appliances. Many attractive full color, full-page illustrations of stoves. The other appliances include lines of ice boxes, phonographs, cream separators and washing machines. $125.00

558)         McDowell Oven Co., McDowell Ovens. Boston, MA: 1904. 12 pp., oblong 12mo. Small catalogue, with one crease, of commercial-grade ovens designed for hotels and restaurants. There are also special items designed for bakers and confectioners. $30.00

559)        Morris, E. S., & Co., The Baxter Furnace. Danbury, CT 1880. 8 pp., 12mo. Self-wrappers, printed on green paper. Unbound. The furnace is shown on the front wrapper, no other illustrations. Prices are given for furnaces with 9 different capacities. An interesting small-town offering. $40.00

560)        Page, Wm. H., Boiler Co., Page Volunteer and Monarch Boilers for Steam and Hot Water Heating. New York, NY: 1918. 83 pp., 8vo. Illustrated catalogue of boilers and water heaters for commercial and large residential buildings. Sizes and specifications are given for each model. Spare parts are shown and priced. $35.00

561)         Richardson & Boynton Co., The Richardson Line. New York, NY: 1925. 422 pp., 8vo. Hard covers. 3 inserts inside front cover. Title page creased and loose, back-strip peeling, otherwise fine. Fully illustrated catalogue and price list of boilers, furnaces, radiators, ranges and related instruments, pipes, valves and parts. $35.00

562)         Shear, Packard & Co., The Magic Light. Direct Draft Self Feeding Gas Burner. Albany, NY: 1869. 16 pp., 8vo. Original wrappers, lightly soiled, spine torn. 2 models are shown with full-page illustrations. The text contains descriptions of the stoves, testimonials and other promotional material. See Romaine p. 363 for 1863 catalogue from this company. $75.00

563)         Smith & Thayer Co, Use Winchester Heaters. Boston, MA: 1910. 2 pp., oblong 8vo. Special die-cut postcard, printed on both sides, with swinging sections which open to reveal the interior of a house kept warm in winter by the Winchester Heater. Most unusual. Actually used, with postage attached. $65.00

564)         Southern Stove Works, Tip-Top Stoves and Ranges - Catalogue No. 25. Richmond, VA: 1923. 112 pp., 8vo. Stiff embossed printed wrappers, excellent condition. Fully illustrated catalogue of stoves and ranges for cooking and heating. One model per page. A scarce catalogue for a Southern manufacturer. $125.00


565)        American Electric Telephone Co., 1900 Apparatus - Improved Devices, Up-to-date Designs. Chicago, IL: 1900. 36 pp., tall 8vo. Light wear and bumping at corners, otherwise fine. Fully illustrated with a full line of telephones, including wall and desk models, intercoms, small and large switchboards, switching cabinets, transformers, and other equipment. A fine early telephone catalogue. $275.00

566)        Columbia Graphophone Co., Your Day's Work - Dictate to the Dictaphone. Toronto, ON: 1912. 32 pp., tall 8vo. Stiff brown wrappers, spine going. An early brochure for the Canadian distributor of Dictaphone, then a very new device for the office. 3 models are shown, along with a page of accessories, but the major thrust of this piece is to introduce Dictaphone to its potential users. The Dictaphone name was first used around 1907-08, so this is a very early promotional piece for it. $175.00

567)        Connecticut Telephone & Electric Corporation, Connecticut Telephone and Signal Systems. Meriden, CT: c. 1915. 28 pp., 4to. Early communications systems for households and apartment houses. Includes vestibule intercoms, a variety of telephones with inside and outside lines, wall and desk phones, switchboards, and other telephone-related items. $75.00

568)        Couch, S. H., Co., Inc., Couch Private Telephone Systems. Norfolk Downs, MA: 1916. 96 pp., 8vo. Lacks wrappers, somewhat soiled. Telephone and intercom systems for business, along with a large number of annunciators and specialized phones for apartment buildings. Fully illustrated. $75.00

569)        Couch, S. H., Co., Inc., Couch Private Phones, The Quick Way to Talk Things Over - Catalogue No. 1918. Norfolk Downs, MA: 1918. 32 pp., 8vo. Stiff wrappers, excellent condition. Illustrated, with some wiring diagrams, of telephones, intercom systems and switchboards. Designed for business needs to combine internal and external calls. $85.00

570)        Hipwell Mfg. Co., A Tubular Triumph. Alleghany, PA: c. 1900. 6 pp., tall 8vo. Accordion-folded brochure for a manufacturer of telephones, switchboards and related equipment. Has the same title and cover cut as another catalogue offered here, this is actually shorter and has several different items offered. This also does not have the printed name of the Chicago Sales Office. $65.00

571)        Hipwell Mfg. Co., A Tubular Triumph - Manual of Self-Restoring Drop. Alleghany, PA: c. 1900. 4 pp., 4to. Folded brochure for telephone equipment. One panel of the front cover is virtually the same as other brochures from this catalogue offered here, but otherwise this is completely different. This brochure promotes a "special offer" for bridging phones and parts for home phone units. $65.00

572)        Hipwell Mfg. Co., A Tubular Triumph- Manual of Self-Restoring Drop. Chicago, IL: c. 1900. 14 pp., tall 8vo. Accordion-folded brochure for a manufacturer of telephones, switchboards and related equipment. The company was based in Allegheny, Pennsylvania, but this piece was intended solely for the Chicago Sales Office, which is printed on every panel. Fully illustrated, and printed on light green stock. $100.00

573)        Stromberg-Carlson Telephone Mfg. Co., The Mine Telephone - Bulletin No. 10. Chicago, IL: 1903. 12 pp., oblong 8vo. Illustrated catalogue describing and offering a complete telephone system specifically designed for use in mines. Includes equipment for both the mining areas and the mine office. An early tailored usage of telephones. $100.00

Toys, Games, & Entertainment

574)        American Magic Corp., Master Sleights with Billiard Balls ... by Burling Hall. New York, NY: 1914. 31 pp., oblong 8vo. Description, with illustrations, of this sleight of hand routine. Announcement of books for sale inside front cover. Some wear and staining. $25.00

575)         Bennett Mfg. Co., Woodenware - Doll Houses, Wooden Toys, Blocks, Novelties, Bartlett Bit Boxes. Portland, ME: c. 1910. 22 pp., 8vo. Illustrated wholesale catalogue of wooden items, featuring doll houses. 9 different models are offered, the largest of which is 28 inches high and offered at $5.00 $175.00

576)         Boucher Playthings Mfg. Co., Scale Models of Famous Ships and Blue Ribbon Working Models - 1941 Edition. New York, NY: 1941. 96 pp., 8vo. Stiff wrappers, excellent condition. Illustrated. A full line of model ship kits, toy motor boats, and parts for both. Models were available in several forms, including blue prints only, fittings only, or machined woodwork with fittings. $30.00

577)         Braitling, Fred K., Illustrated Catalogue and Price List of Doll Bodies, Doll Shoes and Other Things for Dolls. Bridgeport, CT: 1908. 24 pp., 12mo. Blue wrappers, light soiling, very good condition. Illustrated, with one item offered per page in a variety of sizes. Includes several varieties of shoe, stocking, as well as replacement arms and bodies for dolls. $125.00

578)         Butler Doll-Stand Co., Patent Adjustable Doll-Stands. Chicago, IL: 1905. 16 pp., oblong 12mo. Illustrated catalogue of display stands for dolls. Discount slip laid in. Illustrations show the stands as used in actual displays. $100.00

579)         Butler Doll-Stand Co., The Butler Doll-Stand and Some of Its Uses. Chicago, IL: 1908. 16 pp., oblong 12mo. Blue wrappers, fine condition. Doll stands for retailers, but also targeting doll-owners who wish to display their dolls. Both the stands and suggested uses are illustrated. $100.00

580)         Columbia Gramophone Co., Columbia Records - 1917. New York, NY: 1917. 486 pp., 8vo. Original blue wrappers, light wear and creasing. A complete listing of thousands of Columbia recordings. Generally unillustrated, though there are scattered small photos of the leading artists represented, including Al Jolson. $45.00

581)         Columbia Gramophone Co., Columbia Records - 1921. New York, NY: 1921. 488 pp., 8vo. Original blue wrappers, light wear. A complete listing of thousands of Columbia recordings. Generally unillustrated, though there are scattered small photos of the leading artists represented, including Al Jolson. There is also a four page mini-catalogue of  Grafonolas”, Columbia line of phonographs. $65.00

582)         Columbia Gramophone Co., Columbia Records - 1923. New York, NY: 1923. 416 pp., 8vo. Original black wrappers, light wear. Complete listing of thousands of Columbia recordings. Generally unillustrated, though there are scattered small photos of the leading artists represented, including Al Jolson and Eddie Cantor. $50.00

583)         Columbia Gramophone Co., Columbia New Process Records, July 1923. New York, NY: 1923. 16 pp., 12mo. Listing of new releases with features about the most noteworthy artists. The best-known artists highlighted are Pablo Casals and Al Jolson. Also here is a very early mention of Yes, We Have No Bananas, by Furman and Nash, which became one of the most popular songs of the period. $40.00

584)         Emery-Waterhouse Co., Flexible Flyer - The Sled That Steers. Portland, ME: 1926. 6 pp., oblong 12mo. Small very colorful brochure showing, with prices, 10 different sled models. The company whose name is on this is the retailer, not the manufacturer, though it is evident that this piece was provided to sellers as a promotional item. $75.00

585)         Glascock Bros. Mfg. Co., Glascock's Racer's - Built for Health. Muncie, IN: 1906. 16 pp., oblong 12mo. Lovely little catalogue for self-propelled hand-cars for children aged 6 to 14. There is also a junior model for 2 to 6-year olds. Children were to sit in the carts and move the two hand levers on the sides forward and back. These levers were attached to the rear wheels. Excellent condition, with a color illustration on the front wrapper and uncolored illustrations inside. $250.00

586)         Jacobs, Elmer Rand, Exhibition of Antique Banks. New York, NY: c. 1910. 8 pp., tall 8vo. Folding unpriced brochure for an exhibition of 83 mechanical banks. Each bank is described and shown in a small photograph. $75.00

587)         Kingsbury Mfg. Co., Kingsbury Motor Driven Toys. Keene, NH: c. 1920. 85 pp., 16mo. A tiny 3.5 x 2 inch catalogue printed so that by flipping the pages one may see one of the company's toy airplanes fly. In addition there is a complete listing of toy cars. planes, trucks fire engines etc. A most unusual flip-book and catalogue with a large early selection of model airplanes. $500.00

588)         Lacon Woolen Mills, Lacon Billiard Cloths. Lacon, IL: c. 1930. 8 pp., oblong 12mo. Sample book with no text. There are 5 samples of billiard cloth with small tags identifying the quality of the sample. There are 3 other fragments of samples, without tags, from which about 3/4 of the sample has been cut. The remaining tabs, though, provide enough material for examination and comparison with the full sheets. $150.00

589)         Lane Novelty Co., Price List for Cards, Dice, Magic and Sporting Goods, Etc.. Hoboken, NJ: c. 1925. 32 pp., 8vo. Original blue wrappers, very good condition with light crease near foreedge. Excellent catalogue of weighted dice and marked cards, for magicians and cheats. The filled dice sets feature “missout” sets, weighted to roll sevens, passing sets, for most even totals, etc. There are dice with shaved edges. There are also numerous decks of marked and stripped cards, ostensibly for magicians. Catalogues of cheating materials are quite scarce. $325.00

590)         Mason, F. C., & Co., Sleighs. St. Johns, MI: c. 1910. 2 pp., 8vo. Single sheet flyer from a small regional manufacturer, printed on both sides, with illustrations of 3 models of sleigh and bobsled with 4 models of sleds. There are 14 different models listed, priced at wholesale. $35.00

591)         National Phonograph Co., A Lasting Impression. Orange, NJ: 1903. 32 pp., 12mo. Catalogue of 9 Edison phonographs, 5 utilizing a crank mechanism, 4 running on electricity. Most of the models allow for both the recording and playing of cylinders, which are referred to as records. A very scarce, early Edison phonograph catalogue. $250.00

592)         Selchow & Righter, Specialties. New York, NY: c. 1887. 30 pp., 12mo. A great little catalogue of games, possibly included in a game box. Excellent condition. Among the well-known games offered are checkers, Parcheesi, Authors (2 versions), Snap, Old Maid and cribbage. There are also many other lesser known contemporary games and many other toys. The next-to-last page offers a Spalding Tennis catalogue for the Slocum Racket. A great early Selchow & Righter item. $225.00

593)         Steepleton, C. C., & Co., Billiard and Pocket Ballard Tables and Supplies. Louisville, KY: 1921. 16 pp., 4to. Partially illustrated catalogue of billiards equipment, including cues, balls, pockets, tables and accessories. Self-wrappers, with mailing panel and stamps intact on the last page. The tables being offered are from the Dixie line. $200.00

594)         Steinfeld Brothers, Holiday Specialties and Toys - Special Catalogue Fall 1904. New York, NY: 1904. 88 pp., oblong 8vo. An eclectic assortment of baby carriages, toys and furniture. Much of the furniture has nothing to do with children including chairs, tables, rolltop desks, and washstands. Many caned carriages for children and dolls. Lacks one page. $150.00

595)         Tricycle Mfg. Co., 1884 Annual Illustrated Catalogue - Bean's Patent Wheelbarrows, Boys' Tricycles, Bicycles, Wagons, Children's Carriages, Etc.. Springfield, OH: 1884. 48 pp., 8vo. Wonderful catalogue filled with children's carriages and wagons. Also shown are one model of tricycle and one high-wheel bicycle for boys. Supplemental price list and promotional wagon flyer laid in. Light waterstain. A great catalogue of wheeled goods for children. Not in Romaine. $325.00

596)         Vending Machine Co., Merry-Go-Round. Fayetteville, NC: c. 1940. 1 pp., 4to. One-page uncolored promotional flyer for the Merry-Go-Round, a pinball machine. Verso blank. $35.00

597)         Victor Talking Machine Co., Victor Records, November 1912 - Third Edition. Camden, NJ: 1912. 294 pp., 8vo. Original buff wrappers, light wear. Lightly illustrated. An early catalogue listing all of Victor's offerings. Among the artists represented are Jolson, Caruso, Cohan, Kreisler and Paderewski. This is among the earliest encyclopedic record catalogues. $75.00

598)         Victor Talking Machine Co., Victor Records, November 1915 - Third Edition. Camden, NJ: 1912. 294 pp., 8vo. Original buff wrappers, light wear. Lightly illustrated. An early catalogue listing all of Victor's offerings. Many contemporary artists are represented, including popular singers, opera stars, instrumentalists, band leaders, etc. $55.00

599)         Victor Talking Machine Co., Victor Records, 1923. Camden, NJ: 1923. 332 pp., 8vo. Original dark wrappers, light wear. Lightly illustrated. $45.00

600)         Victor Talking Machine Co., Victor Disk Talking Machine. Camden, NJ: c. 1901. 24 pp., oblong 12mo. A very early catalogue for Victor. Green wrappers, excellent condition. The styles offered here are the Types “A”, “B”, & “C”, the Monarch, the Monarch Special and the De Luxe Monarch which constituted the company's 1901 product line. Models introduced in 1902 are not offered. The back cover employs the “His Master's Voice” logo, among the earliest uses of this famous device. Among the first, if not the first, catalogue phonographic pioneer. $675.00

Typewriters and Business Machines

601)        Adder Machine Co., Wales Visible Multiple Counter Bookkeeping Machine - Model 30. Wilkes-Barre, PA: 1916. 30 pp., 4to. Fair condition, disbound, some damage in margins from adhesion. Stiff wrappers, with embossed color illustration on the front cover. Many color illustrations, along with descriptions of the machine's use in bookkeeping. $50.00

602)        Columbia Typewriter Mfg. Co., The Columbia Bar-Lock Typewriter. New York, NY: c. 1900. 16 pp., 8vo. Descriptions and specifications for two models of  typewriter. Also has two pages of office furniture designed for typists. $75.00

603)        Spectator Co., The Baldwin Calculator. New York, NY: c. 1903. 11 pp., 8vo. Original wrappers, spine split. A brochure for an early American-made calculator, offered at $250.00. The text indicates that this calculator was made by Frank Baldwin, of Newark, New Jersey, and was being offered as an American alternative to foreign-made calculators. The price alone indicates how rare these devices were. $50.00

Washing Machines

604)        Kohler Co., A Kohler Clothes Washer Makes You Proud of Your Laundry. Kohler, WI: 1931. 6 pp., 12mo. Small tri-fold flyer for the early washer which has a motorized wringer mounted to a basin with an agitator. $30.00

605)        Meander, Daniel F., The Novelty Clothes Wringer – “Get the Best.” Cincinnati, OH: c. 1885. 1 pp., 4to. Small broadside flyer for a clothes wringer. Printed in black and red with an illustration of the wringer at the middle. $20.00

606)        Stevens Dish Washing Machine Co., The Stevens Dish Washing Machine. Cleveland, OH: 1893. 20 pp., 12mo. Brochure, with testimonials and operating instructions, for a very early dishwasher. Its use involved pouring several quarts of boiling water into the machine and turning a crank to circulate it. Also includes a bill for a machine and the original mailing envelope. $85.00


607)        Freeport Machine Co., The Old Reliable Stover Wind Mill. Freeport, IL: c. 1885. 32 pp., 8vo. Illustrated catalogue of pumps and windmills, with tinted decorative pictorial wrappers. Light wear to front cover, bottom corner slightly defective.  internally fine. Several windmills and many pumps are shown, as are cross-section shots of several wells using the pumps. This catalogue listed by Baker at p. 323, but shows it as containing 48 pages. This catalogue contain 32 pages with no indication that any pages have been removed. $350.00

608)        Smith & Winchester, Illustrated Catalogue of Steel, Iron and Wood Wind Engines, Wood, Iron, Brass and Copper Pumps .... Boston, MA: 1890. 217 pp., 8vo. Hard covers, mildly warped. Illustrated. Baker, p. 467: “General catalogue of water supply equipment.” Includes iron and wood pumping windmills manufactured by Mast, Foods among styles made by other manufacturers. Also includes 3 pages of lawn sprinklers with the other plumbing items offered. $250.00

609)        Williams Mfg. Co., Manvel Wind Mills. Kalamazoo, MI: 1894. 32 pp., oblong 8vo. Illustrated catalogue of windmills and pumps. One illustration (either photo or drawing) per page. One of the drawings is of a windmill in use on an ostrich farm. An unusual catalogue as it shows the windmills in use on farms, not just a tight shot of the windmill itself as is usually seen. Minor vertical creases. Baker p. 546. $325.00


610)        American Institute, Official Catalogue. Thirty-Ninth Annual Fair of the American Institute. New York, NY: 1870. 128 pp., 8vo. Printed wrappers, some corners bent, otherwise fine. Listings of displays, booths, stands and exhibitions at the Institutes Fair. Exhibits are divided into seven different departments: Fine Arts and Education; the Dwelling; Dress and Handicraft; Chemistry and Mineralogy; Engines and Machinery; Intercommunication; Agriculture and Horticulture. A wide view of the state of technology at the outset of the Gilded Age. $75.00

611)        Artwire Creations, The Aristocrat of Fly Swatters. New York, NY: c. 1935. 8 pp., tall 8vo. Illustrated wholesale brochure for fly swatters and display stands for them. 6 different models are listed. Some prices are penciled in. We have encountered no other catalogues devoted exclusively to this particular product. $35.00

612)        Babbitt, James P., Wholesale Catalogue of Naturalists' Tools and Supplies. Taunton, MA: 1909. 16 pp., 8vo. Illustrated catalogue of materials for taxidermy and botanical mounting. Laid in are 4 loose flyers, including offerings of glass eyes and feet fittings. $75.00

613)        Deering Harvester Co., Twine Facts for Twine Users. Chicago, IL: 1901. 20 pp., 12mo. Brightly colored and die-cut in the shape of a twine dispenser. Light wear, particularly to back cover. Describes various qualities and strengths of twine and takes the reader step-by-step through the twine-making process. $100.00

614)        Dekeyn, Norbert, Parfumeries & Specialites. Brussels, BE: c. 1895. 76 pp., 8vo. Very attractive catalogue of perfumes and other specialty items. Most pages printed in red and black, with some containing full color reproductions of labels from bottles. Largely unillustrated. Excellent condition. $175.00

615)        Dorety of Boston, Trophy Suggestions. Boston, MA: c. 1917. 40 pp., 12mo. Fully illustrated catalogue of medals and trophies designed primarily as awards for sporting events. Includes medals of bronze, silver plate and gold plate and designs for non-sporting endeavors as well. $60.00

616)        Farbwerke vorm. Meister Lucius & Bruning, Dyed Shades on Chappe Silk. Hoechst A.M., GE: c. 1925. 10 pp., 8vo. Sample book, in cloth binding, of 224 silk dyes on miniature skeins. The colors of the samples are bright and fresh.  Printed accordion-style, some splits along folds, with no loss. $150.00

617)        Frazar, M. Abbott, Co., Taxidermists, Furriers, Raw Furs - Catalogue A. Boston, MA: c. 1925. 35 pp., 4to. Illustrated catalogue of materials and supplies for taxidermists and furriers. Illustrated wrappers, frayed and worn at extremities. $35.00

618)        Imperial Chemical Industries, Ltd., Acid Browns on Full Chrome Calf. London, UK: c. 1940. 6 pp., 8vo. Cloth binding, lightly worn. Contains 26 samples of dyed leather, with chemical definitions of each shade. Two pages of text describe the process used to create these colors. $150.00

619)        Jonas Bros., Taxidermists' Supplies - Everything for the Naturalist, Oologist, Entomologist and Relating Subjects No. 9. Denver, CO: 1940. 48 pp., 4to. Illustrated catalogue of supplies for taxidermists and furriers including a wide variety of mounts. $35.00

620)        Lewis & Conger, Gifts. New York, NY: 1935. 28 pp., 8vo. Disbound, ex-library, spine sliced. Illustrated catalogue of Christmas gifts, mostly for around the house, though including a few toys. One of the items is a 'great new game about real estate' - Monopoly. $20.00

621)        Manufacturer's Trademark Association, The Universal Coupon. New York, NY: 1906. 16 pp., tall 8vo. This is a brochure for a premium consortium designed to bring different manufacturers and retailers together to compete with Larkin, Arbuckle and other companies offering premiums. Samples of coupons tipped in. This kind of plan was a precursor to trading stamp operations. $50.00

622)        National Aniline & Chemical Co., Dyes for Silk Piece Goods. New York, NY: c. 1935. 8 pp., 8vo. Original cloth, fine condition. Contains 160 bright samples of dyed silk. All examples are clean and crisp. $150.00

623)        Northwestern School of Taxidermy, Twenty-fifth Annual Catalog. Omaha, NE: c. 1927. 32 pp., 8vo. Self wrappers, back page creased and torn at top corner. Overall moderately worn. An unusual promotional booklet for a correspondence school of taxidermy, showing the work of many of the proud graduates. $40.00

624)        Prospectus Mfg. Co., Prospectus Automatic Advertising Machine. n.p., NA: c. 1900. 4 pp., 8vo. Folding flyer for a device to display advertising cards in a store window, with light bulbs and small doll-like characters to attract passer-by's attention. Illustrated on front cover, otherwise unillustrated. $45.00

625)        Royal Importing Co., Illustrated Catalogue of Novelties, Notions, Books, Jewelry, Silverware, Watches, Fire Arms, &c. &c.. New York, NY: 1884. 28 pp., 4to. An eclectic catalogue featuring notions, linens, inexpensive watches, musical instruments, toys, revolvers, magic lanterns and much more.. $50.00

626)        Sandoz Chemical Works, Dye Samples for Silk. Basel, SW: 1940. 10 pp., 8vo. 10 pages, bound in printed boards, or bright, unfaded color samples of silk dyes. 72 samples total. Printed accordion-style. Text block is detached, with only the last leaf still attached to binding. An interesting item, with colors looking as bright as the day they were made. $125.00

627)        Superior Match Co., Advertise with Superior Union Label Book Matches. Chicago, IL: c. 1940. 208 pp., 8vo. Extensive catalogue of advertising matchbooks with hundreds of sample cuts, typefaces, and other printing options shown. 46 actual matchbook samples tipped in. Spiral bound with embossed stiff covers. $125.00

628)        Zander, Geo. F., & Co., Church Statuary - Illustrated Catalogue No. 31. Kansas City, MO: c. 1920. 104 pp., folio. Domestic and imported statuary for interior and exterior use for churches. Numerous depictions of saints, angels, Jesus, Mary among other religious subjects. Light soiling from exposure to water and wear at edges. $125.00