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Welcome to High Ridge Books, Inc. We are antiquarian
booksellers, members of the Antiquarian
Booksellers Association of America
and ILAB, with over 30 years experience. We have
specialties in three categories of original, antiquarian books and other
printed material: Books, particularly Americana and Atlases; Separately
Published Maps, specializing in Wall Maps, Pocket Maps and Sea Charts; and
Trade Catalogues of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Items in all of these
catalogues are offered subject to prior sale.


We have recently
published Catalogue 65, our
sixteenth catalogue devoted entirely to trade catalogues and advertising. This
new catalogue contains 945 items in 62 different categories. Also still active
are Catalogue 61, which
contains 809 original trade catalogues of the 19th and 20th
centuries in over 60 different categories from manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers,
primarily from the United States, but also from Europe and around the world,
and Catalogue 58, which lists 628 catalogues.
Each of these catalogues contains distinct groups of items, with no material
repeated from one catalogue to another.


Another current
catalogue is a catalogue of rare maps, Catalogue 64, with 294
rare and unusual maps, primarily of the United States from the 18th and
19th centuries, none of which had appeared in our previous map
catalogue, Catalogue 63. Very few
of these, or any other maps we sell, have been removed from atlases. They are
largely separately published maps not available in other forms. Highlights of
this catalogue include a brilliant copy of William
1815 Map of Connecticut and Long Island, the exceedingly rare second
edition of J. B. Eliot’s Carte du Theatre de la Guerre, the
first printed map to utilize the name of the United States, A. P. Folie’s
wonderful 1819 Plan of Philadelphia,
Johnson & Browning’s 1860 wall
map of the United States which is among the only maps to use the provisional
names Colona and Jefferson for Colorado, and J. Calvin Smith’s New Naval
and Military Map of the United States
, an elaborately
patriotically-embellished map issued during the Civil War which contains some
very short-lived boundaries in the American West.


Highlights of Catalogue 63 include a
brilliant copy of the John Disturnell Map
of Mexico
, dissected and folded into a contemporary slipcase which appears
to have been made in Mexico, an unrecorded large 1855 Chicago pre-fire imprint
of the small town of Lacon, Illinois, two different
states of the quirky mid-19th century map/printing sampler The Cottage Ornament, and a copy of
Sidney’s 12 Miles around New York City
from 1849. There are other very rare, unusual, and hard-to-find separately
published American maps along with some earlier European imprint maps.


Our most recent
rare book catalogue is Catalogue 62, with 301
items featuring atlases, Americana, city directories and miscellany in other
areas. Our previous catalogue offering rare books was Catalogue 59,
with 259 items in the same areas. Catalogue 56, containing 250 books, including Americana, atlases, city
directories, colorplate, angling, numismatic, and
much more.
Among the highlights is an apparently
unique New York issue of the second work (1860) devoted exclusively to
baseball. Also offered are two very interesting 19th century
ledgers, one of which contains detailed orders of uniforms by Army officers in
the 1840’s, many of whom would become noted as generals during the Civil War.

We currently have three
active catalogues of trade catalogues, including our most recent catalogue,

While we have sold
many items from our past catalogues and all catalogue items are posted subject
to prior sale, there are choice items still available. Please do not hesitate
to call us to inquire about availability of any item listed. Please be sure to
include both the catalogue number and item number in your inquiry.


We carry a wide
selection of 19th century American wall maps, measuring up to 6 feet by 6 feet.
These maps are becoming more and more popular with decorators for homes and
offices in enhancing antique furnishings.



Please call (914)
967-3332, or e-mail us
to inquire about availability and to reserve items. We accept personal checks, Paypal and Visa/Mastercard. If
you wish to pay by credit card, we request that you call or fax the card number
to us, rather than sending it via e-mail owing to Internet security. To pay by Paypal, please contact us and we will be glad to send you a
request for payment.


We are always
looking to buy such items as well. Please contact us if you have material of
this sort to deaccession or sell.


If you want to be
on our mailing list for catalogues in any of these categories, please send us
your name via mail or e-mail at highridge@pipeline.com
or info@highridgebooks.com,
letting us know your address and what your exact interests are.



Members: Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America


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